Modern pergolas, the indespensable option this summer.

pergolas roofed country style seats

The pergolas are excellent allies in every home. The designs have evolved and become extremely functional and modern. Today we will take a look at some variants that complement modernity with touches of great elegance. Regardless of this, over time the pergola has not varied its benefits.

Modern pergolas with curtains


They would say that even essential when it comes to shade. They are the support par excellence for plants climbers, in addition to creating much more intimate spaces. Wood as the material by tradition has given ground in modern designs to aluminum. But you can also find designs with this material and even futuristic airs.

Pergolas, functionality and modern style

pergolas house aluminum structure grass

There are variants of iron although the tendencies are inclined as we mentioned by the aluminum profiles. Even the combination of them with wood or fabrics. If we match the material of the pergola with that of the house, the harmony is excellent. The whole environment is complemented both indoors and outdoors. As we will see in some images they are even suitable for narrow places.

Wood design from home

modern pergolas wood close patio

The pergolas in this case as a division act as a separator creating different spaces. For the decorative aspect, climbing plants are still a plus. Although modern pergolas have roofing. Many of them electronic type remote and highly effective. Some models admit the use of plants for this purpose and it is a natural and elegant way of decor.

Aluminum variant

modern pergolas white aluminum cushions

Keep in mind the selection of species the intensity of the sun you will receive. The evergreen species will shade you throughout the year. If you want a more colorful bet then the jasmine. Although we also have textiles as shade options. Specifically for pergolas multiperforated that are highly breathable. Their ease of maintenance places them among the preferred ones.

Modern with concrete columns

modern pergolas white lateral grass

Creation of intimate spaces

modern pergolas intimacy curtains gravel

Style with lateral closing

modern pergolas flowerpots pines grass

Sliding waterproof roof

modern pergolas patio pots roses

Iron structure

aluminum pergolas resistant black elements

Outdoor dining room for extended space

modern pergolas tight house table

Decorative dividers on white

modern pergolas wood decorative structure

Different terrace renovated

modern pergolas wooden chairs outside

Attached to backyard at home

modern pergolas black aluminum palm tree

Cozy atmosphere with curtains and lights

pergolas modern night grass luminaries

Mechanical folding cover

pergolas modern pool loungers terrace

Elegant outdoor lounge

modern pergolas outside lawn

Combination of wood and fabric on deck

pergolas modern roofed electric planters

Suitable for all space

pergolas backyard grass wood

End fixed to the wall

pergolas red space metal wall

Ideal for summer days

`outdoor table books beach sea

elongated city street luminaries plants

aluminum sliding curtains sea mother

aluminum teak wood swimming pool combined

outdoor furniture lawn furniture

white greece beach plants white

colorful garden seats white sphere

curved columns modern awning creation

curtains covered pergola pyramidal cover

glass covered green grass transparent

pergola cover design terrace cushions

cover glass australia garden roof

curved structure ceiling furniture flowers

detail ceiling structure wood close

elegant creative garden curtains dining room

elegant exterior lawn curtain flowers

structure pond water garden iron

modern lighting shadows system

wood ceiling structure aluminum luminaires

miami pergola house cushions white

succulent modern red pool furniture

Modern aluminum curtain woven grass

modern creative design unique gravel

modern traditional fucion style crystals

elongated patio chair white

pool curtains dark style plants

plexiglass modernpatiopergola ceiling

portable aluminum lights lamparas atardecer

teak wood pergola combined design

terrace modern urban wood creation

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