Modular or prefabricated homes in Spain, what are

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In this article we are going to talk about the modular homes waves Prefabricated houses and we will see its advantages and disadvantages. The reason is that today many people use them, however, it is often said that these houses are of poor quality. We invite you to know better their characteristics so that you can decide if this type of houses are appropriate for you.

Modern and elegant modular homes

modern modular homes

Keep in mind that modular homes are a type of escológica construction and for this reason many people consider them of poor quality. One of the reasons why people have that opinion is that panels are used to build them. However, these panels are joined to each other and in this way they allow to create houses with more than one floor. In addition these panels also allow you to design the house you want and its design can be very modern and elegant.

The advantages and disadvantages of modular homes

modern-elegant modular homes

You must also take into account before deciding if these prefabricated houses are for you that are placed directly on the ground without digging. One of the advantages that is related to this fact is that in this way the impact of the environment is reduced. On the other hand, the construction is done much faster. If you usually need four to six months to build a normal house with these modular homes, the construction will accelerate much more.

prefabricated-modern modular homes

Another advantage of the constructions of the houses modular prefabricated is that materials are saved and they are not wasted. Also as you can see in the photos of this article the houses are one or more floors have very modern designs. They are also full of style and elegance and you can add some decorative details that increase their modernity.

The style and elegance of modular homes

prefabricated-modern-elegant modular homes

On the other hand, you also have to bear in mind that these constructions are assembled. Actually it is an industrial process, as they go through all the thermal and construction requirements. For these architects for example do not pass the buildings and houses that we see built by architects and builders.

small-modern modular homes

In addition, these models of modular homes are made with reusable materials. In this way the house can be removed and you can move it elsewhere. On the other hand, materials can also be exchanged for others and reused.

modular homes prefabricated-small-modern

In addition, the modular homes of today are very modern. They also offer an elegant finish not only for the exterior, but for the interior. In this way it is very difficult to differentiate the two types of buildings and the two types of housing.

modular houses

Speaking of the materials used in the prefabricated house we can not say that these are ecological in all cases. In addition, the materials are not the only ones that depend on the product being ecological. The treatments and the inductive processes through which the modular house has to pass are also required. In this way we find ourselves with a more complicated type of construction.

A very modern and elegant design for your prefabricated houses

large-elegant modular homes

However, modular housing is more efficient than the traditional one, since wood, clay, cork, ceramics and hemp are used for its production. It must be borne in mind that these materials are renewable and that in traditional constructions they are not used. In addition, in traditional constructions the materials can not be changed.

small-elegant modular homes

On the other hand, one of the great disadvantages of traditional constructions comes from materials, which is that they use other materials that are more expensive. That's why a big disadvantage for consumers is the price of these houses. Therefore, if you want a cheaper house that is also modern you can bet on them.

prefabricated-modern houses

In addition, the modular homes can be moved to the beach in a part that is your property. In this way you can quickly have a house built on the shore of the beach. On the other hand, you can also opt for a low one-story but elongated design. You can also make these decorations on the facades with these lights that will increase the style and elegance of the construction.

prefabricated-modular-modern houses

On the other hand, if your family is not large you can choose a small house with two rooms where there will be room for your children and for marriage. Also some flowers planted near the house will be very good and will be very original. This is a way to decorate the exterior and the facade.

modular-modern-elegant house

On the other hand, if you want to increase the originality of the construction you can opt for a wooden design for the facade. You can also combine different shades of wood, lighter and darker. In addition glass doors will increase and introduce elegance in the facade of the house.


On the other hand, if you want a simple construction you can opt for a triangular design that mimics the tents. Keep in mind that this way you will also have a place where you can go to rest.




prefabricated-modern houses

prefabricated-modular-elegant houses


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