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beautiful interiors with luxury views

Today we have prepared a selection of images of interiors modern with fireplace, do not miss the tour and discover the latest trends.

Original cozy interior designs with fireplaces

nice decoration living room

A fireplace is often considered an element of class and elegance and is also the detail that creates a warm and comfortable feeling. It inevitably attracts attention and serves as a focal point in decoration. There are several types of chimney design and the classification is usually based on the material, as well as on the design.

Beautiful interior designs with fireplace

beautiful interior designs

A fireplace can present a stone finish. Because it is a natural material, it looks great in combination with other earth tones. A fireplace can add a rustic feel to modern interiors just by being there. Surround your fireplace with stone and let it reach the ceiling to create drama and also to accentuate the height of the room or make the stone fireplace the focal point if you want to highlight the attractive character of the room. The stone can also be used to create contrasts and can be used in combination with wood for a harmonious design.

Original stone fireplace modern design

chimney stone modern design

The furniture in this room was chosen to match the stones in the fireplace. Nothing makes a room look more cozy than a fireplace, especially when it's cold outside. The fireplace is the element that connects the two levels of this house. Stone fireplaces can also be seen very well in modern spaces if they have the right design.

Great designs of rustic style stone fireplaces

chimneys stone rustic style

The combination of a stone fireplace and a brightly colored decoration looks wonderful here. The size and shape of the fireplace is dictated by the design of the room. The lighting is, in this case, the detail that makes the fireplace stand out. Wood fireplaces have a certain charm that modern ones lack. A fireplace can really unite a family room regardless of design or style. In some cases, the fireplace also serves as a space divider.

Original design of modern living room with fireplace

original modern living room design

A stone fireplace tends to have a more rustic appearance highlighting the comfort in a room. The choice of natural materials makes it look like a striking feature. In general, stone chimneys do not coincide with a highly modern or contemporary space. They are more suitable for rustic-looking homes. However, there is also the option of having a fake stone fireplace that is a bit more versatile.

Great living room design with modern fireplace

living room with modern fireplace

Modern fireplaces offer the possibility of being used as accent pieces for a space. They come in a variety of unusual shapes and intriguing designs and are easy to integrate into virtually any space. This makes them really versatile but it also means that more research is necessary before finding the right design. The versatility of modern fireplaces allows you to integrate them into a variety of decorations.

Great design of partition wall with fireplace

great living room black wall

It is easy to include a modern fireplace in the decoration of your home when they are so easy to install. Since the modern fireplaces They take so little space, you have more room for other decoration features. Corner fireplaces are very popular in modern homes. Another popular type of decoration has a fireplace and the TV on the same wall.

Interior designs with fireplace

great design interior fireplace

To maintain some of the charm of traditional fireplaces, the wall behind the fireplace can be covered with stone. Most modern fireplaces are placed on the top of the floor for practical reasons.

Modern interior with fireplace

original gray modern fireplace interior

When the fireplace is the only feature on a wall it stands out more and becomes a focal point. It is interesting how the wall of the fireplace has different materials and textures, but they all coincide. A chimney It is a wonderful addition to a dining room as it makes the atmosphere more pleasant. Upstairs, the general palette of warm colors used throughout the room in combination with the fireplace is beautiful. There are many ways in which a fireplace can be perfectly integrated into a contemporary decor. Some modern fireplaces have designs and unusual shapes designed to make them stand out.

Design fireplace * Eldorado Stone

super modern fireplace design

To finish we want to show you a design by Eldorado Stone, a manufacturer of architectural stone cladding that has recently released its new stone model called Sanderling Marquee Limestone, which captures the luxurious heat and texture that the high-end stone veneer can add to the Interior and outdoor design. Reflecting the rich texture of the cut natural limestone, the marquee creek gives a sense of the natural and historical significance to its surroundings.

Great interior with fireplace

impressive interior wall cement

Its authentic appearance has been made possible by patented molding techniques, high-quality materials, and artists who hand-paint each individual stone, reflecting the design elements that have characterized luxury architecture for millennia. Limestone has played an important role in commercial and private architectural design for the ages, and this new veneer achieves the same balance of elegance, sophistication and style. Available for interior and exterior design, Marquee Limestone is a new timeless addition to the extensive Eldorado Stone stone carpentry and stone carpentry.

Original modern fireplace design

original chimena modern living room

Modern stone fireplace

original modern stone fireplace

Design of living room with fireplace

original design chimensa lounge

Living room with fireplace

original living room fireplace

Room with gas fireplace

nice round fireplace room

Beautiful rustic stone fireplace

rustic wall natural stone

Original living room with stone wall

living room stone wall

Nice large living room with modern design

large living room modern design

Design of modern living room with stone fireplace

modern living room stone fireplace

Design of living room with modern fireplace

lounge fireplace original design

Designs of modern interiors with fireplace

original modern interior fireplace

Modern interior with fireplace

living room modern design with fireplace

* Eldorado Stone

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