Natural spices grown in indoor pots

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We all try to consume natural products that contain less chemicals, but why do not we do the same when it comes to consuming spices and the aromatic herbs? For this reason today we present several ideas for planting and growing spices in indoor spaces, the latest in healthy decoration.

Herbs and spices planted indoors

Spices plants cultivated discs inside

To begin, we will explain how we can plant basil herb. This plant needs a well-drained soil, so we recommend buying in the nearest gardening or florist a land that is thick leaf. We can plant stems directly, although the plant will be more likely to thrive if planted from the seeds.

Pots for indoor herbal cultivation

small flowerpots growing spices inside

Once we have selected the flower pot more appropriate, we will proceed to fill three quarters of your capacity with the land. We should not compress the earth too much as this can hinder the growth of the roots. Next, we only need to water the soil and place the seeds about three centimeters apart.

Aromatic herbs planted in interior

wicker baskets natural spices kitchen

When we have placed the seeds, just need to apply a last layer of fine earth or compost on top. When the first shoots appear, we can remove them and transplant them in another place with great care. Parsley is another spice that can be grown in indoor spaces. The procedure is quite similar to that of

Planter with Led light for indoor spices

machine planter plant spices kitchen

plantation of the basil, with the difference that the parsley needs a little more time to germinate and develop. Anyway, currently there are already specialized planters with the latest technology for the cultivation of indoor spices. This is the case of the apparatus called Click and Grow , specially designed for growth and

Metal buckets for planting aromatic herbs

pails metal hanging herbs parsley

small development plants indoor like aromatic herbs. In conclusion, the planting of spices in our house is a great idea to be able to consume fresh and natural products, it is enough to choose a sufficiently bright place for our small private garden.

Grow aromatic herbs in the kitchen

cultivate spices inside house pots

Cultivation and planting of indoor spices

cultivate flowerpots spices house interior

Special aquarium for indoor spices

cultivation spices garden house aquarium

Aromatic herbs planted at home

cvultivar spices inside boxes

Indoor basil plant

natural spices indoor herbs cultivation

Super vertical planter interior floor

planter wall kitchen rectangular spices

old cans kitchen pots

old cans decorated spice name

clay pots large aromatic herbs

pots kitchen sink spices several

pots several plants herbs

vertical flowerpot spices kitchen wood

cubes metal spices wall house

furniture planter plants kitchen herbs

pallet old wood vertical plants

jars glass aromatic herbs jars

cherry tomatoes growing indoor pots

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