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One of the elegant decorations of the houses are the pots and modern flower beds that we can place both inside and outside, in the terraces and gardens. In this article I will give you some advice on its correct placement so that you can get the most out of them. I hope you take note and enjoy the photos and information.

Modern planters and the importance of plants in the interiors

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In fact flowers are an important tool in the interior with which we can solve many problems related to space, some damage and the creation of a unique environment. At the same time, plants and flowers are important elements from another point of view, as they provide us with some benefits that we should take advantage of.

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One of the advantages that plants provide us thanks to its greenery is the rest of sight. The truth is that in the interiors where there are more plants, the people who arrive at their home after work rest with greater ease and, as I have already mentioned, the rest is oriented mainly on the view.

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On the other hand, plants They exert several functions that help to purify the air in the interiors and regulate humidity. This is due to the absorption they make of carbon dioxide and photosynthesis. On the other hand, from the point of view of aesthetics and decoration, these decorative elements can change the sensation of the proportions of the rooms in which they are placed.

Modern flower beds filled with natural plants and flowers, tips

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The following tips have an orientation that will change the style of your interior and will help you decorate your home with the latest trends in decoration and interior design. First of all, do not forget that the design and model of the pot is very important to be able to approach one style or another. In addition, if placement on the window ledge is considered quite traditional, which in a modern and elegant interior will not be the most appropriate place.

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On the other hand, to avoid windows you can place the plants on some shelves or shelves on the walls, the supports are also very interesting and quite original. They can even place the plants with the pots directly on the ground, especially when it is a fairly large plant.

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Also, if you want to create a modern interior, remember that the model and color of the interior planters have to be combined with the other interior tones. In this way, if there are clear shades in your interior and you want to highlight and emphasize the shape and design of the pot, you simply have to choose it from an intense color that will stand out over the other shades.

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Another important thing when decorating a modern interior with flowers is that the style of the flowers themselves should reflect modernity and elegance. In this sense, violet flowers that relate to their childhood and the time of their grandmothers can be replaced to perfection and without any doubt by some azaleas.

Advice on placing modern flower beds indoors with artificial flowers

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For starters, artificial plants are the ideal solution for all those who want to introduce floral decoration inside, but do not know and do not have time to take care of them. One of the key points to create a balanced decoration that looks good on the inside is that they should not occupy all the windows and every corner of the house. Relax and use your imagination to create unique ornamentation inside.

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On the other hand, the most appropriate places to place artificial flowers are the walls and creating a centerpieces. In both cases you can use minimalist pots, hanging on the walls or placed on a shelf. On the other hand, when the artificial flowers are placed in the center of the table, they do not require too much light to look good and will not be damaged by the lack of water, since they do not need it.

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At the same time, depending on the shape and model of the plant, you may prefer or be better in one or another area of ​​the house. In this way, the upper floors are very appropriate for decoration of terraces or outdoor decoration. On the other hand, inside they will look great in the corridors and in the living room. In the same way, climbers can place them on the walls.

Modern planters with large plants to decorate the interiors

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One of the peculiarities that must be remembered at all times about large plants with large leaves is that they need more light and more oxygen to grow normally. With which the perfect area to decorate are large and large spaces, well lit with natural light. This means that the interior in which they are to be placed must have large windows, through which a greater amount of light can enter and, in addition, the interior can be more easily ventilated.

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Probably some of you wonder which plants are considered large or large. It is very simple, all those that reach a height higher than 150 centimeters. In addition, when acquiring a plant of these dimensions have to take into account that its height can even reach the ceiling. With that they try that the room in which they are going to place it has a high ceiling.

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At the same time, if you want to decorate an interior with both large plants and small plants it is important to know that these combinations are appropriate for the places that are intended for rest and relaxation. While large-sized plants that feature a wide glass that extends horizontally will create the feeling of being in a larger space.

