Modern windows with seats inside

modern windows

In this article we are going to talk about a new theme in decoration and interior design, using one of the resources that each house has. It's about the windows and what we can do with them to create original and interesting spaces. More specifically, we will focus on the modern windows and we will show you photos of windows and the way you can transform them into places with seats where you can rest and enjoy the landscape.

Modern windows with seats for the interior of your house

modern windows seat

One of the ways to create a window with modern and original seats is by embedding it together with the seat on the wall. In this way, you can leave a space near you with small shelves where you can leave your things. On the other hand, in the window you can place some curtains and close them whenever you want to be alone with yourself. Keep in mind that one of the best options when it comes to these types of windows are the radiators that you can install under the seats. This is a very practical way to have everything organized and organized in the house.

Three windows forming a semicircle with angles for the living room

modern windows seats

Another option for the design of modern windows that can help us save space is to use the bottom of the windows to store your things, installing drawers. This idea is very good and comfortable especially if you lack enough space in the other drawers and cabinets. In addition, the interior design itself can be done with three windows arranged in a semicircular shape with a sofa with the same shape.

A sofa for the corner of your house surrounded by windows

modern windows interior seat

It is very likely that in some houses the windows occupy two of the walls, thus leaving an empty corner. In these cases you can choose sofas designed for corners that will save space and fill it. In addition, you can place a table in the center to create a small dining room. This idea can also serve you if you have a garden and the space we are talking about is an extension of the house, like a summer kitchen or something like that. In this case it is very likely that the exterior windows occupy two or more walls.

The combination of the colors of the curtains or blinds with the colors of the window seat

modern windows interior seats

On the other hand, you can decorate modern windows for houses by combining the colors of the interior with the colors of the blinds or the curtains. In the image above you can see a living room with curtains that combine perfectly with the colors of the window seats. In addition, between white and orange color creates a very nice and smooth balance.

Two small windows with two small armchairs for the interior of your bedroom

modern small windows interior

Another model of windows for houses are small windows embedded in the wall with an armchair in each window. This idea is very good for attics turned into rooms and for smaller rooms. In addition, in the lower part of the seats you can place some drawers to gain space inside.

Originality and modernity in a bathroom with a bathtub at the foot of the window

modern windows interior

On the other hand, you can also opt for large windows for your bathroom. In the place of the inner window ledge where until now we have been looking at seats, you can place a bathtub. On the outside of the bathtub you can put some curtains that are tied at the two ends of the walls. This is one of the options of modern windows that we like the most and that create an interior with a lot of style and elegance.

A wooden seat on the inner window ledge

modern windows home interior

However, you can also choose some models of wooden windows. This type of windows are very good in rustic interiors and also the seat that you can use for this style we advise you to also be made of wood. If you want you can cover them with some cushions but even if you cover it, the wood will still be seen. In this way, you can combine the color of the cushions with the color of the wood and you can get a very nice and beautiful interior.

Two small windows with some seats and with drawers that separate them

modern windows small seats

On the other hand, in the interiors with a rustic look, the small windows with wooden bars on the outside are also good. In these windows you can install small seats with cushions. To increase your comfort between the windows you can place some drawers for your things and gain space in this way. On the other hand, to enjoy the heat in the colder days you can install some radiators on the bottom of the seats and what would become their backs. One of the very original and interesting details in the windows of this type are the blinds to pictures or rectangles, following the form of the external bars.

A piece of furniture with a bed for your window

original modern windows

Another option to decorate the windows of houses with seats is to replace the seat with a piece of furniture with space to create a bed. These furniture can have several drawers or compartments designed to store your things.

Wardrobes with free space for the seat of your window with drawers at the bottom

modern bedroom windows

Another of the furniture that will help you create a design windows are the cabinets that have a free area for the window opening. Furniture of this type is ideal for rooms and bedrooms. Generally speaking, these are rather large cabinets that have drawers on the bottom of the seat. You do not have to forget that the colors have to be combined to get a nice interior.

Large windows with a huge seat that resembles a bed or sofa

modern windows seat lounge

When we talk about modern windows, we also refer to the large windows for houses. These windows can be decorated and furnished in the same way and with the ideas that we have offered in the previous paragraphs. The size and length of the seat will depend on your taste, but you can create a large enough area to use it as a seat or as a bed or sofa.

A stylish bedroom with a window with a seat on the shelf

modern windows seat bedroom

On the other hand, in the bedrooms you can install modern aluminum windows and on the part of the windowsill you can place cushions to decorate them. Modern windows have begun to be an important part of the decoration of the interior, although like everything in life there is no need to take it to extremes.

A window with chairs or armchairs for your office

modern office windows

The decoration of the windows can also be done in the office. The problem in the workplace is that as it is not a psychologist's office these windows with seats will not be very appropriate. Therefore, in offices one of the best ideas in the decoration of modern windows is to leave the area where the seat should be free. You can place a table with seats or armchairs near the window and combine the colors in the decoration.

Round cushions combined with classic ones for the seats of your windows

modern windows seat room

On the other hand, if you have large windows the part of the seats will also be larger. However, you can decorate it with round cushions and classic cushions of different sizes.

A circular sofa for the window of your dining room with a table in the center

modern windows dining room

There are some dining rooms with modern windows that are arranged in a circular shape making a semicircle. Through the line formed by the windows you can place some seats and a table in the center. We advise you to use ideas of this type in case you have large windows or a larger number of windows because otherwise the space for the seats will be much smaller. On the other hand, the ideal thing after doing the said thing is to mount some radiators in the bottom of the seats.

A small sofa embedded between two furniture with drawers in the window

modern windows living room

Another very interesting thing related to the decoration of these places are the lights that you can put on. They can be hanging lamps or you can choose small lights installed on the ceiling.

The pink tones combined with the white color for the decoration of a window with seats

modern windows fourth

On the other hand, you should always bear in mind that the style of this type of modern windows has its roots in the past and that we can use it as a very good idea for decorating a retro or vintage interior, or even shabby chic.

Some windows with seats for your son's or daughter's room

original modern windows fourth

The originality of a bed near the window that is under the stairs

modern windows for houses

A bedroom with a window with seats with many cushions

window design

Making a wooden frame in your window

models of windows for houses

Using the inner shelf of the window for the placement of plants and flowers

design windows

The sofa of the window covered with bright and bold colors

modern aluminum windows

Two windows overlooking the sea with a place to sit and contemplate

modern windows with seat cushions

A window with seats and cushions of different size for the bedroom

large windows

A winter landscape with a seat in the window to contemplate it

modern window design

A sofa for the window with small built-in lights

wooden window models

The combination of strong and garish colors in the decoration of the rooms

big windows

A bit of vintage style for the interior with a window designed to sit

design windows seat

Some windows with seats for the outside and with many plants as decoration

exterior windows

The curtains for the top of the windows combine wonderfully with the style of the windows with seats

windows for houses

Painting the window frame of a different color that stands out against the white background of the room

Large windows large bedroom

A circular living room surrounded by windows and with seats that follow the line of the windows

pictures of dining room windows

Some windows with seats and drawers in the bottom embedded in the wall

large windows seat

The way to embed the windows with seats on the wall leaving a space for small shelves

large windows for houses

A circular seat with cushions for your window ledge

exterior windows seat

An ideal place to rest on days off or after work

photos of windows seat

Modern windows with seats covered by black cushions

windows of modern houses

Windows with seats covered by white cushions on which to sit and with round cushions on which to lean

models of windows for modern houses

An option for the window ledge converted to a desk

modern aluminum windows room

Combining the colors and style of the cushions and the seats of the windows with the curtains and the blinds

models of wooden windows living room


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