Modern stairs - discover the most unusual designs

Modern futuristic style stairs

Today we want to focus on a very important architectural element that currently has much to offer us; stairs. When we talk about modern stairs We are referring to a wide variety of styles and shapes in terms of design, but today we will introduce ourselves to the world of contemporary architecture to learn about some of the most unusual and impressive interior staircase designs.

Impressive designs of modern stairs

nice spiral staircase design

The staircase is always a striking feature, as it may have a traditional design or an aspect of the most innovative. Today we want to show some wonderful and very unconventional designs of modern interior staircases.

Original staircase design in modern style with metal railings

modern style staircase design

The staircase and the walls of the staircase are not just for support. They can be used ingeniously for storage or for viewing. For example, this is an interesting combination between a staircase and a decorative panel and room separator . Modern designs often use unusual combinations of materials to create amazing visual effects.

Original design of modern wooden staircase by Atmos Studio

modern wood staircase design

This is a staircase designed by Atmos Studio. The stairs have a very unusual shape that mimic the movement of the wind, turning and spinning almost as they would if they were trying to recover life.

Original modern interior design with metal and wood stairs

original stairs interior design

One of the main innovations in ladder designs is the distancing of traditional forms. Architects have begun to move away from conventional stair designs in order to experiment with unique shapes and structures. Some of these designs stairs Unusual include floating rungs, angular paths and amazing spiral shapes.

Modern design staircase with wooden steps

original design narrow staircase

Beyond the forms, many contemporary stair designs are made from unique and unorthodox building materials. By using unconventional materials, architects can convert a standard set of stairs into a visual focal point. Some of these "unorthodox" materials include high strength concrete, wood chips and even live plants.

Original design of modern spiral staircases

original design modern spiral staircases

The design of modern stairs incorporates a clear style and great artistic quality. The contemporary design, the appropriate material for the stairs, as well as the flights of stairs and handrails are created by designers and artists to provide an elegant and cozy atmosphere. Cantilevered structures accurately reflect the spirit of time.

Original design of stairs suspended modenas with glass steps

suspended stairs glass steps

The modern design glass stairs visually enlarge the space of the rooms. In addition, the glass walls provide transparency and lightness. The metal stairs with wooden steps, however, ensure high stability.

Original spacious staircases in modern design with wooden steps

modern original modern design

The balanced combination of different materials translates into perfect harmony. Whether mounted, standing or suspended, the angle, length and width of the stairs are planned individually. The staircase is the classic solution with high comfort and long life. Stairs that do not have an additional wall mount and the load is transported by a single central beam are characterized by delicate steps. Depending on the design and material, the varieties in the design of modern staircases are practically unlimited.

Impressive design of wooden spiral staircase designed by Patrick Jouin

pretty spiral staircase wood design

Here we can see a spiral staircase that is a true work of art. Seen from above and below, the grain of the wood provides a contrast and a changing set of fine grain textures against the regular rhythms of the overall design of the staircase. It is a fabulous staircase designed by Patrick Jouin.

Super design of hanging ladder with wooden steps

modern wood pendant staircase

When planning the design of the staircase you will need to harmonize the elements of the staircase with the interior design in general. For example, in a minimalist interior, an ornate staircase will look out of place. On the other hand, if you want to make your staircase a focal point, opt for a spectacular artistic design with unusual shape, color or interesting railing. Remember that safety is an important issue and the design of the ladder should be comfortable and safe for small children or older family members.

Original design of minimalist staircase with wooden suspended steps

ladder suspended wooden steps

Floating or suspended stairs are a common option in the case of modern and contemporary interior designs. It is a design that allows the decoration to remain minimalist, wide and open, without neglecting the functionality of the staircase.

Original staircase design with library

original design staircase library

In this image that appears above we can see an original "library staircase" in which the English oak steps make shelves that are completely covered with books. It is a design by the architects Levitate.

