Modern sculptures by architect Paul Sangha

modern sculptures

In this article we are going to present to you one of the works of the architect Paul Sangha that is famous for the landscape that he gives to his sculptures and architectures and we're going to talk more concretely about some modern sculptures that appeared on the Vancouver coast and that completely changed the landscape.

Modern sculptures by architect Paul Sangha and his function

original modern sculptures

We must bear in mind that these sculptures have been made with a function that does not only adhere to the decorative. On the rocky beaches of this area of ​​Canada, erosion of the coastline had to be stopped in some way. In this way it could be said that the true purpose of this modern sculpture is combined and completed with the aim of the architects to give a modern and very original touch to nature.

original-interesting modern sculptures

In addition, the architects of Paul Sangha and himself stand out for their way of joining the forms and lines of nature with the lines of architecture. In this way the team creates very beautiful natural environments that can serve as a means of inspiration to the people who use them.

modern sculpture

However, for the elaboration of this modernist sculpture the inspiration came from the sand formations that have arisen in a way natural of the island of Saturna. This coastline began to erode in December 2012, when Paul Sangha's team was commissioned to find a solution to the problem that could destroy homes.

modernist sculpture

However, for the preparation of these plans the architects had the help of ocean engineers. In this way the modernist sculptures are the result of the collaboration of other companies and institutions according to the wishes of the client. In addition, architects are constantly looking for new ideas with which they challenge themselves and in this way they also surprise the people who contact them.

Modernist sculptures

Keep in mind that with these modern sculptures the landscape architecture is also improved. In this way, modern and original landscapes are designed that allow people to live quietly and also decorate nature.


On the other hand, the professional work of these architects consists of studying the structure of the landscape and the geographical area very well and inspections are carried out in order to develop the idea. The steel that is used in this case to stop the erosion of the rocks is the ideal material that will bring a modern and original air with modern and sculptural sculptures.


On the other hand, the architect Paul Sangha also has a book on landscape architecture in which he writes about inspiration and the process. In addition, twelve projects of the Vancouver-based company are described in the book. In this way the author of the book presents the union between landscape and nature and human design.



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