Modernist decoration in a very elegant apartment

modernist decoration

In this article we are going to talk about a apartment very modern that has been designed for a young couple and that collects all their ideas and requests inside. It is a floor with a modernist decoration that responds to the ideas of the clients. This floor and its design and decoration is from the designers A8 id & l.

A modernist decoration for your interiors

Interior modernist decoration

In this apartment metal, wood, concrete and marble are combined in design and decoration. In addition inside, neutral colors are used that give the house a very cozy touch. We must also bear in mind that these colors are very good in combination with the black color and thus can create a very original and elegant conterastes.

Modernist decoration combined with elegance to increase the style of the interior

Interior modernist decoration

In addition, when the apartment has been designed, the preferences of a young couple with a child that now responds to their personal desires and demands have been taken into account. The family wanted a functional apartment with an attractive atmosphere. The house was ready after a few meetings between the professional designers and the future inhabitants.


The furniture modernist and the decorative details of wood, marble and metal are ideal for the furniture to last, to have a low maintenance and to achieve the attractive and modern look of the interior. In addition you could say that the apartment is two floors that are connected by a spiral staircase. From the hallway you reach the kitchen that is open and the dining room.

modernist house decoration

Going around the house you can see that the natural materials we have mentioned have been used throughout, and in this way the modern interior decoration permeates the whole house of elegance increasing its style. In addition you can also see that for the modernist decoration of the floors the wood of light colors is used.


On the other hand, the modernist style of the intrior also reaches the corridors in which there is a wooden surface that covers the floor and that is also a color that combines very well with the color of the walls. The color of the wood does not It is very dark and the light tones of the walls fill the house with joy and make the atmosphere very pleasant.


We must also take into account that the wood we see in the oak floor with what the owners of the floor will not have problems with maintenance and its duration will continue for years. In addition this wood provides very good insulation to the ground because it does not allow heat to escape.

modernist style

In addition to the walls and other parts of the house you can see that the modernist decoration is made combining wood and metal. In this way, a balance is achieved between the warm effect produced by the wood with its light color and the effect and color of the metal.


All these ideas you can take them to the modern living room decoration and you can fill your home with elegance and style using similar tones and similar materials.


modernist-interior style


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