Original contemporary style staircase designed by HSH

original staircase contemporary style metal

The concept of a delicate undulating ribbon was chosen in view of the exposed position of the staircase in the main living room of the house. The staircase is constructed from a metal sheet 10 mm thick. The pairs of adjacent rungs connected with an oblique external lateral beam form a support anchored in the wall. Each of the supports is configured as a rigid frame. The pressure is transmitted through the lower steps. It has been designed by the architects HSH.

Modern style stairs designed by Archiplein for the Villa La Roche in Rochebaudin

Contemporary contemporary style stairs

The French architectural firm Archiplein has designed the Villa La Roche in Rochebaudin with a central staircase wrapped in an irregular steel mesh.

Original design of modern staircase Mobirolo signature

modern staircase design Mobirolo

One of the things to keep in mind is the amount of space a staircase will occupy and the amount of space that will be left under the stairs as it often tends to be wasted in many homes. Actually there are many stairs that help to save space that are also available at a fairly affordable price. A ladder design like this, by Mobirolo, made in Italy, can incorporate modern materials such as aluminum.

Original design of modern interior stairs

original modern yellow interior stairs

Whenever you need a little extra storage space, try to look under the ladder. It is an excellent place to store all kinds of items, but it is commonly a space used to store and display books.

Original modern design staircase with triangular steps

original interior stairs design

These triangular rungs in profile treads give the ladder a feeling of solidity when viewed from behind and floating when viewed from the front.

Original modern staircases designed by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom for the firm TAF Arkitektkontor

stairs wood steps zigzag

This staircase has been designed for a private residence in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006 by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom for the firm TAF Arkitektkontor.

Modern stairs with tubular structural shape

modern stairs minimalist interior

These stairs have a tubular structural theme. The tube is immensely strong, and visually it has less mass than other rectangular solutions. The use of this principle is as follows: it is a tube in its purest form, in which the user is introduced to ascend and descend.

Original design of modern staircase inside a tube

staircase white tube shape

The curved steel strip forming the lower part of the staircase supports cantilevered glass treads. The balustrade uses curved glass, and the flat steel profiles cut with laser give the illusion of a tube.

Design of staircase with glass steps model BOLOGNA 005

modern stair steps glass

The design of this exposed glass staircase looks attractive and contrasts with the wooden floor of the room. The stairs are made of resistant glass supported on thick metallic blocks for a good subjection. The handrails and balusters are made of metal that gives a bright appearance and accentuates the appearance of the glass stairs. The staircase at first may seem delicate, but the glass sheets are very thick and will last a long time.

Modern wooden stairs with aluminum handrails

original design hanging stairs

An unusual stair design will make a shocking first impression to everyone who enters your home. Yes, you must create something amazing inside your house so that everyone loves and wants to stay at home to enjoy a pleasant conversation.

White spiral stairs in the shape of a skeleton

white stairs skeleton shape

Now we let you go through the rest of the images in our gallery so you can get inspired, we come back very soon with more news of interest, be sure to visit our website.

Original modern hanging stairs decorated with stones

hanging stairs decorated stones

Original simple stairs in minimalist metal style

stairs simple minimalist style metal

Super modern spiral staircase design

super spiral staircase design

Super modern staircase design in the shape of wooden ribs

super design shape ribs

Modern loft interior design with contemporary style staircases

modern interior design loft style

Modern interior with spiral staircases with glass steps

modern interior snail stairs

Original modern office design with spiral staircases

modern office design spiral stairs

Original design of modern wooden staircase

original design modern stairs

Original design of modern interior staircase with handrail

original design modern interior staircase

Original design of modern steel spiral staircase

original snail modern steel snail

Original design of modern cement spiral staircase

original design spiral staircase cement

Original designs of modern suspended glass stairs

original suspended glass stairs designs

Original design of interior staircase with access to the attic

original modern stairs attic design

Super modern interior staircase design

small modern interior staircase

Original design of modern red spiral staircases

spiral stairs red color

Sculptural staircase with glass and wood details, designed by Philip Watts

staircase shape silver skeleton



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