Modern wheel that has revolutionized cycling

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The wheel we show is a true marvel of technology. This wheel is capable of transforming any bicycle. If you wish, your traditional bicycle can be converted into an electric one in a matter of seconds.

Wheel with electron design for any bicycle

special wheel modern functional context

Have a design Unique and very practical that facilitates cycling virtually without much effort. This wheel has a very powerful motor in addition to intelligent sensors. Its battery offers a great autonomy so we can pedal a lot. To assemble the wheel it will be enough to remove the front wheel and put it in its place.

Front view wheel with all the details and the power button

Special wheel side view fronts

It will not be necessary tools and it will be very easy to do this step. Then simply the bicycle should be used as usual. The difference is in the ease of pedaling once we have mounted it. With this attachment is done with assistance so it is much simpler. This marvel also includes an application in which we can see the distance and track the speed.

The assembly and design is simple and we hardly need tools to do it

adapted special mounted wheel

As well as the readings of the drums , the assignment of the route among other important details. If you want to give a modern touch to your bike this is a great option. It will make cycling much simpler and we will not have to alter the image of our bicycle with many additions. Once it is used it can be easily removed and the bicycle returned to its normal state. So both its autonomy and its flexibility in use make it a good option to consider.

Each bike gives a modern style and facilitates pedaling on any type of terrain

special wheel transformed bike color

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