Mosaic slabs and more ideas for white and blue floors

mosaic floor kitchen white blue precious ideas

In our article today we have prepared ideas for mosaics and slabs perfect for the floor of your home. The colors we have opted for are white and blue combined and separately. The color white and the color blue have things in common. Both transmit calm, serenity, but also energy and joy, but the best thing is that they remind us of the spring / summer months.

Lovely mosaic on the floor of the modern bathroom

bathroom mosaic floor bathtub white blue ideas

The two colors are very versatile allowing you to easily combine them with others colors as you will see in our examples, beautiful combinations! Speaking of decor of interiors the hydraulic mosaic is a classic renewed in its time gave a lot of play in the customization of environments but now returns with all the features of the new ceramic materials.

Very colorful mosaic on the bathroom floor with innovative bathtub

mosaic white blue floor bathroom modern bathtub original ideas

Mosaics are a good choice for interiors of different designs perfectly combined with vintage and rustic decorations if we are talking about country houses or historic buildings, but it is also very original in modern and contemporary environments as there are an infinity of colorful ideas and variants. Its sequence and repetition, leads to the creation of beautiful motifs capable of personalizing any room, regardless of whether it is the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom.

Black furniture and white slabs on the floor of the modern kitchen

kitchen wide furniture black high chairs leather ideas

Another element that returns to be modern are the hydraulic slabs are very useful because they can be used outdoors and indoors. In our images you will see proposals of bright white slabs for the kitchen and the modern living room. If you think that white is not the perfect color we also have proposals in blue. For more design ideas and perfect colors for the floor and walls you can check our page and we assure you that you will find the inspiration you need. Now you check our images of mosaics and slabs perfect for the floor of the modern home.

Red furniture and white slabs on the floor of the modern kitchen

kitchen furniture red white slabs floor ideas

Slabs of very dark blue color on kitchen floor

small kitchen slabs dark blue color ideas

Large blue slabs in the dining room

kitchen floor tiles blue chairs white table ideas

Modern living room with white slabs on the floor


Ideas of white and blue slabs to surround the fireplace

blue white tile living room modern fireplace ideas

Beautiful kitchen in black and white very bright

slab porcelain floor kitchen white black ideas

Blue slabs on the floor and walls of the bathroom


Floor and walls of blue slabs in the modern bathroom

blue slabs white floor wall wide bathroom

blue tiles floor modern bathroom white carpet ideas

blue slabs floor wall bathroom butterflies decorative ideas

blue slabs floor wall bathroom white stools ideas

blue slabs floor living room modern white sofa ideas

slabs blue floor wall modern bathroom ideas

white slabs kitchen black chairs lamparas vibrant colors ideas

white slabs kitchen floor wood living ideas

white slabs furniture wood modern kitchen ideas

white slabs lounge blue touches precious tables ideas

white slabs white sofa purple rug ideas

white slabs floor kitchen minimalist style island ideas

white slabs wood floor combination salon ideas

white slabs floor wall bathroom red carpet ideas

white slabs floor living room modern paper wall ideas

slabs white blue bathroom bathtub modern ideas

slabs white blue floor walls modern bathroom ideas

slabs white blue floor dressing modern ideas

shining slabs kitchen island stools furniture wood ideas

slabs dark blue bathroom wall slabs white ideas

large white slabs modern kitchen floor ideas

mosaic blue slabs yellow floor modern bathroom ideas

mosaic blue floor house style moroccan ideas

blue mosaic floor white slabs wall bathroom ideas

mosaic white blue salon moroccan modern ideas

mosaic white blue floor ceiling dining room table marble ideas

mosaic white bathroom modern touches wood ideas

white mosaic lovely floor bedroom modern bathroom ideas

mosaic white floor slabs wall banera ideas

mosaic white floor walls blue bath ideas

mosaic white tiles floor modern bathroom ideas

mosaic slabs white blue modern kitchen ideas

precious mosaic floor kitchen dark blue white ideas

mosaic living room modern leather chair ideas

furniture brown island kitchen floor white slabs ideas

small slabs white blue black kitchen ideas

mosaic white blue floor dining room modern ideas

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