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It is common for computer work itself to even cause nail designs and all enamel to be affected. During the summer the interaction with the sand on the beach is another thing that can be fatal. Enamel and sand are not good combinations for both hands and feet. It is important for nail designs that you select resistant lacquers for summer and from your own spring . Undoubtedly the image of our hands is something that can never be overlooked.

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So there's no reason to neglect them this summer. To achieve resistant nail designs for summer proof and trips to the beach there are several options. A well-known is the Shellac. The enamel is protected very well so we do not have to worry about the effect of any extra influence. It is proven that at least we will look fabulous hands for about two weeks with perfect polish.

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It is common that the first choice is towards fashionable colors or one that catches our attention. This does not always mean that the nail lacquer is the most resistant for nail designs. Resistant enamels during spring and summer are a must. We will spend more time outdoors and the chances of our nails being affected will be greater. Simply if you do not take into account its quality it is evident that we will not show beautiful hands for a long time.

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The key is in those that allow us to swim and spend time on beaches or pools without suffering immediate damage or short term. In times of trouble it is best to have finger patches at hand. They can get you out of a hurry if you're in a vacation spot and to top it off you do not have your manicure nearby. For some time, nail patches have become that simple and fast solution.

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They are very effective for repairing nail designs without problems. The help is immense immediately we will show perfect hands during our vacations. For spring and summer the selection of colors It is very interesting As we see in several photos, the themes range from nature to abstract forms. For the summer especially you have to control every detail.

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It is a moment in which we must take advantage of everything that the manicure can offer us. In the end the hands and their status transmit a message at all times. Being summer and surrounded by joy is perfect to turn them into the center of attention and steal several looks. The color trends are debated among several that are trend and vary every year.

Nail designs in light colors

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One of the tonalities that always creates debates are the metallic tones. The truth is that being summer there is more flexibility and many things can be carried in nail designs. Maybe in the case of the day may not be the most appropriate. However, they are perfect if there is a special celebration during this time of year. We recommend that you do not have excessive brightness.

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It is better to have an appearance towards gold or steel but always with uniformity. In this way the hands will look more harmonious and more naturally. Another interesting option in spring and summer is yellow. In its lightest shade is a beauty in summer. As a color, it transmits that summer energy that is always welcome.

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We assure that with a design like based on this color your hands will be dazzling. If it's about natural hands and with a summer tone the so-called nudes are perfect. Similar to skin color for summer and spring will highlight a tanned skin tone. They are ideal tones for summer and are also very practical.

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With them there are great possibilities to combine figures and patterns such as butterflies, flowers or beautiful fruit details for summer. When it comes to some damage suffered by the sand on our hands it will not be noticed as much. They are perfect tonalities so that these imperfections do not have a great role. If you prefer a daring image for summer nights, red is a great companion.

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The best thing is that they combine with everything you want to wear during the holidays. It always looks bold and it's a sure win to include it in our summer color list. To look different, the color is essential but in itself the manicure must also be original. In addition to the options we see in the pictures, the so-called caviar manicure is an expensive example of originality.

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As the name implies it is very funny and similar to caviar it is miniature balls in various colors. This nail designs consists of covering them with these balls and creating different details. Of sure your hands will be the center of all eyes with these combinations of colors. It is a manicure that can be done easily and best of all is its original image.

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You can buy a kit with everything you need that will simply vary in issues of size and number of colors. As a closing we want to give you some general recommendations for nail care. The first of these is to maintain hydration with some oil that is a hydrating type.

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Hand creams are also very helpful for cuticles. Another important aspect is sanding. Try to always do it in the same way. The food we carry in the same way will affect the condition of our nails. Some foods rich in vitamin B and A are perfect to keep them in shape

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These nutrients are present especially in nuts and other nuts. In any case, avoid removing the enamel with the help of files or with your own hands. For this it is better to go to a professional or do it with products indicated for these cases. The good condition of the cuticles is important in addition to the moisturizers avoids cutting them and simply push them.

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