Modern outdoor living rooms - the oasis you deserve.

living room cushions outdoor furniture

The arrival of warm days is a pretext more than enough to spend a lot of time outside the house. A terrace or the garden itself are the sites par excellence in which we enjoy a good book or the company of friends. Making these spaces cozy places has always been a necessity. A way to give form and life to our patios and terraces are the salons on the outside. Modern air rooms that have comfort as the main complement.

Modern outdoor living rooms

white rooms modern contemporary decoration

An optimal way to take advantage of sunny days or warm nights of pure relaxation. Today I will show you some basic ideas for the conception of any living room abroad. The first step, as always, with any reform we propose is an analysis of space. The dimensions that we have at home or that we plan to give to the classrooms are very important. Depending on this we will select the appropriate pieces and their spatial location.

Living rooms, wood design

lounges white modern design wood

A modern outdoor space must fulfill a premise. Not being overloaded, this would limit its functionality to a great extent. Another drawback in the psychological aspect is that a large accumulation of furniture decreases relaxation. This is also true for interior spaces. Proper distribution is extremely important. Let us always take into account the access to the house and the fluid circulation through it.

Corner furniture

lounges canape cushions colorful jadinera

In this case it is always convenient to leave spaces that allow free circulation throughout the place, move easily. Sometimes it is difficult to have a preconceived idea about the use we will make of our rooms. Although it is necessary that we have a general idea because it will also depend on its design . Family use, parties and celebrations are some of the ideas that could guide you. A moment ago I mentioned the spatial location. It is a key factor to place the furniture.

Modern center table

living room accessories jarron modern table

In which position does our garden look best? What is the angle at which we have the best view from the terrace? These are key questions that we must answer. So we will place the rooms always oriented towards that area. The effect in terms of aesthetics is greater, in addition to the sensation of relaxation and enjoyment. The soul of outdoor salons is undoubtedly its furniture. They must be in all cases comfortable and practical and guarantee a prolonged use. Because they will be on the outside the selection of materials resistant to the elements is required.

Low cut furniture

lounges creative modern swimming pool

In this case there is a big difference in terms of what we use for the interior of the house. So we should not get carried away by a modern and eye-catching design simply. One of the preferred for its lightness and durability is aluminum. We find available dissimilar models in chairs and sofas. In addition to its proven resistance to the elements, its light texture allows moving furniture with relative ease. This is very important to refresh the image of the rooms or create spaces for parties and others.

Cool furniture ropes on sides

outdoor lounges ropes sofa textiles

Another obligatory reference is synthetic fiber. Ideal are the furniture with this braided material, its elegance is indisputable. Furniture with this design is a worldwide trend. There are cases like Polyethylene that are very resistant and are also recyclable. They do not affect the environment and are suitable for modern life. Despite being outside do not lose their color and are very easy to maintain. It does not matter if we have a pool in the yard or not, this material is resistant to chlorinated water and even to salt water.

Built-in LED lights

outdoor lounges lamparas cojines luces

They can be washed by hand with pressurized water and a sponge. Another important detail is its resistance to breakage. We can find to complete our set modern accessories made also in synthetic fibers. Like vases and other decorative elements. In general terms these are some of the ideas by which we can begin. The modern outdoor living rooms will always be a great gift for you and yours. We know you deserve it.

Increased comfort with cushions

Outside salons sample containers cushions

Combined furniture styles

outdoor living room modern chair

Pink sofas with side table

outdoor living rooms pink columns

Living room with outdoor bed

living room garden side table patio plants

Location around pool

lounges garden table terrace swimming pool

U ideal place for parties

living rooms garden terrace modern patio

Modern L-shaped sofa

lounges modern outdoor canape terrace ocean

Umbrella as accessory

salons modern sunshade outside sea

Exterior design samples

salons samples modern exterior examples

Located on a high terrace

lounges platform terrace fenced furniture

Modern roofed living rooms

living room roofing curtains modern exterior

Decorated with candle path

living rooms candles lamparas palmeras vases

Set with accessories on white

white modern furniture white design

Lounge delimited with curtains

curtains outdoor table pergola center

Design by Rodolfo Dordoni

ropes sofa bed lamp design

exterior tent pool palm tree flowers

intense red garden curved sunshade

vases cushions pillows design ratan

lake furniture round table cut low

wood terrace balcony decoration forest

creative outdoor table design umbrella

modern bonfire cushions fire decoration

modern furniture patio pool bottles

modern sunshade patio terrace wall

furniture living room outdoor lamp lake

furniture living plants dark gravel

shows landscape exterior furniture planter

patio balcony cushions stripes mountains

patio decoration gardens trees textiles

patio decoration gardens plants candles

modern patio ratan terrace plants

patio oasis furniture list wood decoration

ratan extralargo sofa design ele

ratan furniture containers wall wood

ratan furniture ideas palm trees white

ratan furniture plants mulch under

living room exterior patio wood gravel palm trees

sectional saofa contemporary fiber pool

umbrella patio ratan gray cushions

umbrella patio terrace beach aluminum

teak wood furniture forest cut low

terrace view glasses modern beach

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