Modular homes - the best-known Spanish companies

modular homes

If you are one of those who think that modular homes and prefabricated houses are just mere containers devoid of style and comfort, think again. Today we will talk about the modular homes and we will know some of the most important Spanish companies in their design.

What are the modular homes?

Modular homes - the best-known Spanish companies

A modular house is a house built in sections in a factory. The prefabricated sections are then transported to the construction site in a large trailer, where a constructor places the sections on a prefabricated base, joins them and completes the final touches.

Construction of modular homes

Modular houses advantages

These homes offer many of the same high quality benefits that regular homes offer. In fact, most people are surprised to discover that they can not distinguish between a modular house and a house built on the site when the two finished models are side by side.
Prefabricated houses and modular structures

Prefabricated houses

Modular homes are often confused with prefabricated homes, but they are not the same. Sometimes known as mobile homes, prefabricated houses are not placed on a permanent basis, and can be moved from one place to another. On the contrary, a modular house is fixed to a permanent base and can never be moved.
A modular house is fixed to a permanent base

modular houses

In addition, all manufactured homes are constructed in a very similar way and must conform to the same federal codes, while a modular house has to conform to specific codes for the location of the building. This gives it much more room for maneuver in terms of appearance and construction.

A modular house must conform to the specific codes for the location of the building

modular house plot

The pieces of modular houses are built in a factory, where they are subject to strict quality control guidelines.

Designs of modern prefabricated houses

original design

Many times, these houses can be built in the factory in just two weeks. Once the house is delivered to the construction site, the builder can assemble it within two to four weeks.

Great designs of modular country houses

modular house meadow

Many people prefer this type of houses to construction on site, because the modular house is not affected by the typical delays of time that can delay a home-built site.
Original design of modern modular house

modern house

In addition, buyers of modular homes know that the house they are buying has passed specific codes and guidelines.

Modular house with wooden facade

modern facade

There are many benefits of a modular house that can attract buyers in the real estate market. These include some of the following:
Great prefabricated country house

house field

Because there are no delays due to weather, unexpected contractor or similar problems, the modular homes are finished and ready to be delivered much sooner than the traditional homes built on the site.

Modern style modular prefabricated houses

house construction

Modular houses are usually less expensive than houses built on the site, since most of the construction takes place within a controlled factory environment. With the delays of homes built on the site, inclement weather or any number of other interruptions can result in unexpected charges.

Original design of prefabricated wooden house

wooden house

Energy Efficiency: Most modular homes are built with energy efficient windows, doors and insulation.

These houses are usually energy efficient

premade house

While there are many advantages to a modular home, there are some reasons why this home option is not for anyone. These include:
Disadvantages offered by a modular house

original designs

The purchase of land. The buyer must own the land where the modular house will be built, which can be a substantial additional initial cost. In addition, available land parcels may need to be equipped with a septic system or connected to sewer lines.

Designs are not as customizable as in regular homes

customizable designs

Although modular homes certainly offer more customizable options than manufactured mobile homes, they are not as easy to customize as the homes built on the site.

The acquisition of the land is necessary

land acquisition

While modular homes are as good as traditional homes, there is a common misconception that they are not. This skewed perception can deter buyers when they want to sell their house at a later date.

Modern style modular house

house design

Many times, banks and mortgage brokers offer financing for a modular home in the same way you would for a house built on the site.
Nice modular prefabricated house design

finance a house

A mortgage broker can give you a good idea as to the rates and help you find a lender. Some modular home manufacturers can also offer their own financing, but buyers should compare rates with a traditional lender to make sure they are getting the best possible deal.

Efficient houses that save energy

interior wood

A modular house is a viable alternative to a traditional house built on the site. With its careful construction and efficient energy design, it can be a worthwhile investment, but buyers should be careful to take into account land costs and other fees before settling in this type of home.

