Multifunctional cube prefabricated in a Paris apartment

multifunctional cube

In the lively district of Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, this Paris apartment has been renovated by the interior designer of * Batiik Studio, Rebecca Benijú. Located on the fourth floor of an old mansion, this 32 m2 apartment is equipped with a Cube multifunctional black ultra-contemporary.

Interior design with multifunctional cube

Arnaud multifunctional cube

In 2015, the new owner moved to this apartment , choosing to keep it in your state. For a year, he was thinking about the layout of creation, which was inspired by removing the old wallpaper from the walls.

Original small apartment design

small apartment

It was decided to tear down the wall that divides the house in two and the mezzanine. Taking advantage of the 4-meter ceiling height of this open floor plan, imagine a space-saving design that combines a sleeping area, a bathroom, a dressing room and a kitchen that extends in the shape of an "I"

Original modern apartment design

modern small apartment design

The idea was the restructuring of an apartment with all the necessary elements inside a practical and aesthetic cube. The place was located in the 10th district of Paris, on the 4th floor of a building facing east. The area is 32 m2 and the construction period was 3 months. Before performing the reform the apartment needed a change of air urgently.

Multifunctional cube design

multifunctional cube bed

Initially it was divided in two by a wall, not a load, and the whole space consisted of a main room with a very old kitchen, and under the mezzanine, a small bathroom. And on the other side of the partition, a parking space in which the furniture and decoration were awaiting renovations.

Super small interior design

interior design

The plan of the house after the work of Rebecca Benijú was much more functional to have a black cube so well thought out. Once the mezzanine space was destroyed, the electricity was placed at the proper height and the floor was sanded and varnished, most of the work was ready.

Design of cube of black color

cube black color

The left wall saves a very significant amount of space, reinjected in the realization of the customized cube the centerpiece of the house. The cube was designed by Rebecca Benichou and manufactured by the company MMD Construction.

Original kitchen sink design

modern washbasin

Its layered structure is matte finish, not to reflect light; There is nothing in this cube that has been left to chance. In the center, a raised bed was installed, with the added advantage of a storage space hidden just below the stairwell leading to it.

View of the interior of the bedroom with a niche in the wall

interior bedroom

Near the bed, a niche was excavated in order to be able to place a bedside lamp, a book, and everything that might be needed near the bed.

Original decoration of living room

original living room

Fitted to the right of the dressing room, the bathroom is equipped with storage space, also hidden in the bucket.

Original multifunctional cube of modern design

modern design cube

In a row, the space is optimized per square centimeter to accommodate a built-in toilet, a heated towel rail, medium-sized laminate niches, a mini sink and a good size shower with an additional flat tray. The set is highlighted by an imitation marble tile style.

Original modern interior design

original interior design

* Batiik Studio, Rebecca Benijú

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