Modern receivers and the best ideas to decorate them

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It is always worth spending a bit of time decorating modern receivers. It is very common for the recipients to be poorly valued in terms of design and visual impact within the home. Maybe it's because it's a transit area where we do not spend time like the living room or bedrooms. So it is usually given greater emphasis to this decor because we spend more time in these spaces. Even the kitchen is given more personalization. However modern receivers are the anteroom of all our decoration.

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It is after the facade the first detail that our incited will notice. So you must use your full potential to be a reflection of our style. In general, the modern receivers must have a very well defined image and thought in detail. Best of all, we do not need to spend a lot of design on this area. With economic solutions you can also achieve very good results. Focus on decoration in the search for a space that combines the functional with the practical. All this while maintaining the aesthetics and personality of your home.

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To have a more generalized idea about the subject we have made a very varied selection of images and styles. Obviously, each hall has its own characteristics. From those who have a staircase, large or narrow and even with windows. In the latter case, it determines the entry of light that may be greater or lesser. So we can assess a greater number of designs of modern receivers

Modern receivers initial design ideas

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Before venturing into a particular style or decoration there are several aspects that are always taken into account. Several already mentioned previously as the lighting, shapes and dimensions. They are the factors that usually share many of the designs at the moment. In apartments or houses the part dedicated to the entrance is usually small.

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However this is not a problem and we will always have options to take advantage of it. It assumes the decoration of modern receivers as a challenge. It can be done as a family and each member contribute something that helps create a truly fresh space. Making the decoration of the receivers, the essential thing is the selection of furniture. They must be adequate to really be a functional design.

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When it comes to spaces with irregular shapes, they can be exploited to obtain more original finishes. The aspect of lighting is another factor that must be considered in detail. As we said, these areas usually receive little natural light. Thanks to the lack of windows its lighting is indirect. This makes it essential to use several spotlights in suitable positions.

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If it is modern receivers with low lighting there are automatic systems that at the same time will allow an energy saving. With just opening the door of input can be activated. For those who have the joy of having windows in their hallway textiles as the curtains are ideal. In addition to adding a note of color are the preferred option to regulate the entry of light in many homes.

Modern desks decorated in detail for practical spaces

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The options for the receiver to acquire a personality of its own are many. Starting with the walls is a common idea to paint them in the same color. This strategy is perfect when you want to highlight the furniture and each of the accessories used in the decoration. Colors and contrasts will depend on many factors besides our personal taste. As in the rest of the spaces, these tonalities will support our style.

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It combines in the decoration of the modern receivers different materials. A variant to the use of a certain color is the use of wallpaper. Decorative vinyls are an equally effective outlet for an original and truly unique space. Try by all means to avoid the accumulation of furniture that is not absolutely necessary.

modern desks carpet-paintings

Keep all the free passage so that it does not hinder the transit. Otherwise, a lack of immediate amplitude is generated in the same way. It is a mistake that is often made with the decoration of the corridors. Although these are modern receivers, the restored furniture is an interesting accent.


In the same way some accessories can be reused. If you have time on your own you can take care of the restoration and give a new life to any piece of furniture. In a modern space, vintage-style furniture or those with rustic details will be a nod to these styles. Modern receivers should be based on the concept of achieving more with less.


Spaces of this type must start from a very precise utility. All receiving furniture and accessories should serve you something. Depositing keys, shoelaces or hanging garments are some of the features that can not be missing. The design in general besides being a continuity of the style of the house can be different.


Above all, it is possible when dealing with the receivers that are most separated from the dwelling. Keep in mind that sometimes they act as a continuity of the room. What will obviously vary our design. To have a unique appeal let your area have its own style and gain prominence. So, in a direct way, differentiation with other spaces of the house is marked.


A simple way to achieve this is with the use of decorative accessories of our choice. Perhaps the main difficulty is in the small spaces. This type of receivers in the same way can have a very personal style. With a few square meters a practical design is very necessary. There are several types of furniture that are fixed on the walls and that has a perfect minimalist aesthetic.


They are the best solution for your whole environment to have an elegant image and clean lines. Another important resource on the walls are the mirrors. Being a small receiver the amplitude effect is achieved thanks to the mirrors. Natural and colorful details like flowers are always valid. The carpets are another of those secret weapons that give the ideal finish.


