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modern interior design lounge fireplace

All the luxury that can be imagined and more, today we present Stanislav Orekhov's interior designs for modern apartments. First of all we will see the design of a fabulous 270 square meter apartment located in Moscow. The order was based on neutral colors, and the author has added a certain marine touch that is repeated in different areas.

Interior design by Stanislav Orekhov

interior design photo salon lights

We find rounded waves and levelings in the architectural design of the ceiling of this room that imitate the waves of the sea, but we also see the "jellyfish lamps" that make up with the aquarium of live jellyfish that we see on the right of the photograph. Behind the central wall with the fireplace appears a bar furniture from which we can contemplate practically the whole room.

Division of interior areas

hanging swing beige color

But if from that same place we turn ninety degrees back, we will be surprised by the beautiful views that point to the Moskva River. The large curved sofa is located in the central part leaving the corner of the window for a chill-style relaxation area where the plastic wall is fully illuminated.

Design of living room with Led lamps

living room sofa beige color

The place transports us to a magical world of marine fantasies brimming with textures and colors, and all this has been achieved through the use of natural materials such as stone or solid wood. The apartment has in total a living room with kitchen and dining room, a large bedroom, a room for guests, a children's room, an office and several bathrooms.

Bedroom design with marine theme

fountain style luxurious bed

The characteristic that all the different spaces of this project share is the abundant Led indirect lighting in inlays of walls and ceilings. All these lights end up forming a unique and special rhythm in each of the rooms, achieving a truly unique and innovative result.

Beige bedroom design

beige modern style bedroom

Then we will see the second project of this designer, this time being an apartment on the top floor of three rooms, all decorated with warm colors. Perhaps here you can appreciate more current trends in interior decoration: the neutrality that calms the senses and materials designed for comfort.

Design of white kitchen and wood

modern kitchen white wood fireplace

Also the kitchen has all the components to be to the last, combination of wood and concrete of industrial aspect softened by the color white. It also draws attention here that the different materials have marked visual barriers for each area of ​​the kitchen; the central island of laminates with white lacquered finish; in the background, a rest area delimited by the gray concrete wall.

Living room with elongated horizontal fireplace

modern horizontal elongated fireplace room

The first bedroom is completely covered with wooden sheets, and in this case we have looked for a simpler look. However, we noticed a certain contrast thanks to the black leather chair and the metal structures of frames, supports and also in the closet door. Again we find minimalist decoration in the living room in gray tones.

Bedroom with wood laminate cladding

bedroom style modern laminate wood

A simple and neutral design in sight, which is only contrasted thanks to the decorative elements of driftwood and black and white photographs. In this case, the lighting will be who delimits the different areas of the house and will be helped by the cuts and leveling of the roofs.

Design of living room with neutral colors

interior design living room neutral colors

Finally, the spectacular bathroom with wood paneling and tiles. It is known that in Russia the bathrooms are dedicated to pleasure and not only to mere needs, so that an intimate place can become a real luxury for the senses. This particular design features high-tech furniture and a steam bath or heated sauna.

Bedroom design in warm colors

violet wood laminate bed

Inside you can see a very warm atmosphere that is enhanced by Led lights integrated in several key areas. The bright mosaic tiles on the walls also help to complete this design in warm tones that invite relaxation of body and mind, a great way to end a hard day's work.

Design of modern bathroom with wooden bathtub

bathroom modern style bathtub wood

Wall covering with reliefs and lights

column living room luxurious relief beige

Dining kitchen with wooden furniture

dining table island bar kitchen

Multi-colored interior design

modern dining room light yellow furniture

Separation of dining room and bedroom

curtain purple separator bedroom living room

Design of bathroom with mosaics

bathroom bathroom moasaic tiles

Original wall covering in shades of gold

modern design bathroom

Original design of children's bedroom

child room decoration sky

Wall cladding with golden scales

gold fish scales walls decoration

Interior design with ripples

curtain design hanging glitter sheets

Laminate wood for interior design

interior design pine wood laminate

design golden panels reliefs walls

design living room white wood

modern TV lounge design

design several ceiling lamps table

children's bedroom curtains boats

children's bedroom navy blue

youth bedroom wall color blue

modern white wood kitchen design

modern style bedroom embossed walls

two round glass bathroom sinks

gymnasium studio golden walls lights

super child room ball pendant

lighthouse sticker vinyl wall

original children's room diselño cqsita


Fabulous chandelier pendant glitter pearls

led lights sauna wood

white furniture laminate flooring wood

wall living full pictures pictures

another bathroom golden decoration

wall headboard bedroom mirror reliefs

varnished glossy wood headboard

corridors connected laminated wood room

small living room motorcycle concrete

laminate walls wood dining room

living room fireplace wall

living room ball sillo hanging

living room small chandelier chandelier

living room wood fireplace wall

living room white furniture padded

living room several colors

living room all laminated wood

living room dining room stairs metal wood

living room dining room floor wood

bathroom toilet luxury modern style

armchair floor oarquet tele views

interiors sofa capitone color light brown

ceiling round square ceiling lamp interior

round ceiling level salon

interior living room sofa bed tele

Luxurious style living room fireplace design

bathroom toilet floor teak wood

closet closet wardrobe closet clothes

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