Modern salons: 50 incredible minimalist ideas.

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During these days we have been in peeling of remodeling. Just yesterday we talked about the bathrooms and all the possibilities we have for their decor . Today the concepts that we will talk about will also be order, cleaning, lighting, among others. You could think that it is again bathrooms but not, this time we will talk about minimalism. A style that welcomes elements and characteristics of oriental styles fundamentally based on peace and harmony of the environment.

Modern rooms with minimalist design

modern living room carpet lamp furniture

Lounges with minimalist style, mostly with an air of modernity. It is a style that basically highlights the elements that really matter in the whole. As its name indicates an excess of furniture does not fit this variant. The main characteristic of furniture It is its functionality. Preferably of straight lines and forming angles that do not saturate the space. As we mentioned only the necessary ones, without shelves or useless and sub-used booksellers.

Modern living rooms, with minimalist decoration

modern living room minimalist carpet curtains

In general, modern classrooms with this style place a coffee table and another for television and a few shelves. This same tendency to order, which we can apply in our modern classrooms, is a way to make the decor . Great elegance and functionality are just some of its benefits. The fundamental weight usually in modern minimalist salons falls on furniture. They are the ones who help create an environment based on minimalism. We must avoid placing those that only have a merely function decorative .

Modern living rooms, lamp and LED lights

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We should always try to merge with the fund. This is why the choice of color is fundamental in the case of walls as well. The modern salons with minimalist variant must have neutral colors so that above all they allow the entrance of light. White can be our main protagonist, but obviously we must mix it with other tonalities. It is another variant to highlight all our accessories in the living room. In a special way, the shades of the neutral range are used, such as gray, beige, brown or black, among others.

Minimalist lounge

modern living room table lamp

The white that we mentioned earlier is appropriate for the walls, and in this way we also increase the space. Otherwise earth colors to create a much warmer environment. It is essential to provide as much natural light as possible. We can also add ambient lighting to the room. A popular mode that is also very elegant would be with LED lights. Well located and with a proper color balance would make any room something different.

Style with abundant natural light

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A larger number of windows and allowing space of large dimensions. Also doors of greater amplitude and in glass is a good option. Curtains as a rule should not block the entry of light. It is necessary that it is not too double, rather of some material with a high level of transparency. As for the colors should follow the same trend we saw in modern classrooms with light or neutral tones. Something important is to avoid the figures on the fabric as they can visually load the entire environment even if it is not our goal.

Modern furniture

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Our design in general sense should be focused on creating a clean and fresh space. Nothing that is too flashy so in terms of color the best output are neutral tones. As we mentioned, white has great potential besides gray. On the walls its effect is incredible in this style and others.

Minimalist design light colors

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To create the difference are shades that can be accompanied by several details in yellow. As well as in red or brown, this adds a bit more vivid and cheerful detail to the decoration. The best thing is to maintain a balance and not to spend in the selection of these colors. In excess we can have counterproductive results.

Wall with wooden simulation

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It is recommended that no more than two bright colors be used for the minimalist style. Other interesting variants are the green or blue that gives great balance to the spaces. In any case, the white color always ends up imposing itself. We recommend you use it for small rooms. There are other elements in which attention can be dropped.

Modern minimalist variant style

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Lamps, carpets and other accessories can be the carriers of the most cheerful tonalities that we have mentioned. In a monochromatic space the contrast is achieved through materials such as glass, wood or metal. Without changing the style a single color in different tones is the ideal way to separate the spaces between the different rooms of the house.

Living room with natural lighting

modern living rooms minimalist furniture lighting

If we take for example a kitchen near the dining room one of the walls may have a darker shade than the others. As important as the color is the lighting in minimalist style environments. It is precisely the lighting that will be a success in terms of space and the sense of spaciousness.

Modern style lamp

modern living room furniture decoration lamp

The weight of natural light is essential to achieve it. If you have the joy of having large windows around the living room, get the most out of it. Right on the wall that receives the most natural light receives a light color. Do not forget to also place mirrors that accentuate the effect of light. Other artificial lights will be of great help during the night.

White furniture in contrast with wall

modern living rooms plants wood decoration

With some variants of different intensity, spaces are divided causally. The indirect light variants are perfect for the design to look lighter and fresher. Sites like the dining room if they are close to the room will require more powerful lights. The best thing is that you can regulate the intensity of the light according to the activity and the time of day.

Modern minimalist style furniture

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In the minimalist style several decorative accessories are used in the background. Fundamentally so that the constructive details of the space stand out. The important thing is to achieve an elegant aesthetic using what is necessary. There are accessories applicable to the minimalist style that are practical above all for their functionality.

Minimalism and side table

modern living rooms white sofa side table

Mirrors, photographs, some tables or even chandeliers are some of the options. The important thing is that more than for an aesthetic effect they are used for what they can contribute in practice. Each of the accessories of our taste should be simple and contribute to a modern design. However, the idea is to use few ornamental attributes. It emphasizes everything that is harmonized and serve to highlight your environment.

Minimalist modern furniture

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On the other hand each object must be in harmony with the design of our room. As we see in many of the photos as a rule it will be enough with some furniture set and some shelves. Some textures on carpets or cushions provide a significant degree of interest. Always as in previous cases maintaining a balance and avoiding excesses.

Intense white in minimalist style

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Everything is in search of a higher level of harmony. This concept of minimalism must be present in each of our accessories, especially in the lamps that are widely used. Contemporary designs and more simplicity are preferred. They are integrated in a very fluid way to the modern salons of minimalist style.

Variant of minimalist aspect

canape minimalist design modern chairs

If you are one of those who love order cleanliness of forms and a style that invites harmony, minimalism is for you. Take it to your personal level and create a personalized space and therefore exclusive and unique. Ideas, modes and many variants I leave in the gallery today! Enjoy them

Modern seat with minimalist design

blue contrast modern shades lounger

Minimalism with soft tones

design patio furniture carpet modern lamp

Large windows for natural light

stairs wood decoration auxiliary windows

shelf books lamp table paintings

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stove living room sofa patio modern design

minimalist flowers warm design jarron

Minimalist bonfire living room furniture lamps

ideas minimalist design bottle design

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lamp wall wood table carpet

pots plants music staircase television

white wood clock carpet

sea ​​view terrace paintings tree

side table sofa box lamp

table sofa box clock chairs wood

minimalist furniture wood jar chair

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modern pink furniture patio lamp wall

modern chairs dark furniture cabinet

modern carpet pink minimalist carpet

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minimalist skins tree chair style

round furniture carpet curtain plants

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