Modern small bathrooms with original decor

Rebecca Hawkins design modern small bathrooms paper wall ideas

In today's article we are going to show you some ideas of decorations for small bathrooms modern that we are sure you will love. Delight your look by reviewing the images we have compiled for you and get inspired by the decoration of your bathroom . Glass and glass for the shower screen using the transparency of these materials will increase the brightness of the room.

Modern small bathrooms designer decorating ideas

modern small bathrooms marble gray wall decorative dish ideas

For the walls we are presenting some incredible ideas of tiles in a light color or with bright accents and reflections but this is not all. If the white is too classic for you in the images you will see ideas of tiles in which several vibrant colors are combined that give a very cheerful image to the bathroom. Wall paper is not a less used option in the modern small bathrooms that we present in the photos.

Modern small bathrooms with decorative wall paper in vibrant colors

small bathrooms paper wall pink shelves aluminum decorations ideas

The wallpaper is evolving lately since its structure is getting closer and closer to other construction materials. Nowadays we have moisture resistant wallpaper and therefore, a very suitable choice, to be placed in special environments such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Other ideas that you will find for the walls of the bathroom are the shelves that you can put on the wall next to the sink so you will have more room to put your things, decorative elements and accessories to create a unique atmosphere.

Small bathroom with white shelves and colorful tiles

modern bathrooms white shelves jaron small tiles wall ideas

A shelf a picture hung on the wall or the light of the candles in the moments of relaxation are the small details that we show you to turn your bathroom into a modern and special place. A large mirror over the sink has a double function is useful during the morning makeup, help the spaces look larger. In addition it is a beautiful decorative element come in infinity of material forms colors and designs.

Vases with flowers decorating the small bathroom

bathroom wall gray jaron white modern design ideas

The bathrooms in the houses and apartments built in the last century, sometimes had an area of ​​4 square meters and it was even difficult to find a bathroom that does not exceed 2.5 square meters. However, currently, most apartments can not "show off" with very large bathrooms.

Very striking yellow tiles for the wall

small baths yellow tiles vibrant green towels ideas

And as we are all aware that we are going to have to design in the best way this modest room and place not only a bathtub or a shower, but also the toilet and the sink. This can be a real challenge, but with a proper plumbing arrangement, you can also enjoy free space for some decoration in the bathroom.

Candles flowers and pictures to decorate the small bathroom

small baths original design candles modern ideas

Let's see in more detail how you can position the attributes for the bathroom and how we can decorate the room, what accessories to use, not only to create a comfortable space, but also to visually expand the space.

Beautiful mirror ideas for the small bathroom

small bathrooms countertop marble decorative stool ideas

There are not too many design rules that visually help to expand the space in modest sized bathrooms. We will list the most important thing, starting with the use of light colors in the decoration, we continue with the application of the lighting system in several levels (although a ceiling lamp will suffice).

Vases of different shapes and sizes for the small bathroom

small bathrooms lovely mirror white bowls flowers ideas

One thing that many times have heard is the use of mirrors to expand the space. Another element that helps you visually expand your bathroom is glass, it is best to choose transparent options and of course, use the least amount of furniture possible, only what is necessary.

Small bathroom in rustic style with flowers

small baths rustic style elegant narrow ideas

However, there are some constructive ways to use the entire space by getting the most out of your bathroom. For example, it is possible to install a toilet tank near the roof, which was used a lot in the last century.

Small bathroom with table with candles and decorative flasks


Due to such design it saves about 20-30 cm of usable space, but as we understand it, in a compact and incredibly functional bathroom every centimeter counts. We must also think about a small piece of furniture, for the storage of toilet paper or cleaning products and detergents.

Tiles of various colors and black wash basin

small baths jaron tiles several colors basin black ideas

Sometimes, to increase the usable space of modern small bathrooms, we must remove the bathtub and install a shower cabin in its place, a part of the empty space can be used for a built-in storage device. Or we can put open shelves to store towels and robes or closed closet for detergents and cleaning products, you decide.

Washbasin with black and white decorative curtain

small baths washbasin decorative curtain white black ideas

In fact, for the bathroom area it is very important to choose floor and wall coverings of an appropriate shape and finish. It is clear to everyone that for most surfaces in the wettest room there is no better finish than ceramic tiles and mosaics.

Tiles in blue gray and black for bathroom wall

modern small bathrooms decorative tiles wall blue gray black ideas

We often see this type of tile in the shower area and on the platform near the bathtub in bathroom design projects around the world. In the spacious bathrooms that private houses have, the ceramic tiles or the mosaic can be placed even in the middle of the room, but in this case, the walls are the best place for this type of decoration.

Modern small bathrooms with lovely lamp hanging from the ceiling

modern small bathrooms bath shower wall blue ideas

It is clear that the wall of the shower is the one that will suffer the extremes of temperature and humidity, for this reason she must choose the best coating. On the other walls you can place waterproof plaster. If it does, it will have a rich palette of colors, it is also a low cost material and is used by many owners thanks to these advantages.

Slate wall in the small bathroom very interesting

modern small bathrooms original decorations wall slate ideas

Picture and decorative elements for the bathroom wall

small modern bathrooms black wall decorations ideas

Wallpaper with lovely print in the bathroom

small modern bathrooms design paper wall mirror precious ideas

Precious walls, decorations and mirror with silver finishes

Modern small bathrooms decorative mirror chandelier ideas

Curtain with floral prints and shelves for perfume bottles

small modern bathrooms bookshelves hanging wall yellow curtains ideas

modern small bathrooms flowers crystal vases decoration ideas

small modern bathrooms sink decorative photo ideas

Modern small bathrooms sink white wood lovely mirror luxury ideas

small modern bathrooms sink marble wall white wood ideas

small bathrooms modern sinks countertop crystal stones ideas

small modern bathrooms sink tulips jarron ideas

modern small bathrooms many shelves bottles glass ideas

modern small bathrooms blue wall curtains tub design ideas

modern small bathrooms walls white black tiles candle ideas

modern small bathrooms chairs table coffee ideas original

small baths modern tub gold mirror large paper ideas wall

small bathrooms wall white wood bathtub red ideas

glass small floor wood wall shower glass ideas

Bathroom with original decorations designed by Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn bathroom small decoration modern design ideas

Brian Patrick Flynn Modern Small Bathrooms Green Design Ideas

color white wall grass decorative flowerpot ideas

decorations mirrors baths small modern ideas

Bathroom designed by the interior designer Dorothy Willetts

Dorothy Willetts wall paper silver small baths modern ideas

mirror paper-wall decorative jarron small bathrooms modern ideas

beautiful decorative mirror modern small bathrooms ideas

Joni Spear small bath design flowers paper decorative wall ideas

Kristen Pawlak neutral traditional bathroom ceiling high ideas

washbasin countertop wood curtains down bathroom ideas

beautiful washbasins decorative doors modern small bathrooms

paper wall countertop basin marble jug white ideas

Sarah Barnard modern bathrooms design decorated elements sea ideas

color white walls wardrobe wood bathrooms small modern ideas

Yanic Simard baths-small white decorated flowers shower ideas

Abby Schill modern small bath shelves glass picture ideas

red shelf decorate small bathrooms comfortable ideas





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