Original minimalist facade design

minimalist design

Prefabricated housing is a broad term that encompasses several different types of building. Technically, any house that has sections of structures built in a factory and then assembled on the site may fall under the designation "prefabricated."

Great designs of modern prefabricated houses

modern houses

The modular and the built panel also fall under the term of prefabricated, but differ from each other, modular and built panel qualify as prefabricated, but they are still different.

Original modular structures of minimalist style

original structures

This type of construction can be useful in the construction of houses that do not work perfectly as modules and can be as structurally sound as other types of prefabricated buildings.

Various types of prefabricated buildings

types prefabricated buildings

Commercial prefabricated buildings are often made this way, as they allow wide spaces and high ceilings. It is also much less expensive to transport a building in panels than in modules if it is large enough.

Blue prefabricated house design

Blue house

Prefabricated homes of all types must comply with state and federal building codes and undergo regular inspections, just like any house built on the site.

Modern modular prefab house design

modern house

This ensures that prefabricated homes are at least as safe as their counterparts built on the site, although there is evidence that a well-built modular home is even stronger than a similar home built on the site. Prefabricated homes on the other hand just have to comply with the HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) standards, which has much more forgiving rules and regulations.

Original modular house in the countryside

house field forest

Unlike prefabricated houses that are considered real estate and therefore maintain or increase in value over time like a house built on the site, prefabricated houses are considered personal property and therefore lose value as soon as they are expelled from the land, just like a car. Its value will continue to decrease throughout the life of the home.

The JP house in Cuenca

JP house

Here are some examples of modular homes designed and manufactured by Spanish companies. The firm MYCC presents the modular house that appears above, called Casa JP, in Tragacete, Cuenca.

Design of the HK house in Galicia

HK house

Another of his works is this house called Casa HK, which is located in a meadow of Cedeira, in Galicia. The facades, made of Corten steel, imitate the surrounding vegetation.

Mobile home design by Abaton

mobile home

Another company that surprises us with its projects is the Spanish architecture studio Ábaton, which has developed a micro-hoist that can be transported on the back of a truck and located almost anywhere.

Original minimalist facade design

minimalist facade

Ábaton chose dimensions of nine by three meters to provide enough space for two people and also allow the transportable house to be hoisted in the back of a truck.

Original country house for two people


Externally the home is entirely covered with gray panels of cement boards, creating a monolithic shape.

Original interior design of the house

home interior

However, some of these panels open to reveal sliding glass doors in the front and windows on the sides.

Original transportable house

Movil House

A combined living room and kitchen is located in the center with a bathroom and bedroom on both sides, all under a roof of two waters that reaches 3.5 meters in its peak.

Design of prefabricated studio house, by DOM Arquitectura

house study

This small prefabricated studio in Spain is a great example of what passive design can achieve. * DOM Arquitectura, based in Barcelona, ​​carefully studied the impact that orientation, geometry and materials can have on the performance of a house and created an efficient passive structure with an extremely low ecological footprint.

Super modern interior design

modern interior

They included a low-cost rainwater collection system, a small vegetable garden, solar panels and prefabricated elements made of local and reusable materials.

Interior design of the studio room

study room

The house, located on a steep slope facing south, is rectangular in plan with the most south facing side with the larger openings that capture sunlight during the winter months and cantilevers that prevent direct radiation during the hot days of summer. The other three elevations are opaque, with some openings in the north façade.

Design of the work area

interior wood

The architects introduced a small garden that gives residents greater self-sufficiency. It was planted in a flat extension attached to the house.

Super luxurious interior design

luxurious interior

Solar panels produce energy that reduces network consumption, while seven water tanks placed under the house can store up to 10 cubic meters of rainwater collected from the roof and exterior pavements. The water is used to water the lawns and the orchard.

Interior of the bathroom


Original design of wooden terrace

wooden terrace

Entrance to the study

entrance facade

Great design of wooden facade

beautiful facade



* DOM Architecture

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