Natural and ecological pools, a healthy choice

bio pool house large pond

Do you already know the natural pools or ecological? Get up to date, the future in outdoor pool designs is here. The most striking novelty may be the so-called biofilter of natural plants that purifies water without the need to use chemicals that are so harmful and harmful.

Natural pools with "biofilters"

natural pool cushions white stones

The construction of natural pools will depend at all times on several factors such as the intended use and the budget that we have, but in any case there are different types of designs that will be appropriate for each taste and pocket. Also the plants of the biological filter can vary as we will see next.

Natural pool with special filter

link pool natural bio plants

There are several types of plants that adapt wonderfully to this type of so humid conditions, and the marshy or marginal ones are the first ones of the list. The reed, the bamboo cane, the iris or the colacasia belong to this family. There are also the aquatic and floating plants, such as water lilies and lotus.

Natural filter of stones and plants for swimming pools

pool lake natural stones gravel

Finally we will also mention the aquatic oxygenated plants. They are found in the bottom and in the non-visible areas, and they are extremely important since they fulfill the function of eliminating unnecessary and surplus nutrients from the water. Later, we will also check that there are other materials

Natural pools with rock filters

bio pool rocks large rocks

natural that will also filter for natural pools. We refer in this case to smaller stones, rocks or pebbles. If we put stones in borders and edges, these will help to separate sediments and impurities from the water in a natural way, and do not require major maintenance

Natural pool with wooden platform

bio pool platform wood stones

except to remove them every certain period and replace them. The construction of natural pools is always a wise choice, the outdoor bathrooms will now be healthier and you will also help protect the environment by not using toxic and harmful products, there is no doubt that all are really advantages.

Natural pools with plant filters

bio natural pools filter plants

Nice pool with plant biofilter and fountain

nice pool biofilter plants platform

Natural pool with wooden platform

forest pool platform wood dog

Great ecological pool with biofilter

great pool bio house wall

Ecological pool with aquatic plants

great natural pool bio plants

big super pool gravel pebbles

pool field lotus waterlilly plants

cataract natural pools garden plants

pool field filters natural plants

pool pond filter natural grass

pool pond small garden bio

bio pool filter natural plants

Large pool filter natural plants

pool lake natural trampolin wood

pools ponds natural stones round

natural pools biofilters aquatic plants

large natural swimming pools garden

platform wood pool natural plants

natural pools garden pond

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