Mosaics for bathrooms, inspirational ideas

mosaics for bathrooms

When we propose to decorate the walls of our house, the logical and original thing would be to have a different and modern type of decoration in all the rooms of the home. For this reason, in this article we will talk about the mosaics for bathrooms , a kind of decor very interesting with which you can create figures and combine colors.

Mosaics for bathrooms, inspirational ideas for decoration

mosaics for bathrooms decorate

Since ancient times mosaic has been used for the production of pictorial works and for that different types of materials were used, which nowadays are no longer used. The technology currently allows us to place the mosaic anywhere in the house, thus being able to have an original bathroom mosaic. You can make the mosaic in the way you want to achieve the desired effect. You can improvise and make a path with curves in the wall that narrows or widens. So that the decoration has a finished style you can place the same tones of the mosaic in other parts of your bathroom.

A mosaic placed on the wall of the mirror and the sink to decorate the bathroom

mosaics for bathrooms decoration

One of the favorite places for bath massages is the area where the sink and mirror are located. You can cover the entire wall with mosaic or just a part of it. We advise you to combine the colors of the mosaic with the colors of the rest of the bathroom.

A mirror surrounded by golden mosaic to decorate the beige interior

mosaics for bathrooms decorate walls

The mosaics for bathrooms are very good when combined with bathroom ceramics. In addition, the light of the bathrooms is reflected in both things and that gives a very special and original brillo to the bathroom. If you like the more rustic style you can choose a brown mosaic and continue with the decoration, using a mirror of this style.

The walls of the bathroom decorated only with mosaic

mosaics for bathrooms decoration walls

The bathrooms with mosaics that have all the walls covered by this material are also very modern, especially if your bathroom has some original shapes and the furniture you have chosen also have an original shape. On the floor you can place tiles of a color that combine with the color of the mosaic.

Different types of mosaic for decorating bathroom walls

mosaics for original bathrooms

The mosaic can also be used for the countertop of the bathroom sink and, continuing with the rustic style , you can place on the walls mosaic tiles for bathrooms of brown color that remind or imitate the texture of the wood. This type of tiles are very appropriate for this style.

The mosaics for bathrooms of black color that reflect the light of the interior

mosaics for modern bathrooms

The mosaics for bathrooms you can also choose a dark color, such as black, and you can add pieces of lighter tones in some parts of the mosaic. In this way, the reflection of the bathroom light will be very original, because each color reflects the light in a different way. These colors will look great with white bathroom furniture.

A very fresh and pleasant bathroom with walls decorated with white and blue mosaic

mosaics for bathrooms blue white

On the other hand, if the color that predominates in your bathroom is white, you can combine it with some more striking and pleasant colors, such as blue and green. You can place these colors in the mosaic concentrating on the bottom of the walls and as you go up, you can add more white color until in a moment the wall will be completely white, as in the photo. You can do the same, but the other way around, concentrating the blue colors on top of the wall.

A bathroom with blue tiles and white and blue mosaic of different shades

mosaics for blue bathrooms

A very original idea is to combine the tiles and the mosaic in the bathroom. You can choose tiles for modern bathrooms, although originality and modernity will come with the combination of both. You can place the mosaic on one of the walls and cover it completely with the mosaic, but it would be nice if you add some small mosaic details on the other walls.

Mosaics for bathrooms placed on the floor and in the lower part of the wall

mosaics for bathrooms floor

The mosaics for bathrooms can be distributed in the lower part of the walls, making original shapes or figures and also on the floor. In the photo the mosaic of the floor and the shapes of the mosaic on the walls reminds of the Arab style. In addition, the mosaic placed on the floor imitates a carpet and introduces a lot of originality.

Green mosaic with yellow pieces for the original decoration of the walls in the bathroom

mosaics for green bathrooms

Another interesting idea is to choose a color and cover all the walls with this color, but adding some pieces of another color, as you can see in the photo. In addition, you can also place some dark tiles on the floor and the mosaic could get darker as you get closer to it.

Green mosaic that combines with the green of the furniture and the light color of the floor

mosaics for green bathrooms

Mosaics for bathrooms of original colors

mosaic for bathroom

Mosaics for bathrooms used to create an image

mosaics for bathroom

A mosaic in which the green color is combined with the orange color

mosaic tiles for bathroom

A very nice bathroom with mosaics on the walls light pastel colors and dark colors

ceramic for bathrooms

The brown and yellow in the mosaic of the walls of your bathroom

tiles for modern bathrooms

Mosaic tiles for decorating the walls of your bathroom

mosaic bathrooms

A mosaic with shine for the interior of your bathroom

mosaic tiles

The placement of the mosaic in the bathtub and its prologue on the floor

mosaic for bathroom floor

An interesting mosaic that reinforces its brightness with the light of the bathroom

mosaics for bathroom walls

Tile mosaics for bathrooms that mimic the texture of wood

mosaic tiles for wooden bathrooms

A bathroom completely covered by mosaic

bathrooms with original mosaics

The decoration of the walls of the bathroom with small tiles and with a mosaic of the same color

original mosaic tiles

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