Narrow functional and modern cabinets - 24 designs

close cabinets ideas

Due to the lack of space in the apartments of large cities, many people are forced to store their clothing in close cabinets and small dressing rooms that can occupy a corner of the house. The other most common situation is the transformation of a small closet into some more useful and functional space.

Ideas for ordering close cabinets

ideas for close cabinets

A laundry room is essential in many houses and apartments, and is that we often hesitate between placing the washing machine in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the hallway. The problem of space is multiplied if we also have a dryer. There are those who have chosen to transform a small cupboard into a quart for the washer and dryer, a perfect solution.

Original wardrobe design converted to a desk

original ideas closets

This is another idea simply great; If your child needs a comfortable desk that suits their study needs, but there is not enough space in their bedroom, you can perhaps transform a built-in wardrobe into a study area with a desk included.

Original wardrobe converted into a pantry with bar

wardrobe converted into a pantry

If the built-in cupboard is close to the kitchen or the living room, it can become a perfect place for the pantry. Place a mini fridge and a refrigerator; some drinks and your best liquors and wines.

Original ideas for narrow cabinets

original ideas wardrobes

On the contrary, if you are looking for ideas to store your clothes in a small space, here you can see great ideas and designs of narrow cabinets. Let's start by listing some useful tips when ordering a closet.

Original narrow closet decoration

original narrow closet design

You can place a container with a sewing kit, a small pair of scissors, and all the additional buttons and accessories for the clothes. You will have the possibility to fix that loose button or cut new labels without using the teeth if you have these things nearby.

Original ideas for fitted wardrobes

built-in wardrobes designs

Use the compartments and baskets to hide all those items that you do not want to have in view. The compartments help create a more cohesive and organized feeling, try to use them in groups of three or more. Remember that too many different styles can create a messy feeling.

Original design wardrobe built-in dressing

built-in wardrobe

The baskets do not have to be expensive to look great. You can maximize the storage potential of your closet Taking the storage space to the ceiling with containers for items you do not need every day such as clothes from other seasons.

Ideas to decorate children's wardrobes

ideas for cabinets

Place a stool or small chair nearby to reach higher objects. That will make it easier to place and store things.

Storage ideas for narrow and small cabinets

Narrow shabby chic closets

Store the shoes in transparent plastic containers with lids. Another great idea is to place them in shelves open, so you will have easier access to them and you can always contemplate them, if you have a large collection.

Nice design of dressing closet

nice white dressing

Add personal touches to your wardrobe as pictures of your children, a fun sign or a precious doll from your childhood. Something that makes you smile when you open your closet.

Ideas for ordering shoes on open shelves

order shoes shelves

Make sure the interior is beautiful. Paint it or paint it with wallpaper to give it a new life. You can use wallpaper scraps from other rooms to cover the bottom of your wardrobe. Since you can only get to cover a small area, use it on the back wall and on both sides of the shoe shelves.

Great ideas to decorate narrow closets

cool ideas close closets

The rest of the wardrobe can be decorated with paint. The interior would be a great place to be a little bold or use very feminine colors (especially if you have a house full of children) because most of the closets can be closed and only you will know what is inside.

Great decorating ideas for cupboards

wardrobe decoration ideas

Find a way to incorporate everything you need to get dressed in the morning in this space. Move all your underwear to baskets, so you'll find everything you need when you leave the shower and the only stop you'll have to do is in the closet.

Nice vintage style dressing closet

vintage dressing closet

Hang your pants on top. Nothing seems more messy than a background full of shirts in your room. The pants can be hung evenly and all will fall approximately at the same height, which is more pleasing to the eye.

Original dressing room in minimalist style

minimalist style dressing

You can also consider lowering the hanging bar in your closet and adding additional shelves above it, so you'll get a much cleaner look and now you'll have a place for those undergarments.

Super design of wooden wardrobe Diy

super Diy wardrobe

To finish we want to show you a design of the talented * Katleen Roggeman and her boyfriend, who decided to make their own furniture when they moved to Berlin. You can make your furniture the perfect size for any place and add a personal touch. This closter is his latest project. To see what else Katleen and Julien did for their Berlin apartment, check out Katleen's website.

Built-in closet converted into an office

wardrobe converted studio

Original dressing room in minimalist style

original minimalist dressing

Super small white dressing room design

super white dressing

Original wardrobe decoration

original built-in wardrobe

Original ideas for decorating narrow closets

decorate close cabinets

Super luxurious walk-in closet design

super closet dresser

Wardrobe with padded bench and cushions

wardrobe bench dresser

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