Modern flower beds with flowers for the decoration of rooms and bedrooms

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Nowadays, many people use flowers and modern pots to decorate their homes. However, this type of decoration does not have to be done compulsively, being launched by all the types of flowers that we like and that we want to incorporate in our interior. To make an appropriate selection, you must first study and see if the plant prefers light or shade to know where to place it and it is also better to plan your position.

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In addition, salons and living rooms almost all types of plants usually lead a good life, as they usually receive the amount of light they need and the temperature is constant. Instead, the kitchen becomes the place where the quality of life of the plants is in danger. The reason is that in this part of the house there are many changes in temperature and humidity is usually higher.

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For its part, the bedrooms are characterized by the main task we do in them is to sleep and rest. This means that in these parts of the house we should not place plants and plant species that release poisonous substances. Otherwise. the result and the final effect will be a general malaise, accompanied by headaches.

Modern flower beds with flowers placed in the dark interior spaces

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In many cases the houses have an orientation to the north that is not very suitable for the upbringing and the development of our plants in floor planters, since the shade is the one that usually reigns in the interiors and many times in front of the windows we have Tall trees that are looking for the sun's rays.

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If your case is, the solution to the problem has basically two sides: on the one hand, you can choose some shade plants that do not need so much water and do not want the sun's rays to give them directly and, on the other hand, they have to look for try to ensure as much light as possible to these living beings.

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Do not forget that the tastes and preferences of the plants are one step ahead of theirs. Therefore, if you do not like the place in the interior where you are going to place your flowerpots, choose another type of plant. In this way, the interior decoration will be appropriate for the space available and will also be appropriate for the plants themselves.

Modern planters with plants combined with the floor and walls

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The placement of garden boxes on terraces or indoors on the ground is appropriate when dealing with large plants that will feel safe in this place. On the other hand, if these plants are placed on a table or shelf, they will create the opposite effect and the plant may not grow well.

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Therefore, if you want to have plants on the ground, the best solution is to buy some decorative trees that will reach a moderate height or you can plant them with some seeds. Also, if these plants are located near the exterior door of houses, they will add a little symmetrical to the room. Also, if you create a group with them, they will move part of your garden indoors or on small terraces.

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On the other hand, the decoration of the walls with plants is appropriate when we want to introduce a green accent in the interior. In addition, in this way they can give personality and individuality to your home. However, this type of plants have to ensure the moisture they require to live with which the pots have to be more profuse and the drainage plates wider.

The color of the flowers on a colored wall background in modern flower beds

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The colors of the flowers have to be in harmony with the tones of the walls when they serve as support. In this way, the flowers of intense and more striking colors will look great on pastel colored surfaces because they will stand out. In contrast, light-colored flowers will not stand out and will be lost in the color of the wall. Therefore, they will be very good if placed on a dark background.

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At the same time, contrasts can also be found in the form of the decorative motifs on the walls. Therefore, if your wall is decorated with small motifs, the flowers of the plants have to be large to stand out and not get lost among the additional decorations.

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In addition, do not forget that all natural plants need care and require maintenance techniques that affect their toning, cleanliness and nutrition. Remember that the homemade dust that piles up in the leaves prevents your pores and does not allow you to obtain the sufficient amount of minerals you need to be able to grow.

Modern planters and the importance of plant maintenance

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In addition, the dry leaves and stems hinder the growth of other smaller and full of life, since the dry ones suck the strength of the plant and this little by little it will go dry completely. With which the dry parts have to remove them and for that they can use scissors or they can do it with the hand being careful not to damage the living parts of the plant.

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On the other hand, the manure will provide natural nutrients to the plants with what good they add to the soil. And do not forget the size of the pot that has to be appropriate for the roots and their growth. When the flowerpot begins to be small the flower begins to dry.

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Then, I leave you with more interesting photos in which you can see different designs of modern and original planters that you can make at home.

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design of planters-great-decorate-exterior

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modern planters-decorations-terrace

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modern planters-original-decorate-terrace

modern planters-original-terrace

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