If selected carefully, they are the best of textiles to add warmth and a touch of elegance to the rooms. In these cases of small spaces in the same way you can keep the decoration as a continuation of the style of your home. Not being all the time full of people like the room the entraditas can be used to expose our tastes.


They can be walls decorated with paintings, plates or even crafts. It is very common to place the pictures with photos of the family or others with decorative images. Each of the walls of our hall will be the perfect gallery. So if you have several photos stored in a drawer do not think about it and place them in this area.


Seeing the fun moments or holiday memories will always have a positive effect. To make this area a cozy area the candles are of great impact. There is nothing better than entering the house and perceiving that relaxed image that they always transmit. In modern receivers keep an adequate balance with lighting.


It is a common mistake and can not be lost sight of especially when using mirrors. It can be unpleasant too powerful lighting when entering the house. To avoid having to wash the carpets constantly place them under a piece of furniture. Preventing them from being just where you are going, you will not always be able to remove your shoes.


If possible, just do not use it and leave it for the bedrooms or the living room. Each solution must be based on very specific needs and characteristics of the receiver in question. As a general rule there are elements that often can not be missing in any wall. A hanger is the first to leave garments and not carry them throughout the house.


Depending on the model, they are furniture that allows an optimal organization. Many of the designs we show have benches that are another very functional piece. There is nothing better to put on or take off your shoes comfortably. We recommend some model with drawers that will be perfect for storing shoes and other things.


In areas of rainy climates an option for umbrellas is very elegant. As the hangers help maintain an optimal organization. Combined with the bank a shoemaker will always be the best choice for shoes. Locate it if possible near the door and keep the shoes you use more often.

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That way they will always be at hand, think about consoles as well. It can be said that they are something basic to place any decorative accessory. With enough space an armchair is another interesting resource. They look perfect and you can leave them in any garment or seat for someone to wait for us. In the modern entrances for many of these elements we recommend the color white.


It is always a color that gives excellent results. It is a tone that is quite discreet. So the details in the furniture are what will improve your style and the overall appearance of the hall. With dimensions of leftover more than an armchair can create a kind of waiting room. You can do something fresh and creative that has similar functionalities to the main room.


In these cases it will not be necessary to recharge it with the furniture or consoles mentioned above. The best thing will be to replace these elements with a two-seater sofa and a small table. It is always necessary to place accessories of different designs such as vases. Regardless of the choice, remember that it is precisely the furniture that receives the first thing that is perceived.


From it you will begin to create an overview of all the style of the house. Be a modern receiver like the photos based on straight lines or another more classic and traditional. Furniture that incorporates drawers may be the best way to leave nothing in sight. Especially in minimalist designs.


With a built-in mirror we will have control of our image just before leaving home. Regardless of the selection made in terms of styles, remember that this is also an important space in the house. So it requires attention and decoration that is at its height.


The example of the upper image is a case that shows it in a practical way. As an interesting detail, the treatment that has been given to the lighting creates a very special warm atmosphere. Both those that have been incorporated into the furniture and those embedded in the ceiling.


To add decorative accessories or save everything necessary this is a model of great practicality. Reinforce all the decoration with floral details on a white background. The organization by levels leaves free spaces to combine any accessory of our preference. While acting as piece of furniture Hall, is the best way to delimit this small room.


Obviously the lighting problems have been overcome in this design of the superior image. Skylights in the roof let natural light pass directly over the entire corridor. Its modern image contrasts with the decoration of a wall with this great work of art. The game of textures thanks to the different materials is another effective way to improve the aesthetics of this transit area.


Another of the winning contrasts has been used in the design of this modern entrance. With a beautiful minimalist accent the wood and the white surfaces are complemented by marvels. On the other hand, the floor looks like an extension of light-colored wooden furniture.


Remember that it must be something especially functional that is not simply a passing zone. The challenge will be to know how to take advantage of the dimensions that you have in space. With a modern decoration we will be similarly renovating our home. Just do not hesitate and if you need ideas to change your traditional hall here we leave you several solutions full of charm.

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