Nail decoration - fifty fashion ideas

sharp black nails glitter

If you like to paint your nails and know the latest trends in the world of manicures, you will be enthusiastic about our article today because it deals with the Nail's decoration fashionable for this season. Let's see some of the most current manicure designs and we'll see a selection of fifty fabulous images.

Modern nail decoration

nice nails decorated almond shape

First of all, we can affirm that a relatively new fashion has emerged. nail with a pointed and sharp shape like an almond. This new style is opposed to the previous fashion of square nails and brings a very sophisticated and elegant appearance that was already in fashion several decades ago.

Design of sculpted nails with bow

original design nail gel

Regarding the types of manicures, we can say that certain advances have emerged in this field. There are several types of materials for carving artificial nails in addition to porcelain. We are talking about acrylic, fiber glass , the gel or the calcium gel; that guarantee resistance to blows and water without spoiling for more than two weeks.

Manicure with mix of blurred colors

great mix bright colors

The colors that are worn this season are very varied and usually your choice depends on the personal tastes of each client. However we can see that in many of the images there are models of nail decoration with a combination of bright colors and also iridescent, they are like small works of art.

Iridescent intense colors with sparkles

iridescent modern nails

Finally it should be noted that there is a widespread tendency to paint the nails with different tones each, or the combination of two tonalities in a random way. Virtually anything goes, it's about being original without following any specific pattern, so we encourage you to take some ideas to inspire you to improvise and create new custom designs. We hope our article has been of interest to you. Now we leave you with the rest of the photographs of our collection of ideas for the decoration of modern nails for this season.

Pastel nail painting

nice nails light colors

Nails decorated with different motifs

nice designs nails sexy motives

Varied patterns of colors

glitter nail decoration glitter

Black and beige nail painting with plant motifs

nail decoration black sheets

Nail decoration with Easter holiday motifs

nail decoration easter motive

Nail design with spider webs

nail decoration spider webs

Nail decoration with various bright colors

drawings bright colors long nails

Nice design with abstract figures

detailed intense colors nail drawings

Fashionable colors with sparkles

design painted nails modern colors

Original manicure design

design nail motive san valentin

Manicure design with cake shapes

great pastel nails light colors

super design deco nail tiger

modern manicure nail shapes

French blue glitter manicure

french manicure black paint

fine white French manicure

French manicure red

french black silver manicure

French manicure silver glitter tips

purple white polka dots nails

many nails design black gold

original design golden french manicure

original design painted nails colors

original design sharp nails christmas

steps draw lines colors nails

stickers nails printed flowers colors

paint nails shapes ladybugs red

long square nails sexy stickers

sharp nails almond french manicure

blue nails dirty appearance manicure

designs nails colors nice design

square nails skull long colors

decorated nails musical motifs

violet french manicure

long nails french square manicure

modern nail shape almond decoration

black nails matte gloss glitter

painted nails superheroes comics

painted nails sneakers various colors

sharp nails point long red flowers

red nails white polka dots tie

nails roses silver studs

violet nails white ornaments

Various nail designs colors

colored shoes converse nails

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