Modern kitchen - what you can not miss at home.

Modern elegant wood kitchen shine

The modern kitchen is one of those places in every home where we usually spend a lot of time. Stage to improvise the odd recipe and delight us in the aroma of some exquisite dinner. We will dedicate some lines to this special space today. We will share some of the trends for a kitchen modern in this year and we will see that it fits our space and clear economy. The modern kitchen this year has a few innovations and a lot of color mostly

Modern kitchen in green with bar

modern kitchen colors lamp color

Of course with designs that combine comfort and functionality above all. We have kitchens at the beginning that avoid an excess of furniture . Minimalist variants with a lot of wood are appreciated. The surfaces are completely clean and smooth. In the kitchen lacquers are essential. They are the best resource to achieve the distinctive shine of kitchens this year. Vinyls are also added that undoubtedly give also enhance the whole.

Modern kitchen on white

modern kitchen plants patio lighting

We can say that this minimalist trend is the protagonist of the change. In fact in salons we can also see it. The space merges with the living rooms or dining rooms and the kitchen also becomes a space for exchange and relaxation. Its role as a space destined solely for the preparation of food disappears with the new trends . We are clearly moving away from the traditional spatial distribution. The kitchen moves away from the image of tables and chairs in a preconceived order. There is a great presence of metals like steel.

Bright modern kitchen

modern kitchen bright polished surface

It is inserted very fluidly in accessories and electrical equipment. Are also tendencies islands or bars that in their design will always be accompanied by stools. East furniture It also gives many options to experiment with the most daring color and design forms. It can also be contrasted in bright colors with walls. In broad strokes are general lines that we can follow if we propose to update our kitchen. In images some trends! Enjoy them!

Modern furniture kitchen

modern kitchen brown tones jarron

Modern kitchen with bar and built-in lights

modern kitchen wood chairs lights

Kitchen of surfaces in wood

modern kitchen wood decor plants design

Furniture in brown tones

modern kitchen furniture brown design

Minimalist style kitchen

modern kitchen black minimalist contrast

Minimalist atmosphere dark tone

modern kitchen green lights minimalist

Modern furniture made of wood

white furniture modern kitchen rug

Contrast of metals and grays

white black contemporary gray design

modern kitchen red plants shine


industrial modern kitchen natural design

lamp wood succulent plants refrigerator

led lights design warm decoration

warm wood kitchen minimalist design

wood flowers modern kitchen design

minimalist kitchen gray patio design

modern kitchen interior design shine

modern kitchen floor wood brown

black kitchen lights modern furniture

gray plants jarron modern furniture

chairs ideas decoration wood texture

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