Modern wooden furniture - ideas for each room

wood furniture set

The furniture wood will be trend for 2016 , that's why today we want inspire you with our selection of twenty-four images and tips for choosing the right type of wood for your home .

Original ideas to decorate with wooden furniture

wooden table shape cassette tape

Pine is a low-cost, lightweight wood that can be yellowish or whitish with brown knots. It is often used for rustic pieces, such as country-style tables. It is low cost, and retains well the painting , which is ideal for children's furniture. The pine develops a pleasant patina and resists contraction and swelling. Cons: It is a soft wood, so it is prone to scratches and dents.

Wooden dining room set

dining bench bench set deco

Cherry wood is a hard wood with a fine grain, ranging from reddish brown to blond. It is often used for chairs carved, but it also appears on the tables and cabinets style of the pure lines shaker. Pros: It takes shape easily, and polishes well. Without spots, it has a rich and beautiful color. Cons: It is expensive and sometimes darkens with age.

Original set of wooden baby furniture

baby furniture set wood

The Arce is a hard creamy white wood that sometimes has a reddish tint. Being one of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for heavy-duty items, such as cabinets and kitchen furniture.

Great kids room with wooden furniture

children's room wood furniture

Pros: Arce is affordable and ultra-resistant. Because it is prone to staining, maple is often dyed to mimic more expensive wood, such as cherry or mahogany. Cons: If the maple is not properly sealed, the dye finish may have spots.

Beautiful natural wood furniture

furniture natural wood children

Oak is a hard wood that tends to be very grainy. There are two varieties: red oak, which ranges from light brown to pinkish red with a whirlpool, and white oak, which has a striped tiger grain with yellow rays and spots.

Great wooden round table

super wood table

Pros: It is very resistant and is often cut in a way that makes it resistant to deformation. Due to its visible veining, it has a distinctive appearance. A transparent finish highlights the grain very well. Cons: The stain can darken excessively and exaggerate the grain.

Original natural wood garden table

natural wood garden table

The nut is a straight grain hardwood that goes from chocolate brown to yellow. It is generally used for headboards, ornate antique style dining tables and fireplaces, the nut is typically galvanized or oiled to achieve its color.

Wooden kitchen furniture set

modern wood kitchen furniture

Pros: It is a very strong and stable wood that can take the intricate size. The color can be beautiful. Cons: It is one of the most expensive woods.

Original kitchen island design with wooden surface

wood kitchen island bar

Linden is a common wood, often used in combination with woods such as walnut and mahogany. Its color varies from white-cream to creamy brown or reddish, with broad stripes and sometimes a little darker. The grain is straight and uniform. American linden is fine-grained, with very small pores. It is cheap.

Super modern kitchen design with wooden furniture

modern kitchen furniture wood deco

The Hague is another wood that bends easily. The beech is often used with more expensive woods, over on chair legs and tables, under parts, the sides and the back of the cabinets.

Super design of crumpled wooden chest of drawers

original dusteño comfortable wooden crumpled

The beech is often dyed to look like mahogany, maple or erezo. The beech is both hard and heavy, and it is difficult to work with hand tools. Its cheap.

Original set of zen style dining furniture

original furniture set zen style

Birch is a common hardwood that is used in all aspects of furniture construction.

Original design of natural wood magazine rack

original design wood magazine rack

The birch wood is light yellowish brown, very similar in color and in the maple grain. The grain is quite nice. The birch is fine grain.

Original designs of natural wood chairs

original design modern wood chair

It is moderately expensive. Cedar is a soft wood, it is used mainly in trunks and cabinets. It has a characteristic odor, and is effective in repelling insects.

Original design of modern wooden table

original design wood table

The wood is of a light red color, with light streaks and knots; the grain is quite nice. Cedar is fine grain. It must not be bleached or stained.

Original design of wooden armchair

original rigid chair wood

The cedar trunks should be left unfinished inside, and treated with a transparent finish on the outside. Cedar is quite expensive.

Chair with wooden backrest and armrests

original chair wood design

Set of wooden chairs with original shapes

wood chairs original forms

Set of natural wood sofas

natural wood sofas

Set of wooden armchairs model Pipo

original set wood armchairs

The Pipo chair that we see in this image has been produced for sale by the manufacturer of Guatemala Piegatto, and was imagined to use wood as the only material for the entire design.

Model table Sofia

Modern wooden furniture - ideas for each room

Original design of modern style rocking chair

super modern design rocking chair

This elegant rocking chair was created by Canadian industrial design student Brendan Gallagher. With the aim of creating a piece of furniture based on the stylistic qualities of a fashion designer, the end result is this contemporary looking chair with low seating that fits any modern interior.

Super modern wooden rocking chair design

front view medocroa wood

The materials used are the walnut frame and solid wire mesh interspersed between the curved walnut create legs and arms at the same time. A modern rocking chair, with a low doe seating not only offer modern aesthetics but comfort as well.

Original design of modern wooden rocking chair

original design wood rocking chair

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