Morocco inspires oriental style for your living room

If you are passionate about the East, a country that can inspire the decoration of your home is Morocco . Separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar brings us closer to Eastern culture. Morocco is the gateway to the exotic and interesting culture of East inhabited by nomads, Berbers and there is a mixture of cultures and religions, it has mountains desert and coast. This excellent North African strip is full of lyrical landscapes that inspire designers and colorful colors and combinations in the tapestries that you can find there.

Morocco brings oriental air to your living room

yellow low table living room ideas Moroccan style

The East hypnotizes with mysteries and mysteries the architecture and the interiors are full of special energy and magnetic beauty that to us may seem strange since we talk about a culture and designs not very close to the Westerners. Today we have decided to present you with the best ideas of salons inspired by the Moroccan style. They will see little used or nothing traditional colors in our living rooms but we are sure that they will fall in love with you.

Morocco inspires the design of your salon

chimney tiles moroccan style narranja ideas

Decorations that we will not find in our living rooms but that are very traditional for Moroccan tangerine interior, turquoise, red, pink, blue and yellow in combinations and with beautiful prints. The food, the species, the ocean and the desert can help you to be inspired when choosing colors for your living room. Although they are bright that does not mean that they will not allow them to relax and feel at ease. A fireplace former exquisite lanterns candles wonderful runners and carpets low tables infinity of cushions of different colors we can not forget the tiles.

Interesting tiles and fireplace for your Moroccan-style living room

chimney mosaic typical maraqui idea blanca wall

The blue color that symbolizes the protection and the white that symbolizes peace are very used colors in the Moroccan salons. A very interesting proposal that will serve you not only as a decoration is the Moroccan tea set that should not miss the silver cups or gold plated teapots and the tray with original prints will be a good decoration for your Moroccan style living room. It unites the exotic aesthetic with the luxury that there are in the combinations of the vibrant colors, the rich fabrics and the earthy textures.

For country houses an interesting idea is Moroccan style living room

old fireplace low table Moroccan country style

The textures used for Moroccan design come from the mixture of Eastern and European cultures. For your Moroccan-style living room floor we advise you to use earth-colored and coarse-grained wood planks, the plaster walls also grained curtains or long tapestries that hang from the ceiling to the floor and add a luxurious air to your living room. We must not forget the pillows of different sizes large and small with vibrant and striking colors. You will turn your living room into a space with exotic oriental and antique charm.

Cushions of different sizes throughout the room

light orange colors original ideas cushions style

Mosaic tiles should not be missing especially those from the period of the hills because they are the most beautiful furniture rustic style of wood and crockery with prints and oriental motifs are key elements for your Moroccan design. So that naturalness is not lacking in your living room you can always use wicker baskets and palm trees or other exotic plants that can be found everywhere. Metals such as gold and silver are also widely used in Moroccan decoration as there is no shortage in any house in Morocco.

Rustic furniture is a good idea for a Moroccan-style living room

dining room Moroccan style tiles furniture rustic ideas

If you have columns in the hall or arched entrance it is a sin not to use Moroccan design for it since those elements are common for houses in Morocco. We let you take a look at the images we have collected especially for you, giving you the opportunity to make a radical change in the room that we are sure you will love.

Earthy colors for your Moroccan-style living room

corinas wall ceiling fabric interesting ideas salon

Modern lounge with oriental touch

Moroccan style simple ideas purple touches

The mosaic can not miss your living room in Moroccan style

Moroccan style living room vibrant colors table low ideas

Interesting mirror and mosaic add an oriental touch

Moroccan style salon candles white ideas

Modern living room with Moroccan style sofa

oriental sofa style modern ideas vibrant colors

Large lanterns illuminate this lounge in Moroccan style

Large lanterns illuminate salon idea interesting Moroccan style

Tiles and cushions of striking colors for your living room

morocco red carpet tables modern small ideas

Rustic furniture and Moroccan style golden stool

morocco table under wood fireplace ideas stool

Large candles decorate this lounge in Moroccan style

morocco furniture rustic candles ideas wood fireplace

Large silver plate and oriental typical sofa

morocco dish decorative silver sofa cushions

Fabrics on the roof very oriental idea

morocco salon wide fabrics red roof pretty

Combination of white and blue typical of Morocco


Cushions and curtains of vibrant colors for your living room

morocco salon cushions vibrant colors curtains living room

Accurate room in Moroccan style

morocco salon vibrant colors purple precious lighting

morocco salon columns vibrant colors ideas

morocco salon original style white orient

morocco narrow living room carpet cushions white curtains

morocco salon interesting tables lighthouses colors ideas

morocco salon mosaic large windows chairs

morocco living room walls orange furniture wood orange

morocco salon purple table low lanterns ideas

morocco salon sofa red carpet idea interesting simple

morocco salon fabrics hang ceiling cushions ideas colors

maruecos carpet wall naranja blue sofa piano

mosaic walls pink sofa vibrant moroccan style ideas

mosaic floor wall ideas pretty Moroccan style

furniture wood rustic style simple carpet

furniture wood rustic style floor ideas red

furniture rustic wood ideas salon moroccan prints

original moroccan doors wood windows ancient

living room Moroccan style white wall furniture rustic ideas

Moroccan style living room striking colors vibrant fabrics

Salon Moroccan style gold cushions prints ideas

living room Moroccan style red sofa ideas house idea

salon interesting ideas oriental cushions dark

salon maraqui dishes silver wall ideas decoration

Moroccan living room carpet fireplace colors earth ideas

salon moroccan ideas colors prints wall crystals

Moroccan salon original ideas fabrics carpets

Moroccan living room rustic furniture low table glass lantern

salon small ideas teapot silver Moroccan

simple idea floor cushions table metal wall

morocco salon exotic style vibrant colors ideas

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