Natural stone in the bathroom - 7 original options

stone natural bath stone slate ideas

In this article today we show you some original ideas of bathrooms with floors walls and toilets of natural stone. Thanks to its organic beauty and its durability, stone or better stone slabs are a very typical option for bathing.

Natural stone in the bathroom ideas of very nice stone slabs

natural stone bath white bathtub limestone ideas

But the advantages do not end here: The stone is heat resistant, easy to maintain (if well sealed) and available in a wide range of colors and textures. However, that does not mean that it does not have its disadvantages.

Onyx natural stone to decorate the bathroom

natural stone bathroom decoration wall onix ideas

Natural stone can be stained and there are some stones that are quite expensive. Also, if a large piece is used, you may need additional support under the floor. But as we all know well there is no other material that resembles it.

Luxurious soapstone washbasin in the modern bathroom

natural stone bathroom design soapstone

There are no two pieces that are exactly the same and also add organic warmth and texture to a bathroom. If you keep your stone surfaces well, they can last you a lifetime. Now we start with our seven stone options so you can choose the best one and the one that best suits the design of your home.

Very original sandstone washbasin

natural stone bathroom sink stone sandstone

We do not know if you can start with a stone other than marble. Marble has been a popular choice of stone for luxury interiors for centuries especially because of its inherent beauty.

Washbasin with soapstone countertop in the modern bathroom

natural stone bathroom basins steatite ideas

The marble gives a bathroom an air of instant elegance. You can choose the classic white marble or marble with a touch of pink and blue black or brown. We can not black though, which is one of the most expensive types of stone and is also very susceptible to stains.

Sandstone slabs in the modern bathroom

natural stone bath slabs large sandstone ideas

But you can take preventive measures and seal the marble with silicone. If marble is not your thing, continue with our natural stone varieties, each with its own characteristics and unique advantages, which is worth considering when choosing floor covering countertops and bathroom walls.

Limestone slabs for the modern bathroom

natural stone bathroom slabs limestone stone

The price of natural stones can vary you should do a search between more than one store or supplier until you find the best price. Large format slabs are generally less expensive than smaller slabs. Another thing you can do is to incorporate natural stone only on one wall and use it as a decorative element.

Shower walls with slate stone slabs in the small bathroom

natural stone bath slabs stone slate ideas

We continue with the soapstone. Surprisingly, this stone is little used in bathrooms, although in reality it is a great option because it is low maintenance. There is no need to seal it, all you have to do is go with mineral oil from time to time. Over time this stone oxidizes and becomes darker and richer in color.

Light colored travertine slabs in the modern bathroom

natural stone banos slabs tufo ideas

The limestone This stone is highly porous and needs to be sealed to avoid stains. But it is a popular choice because of its smooth and uniform appearance and its warm neutral color. It is a very good option for bathrooms with traditional and modern design. Unlike marble, limestone has a matte finish. On the other hand, limestone is very similar to marble. Its purest form is white or cream.

Bright onyx on the wall of the modern bathroom

natural stone bathroom wall bathtub onix ideas

Tofu or travertine is actually a type of limestone with natural markings in a range of warm tones. This stone is particularly popular for bathrooms. Many owners are choosing it for its elegant character and its attractive range of color variations.

Spectacular onix shower wall

natural stone bathroom wall shower onix ideas

The Belgian blue stone. This is also a limestone, but with a dark gray or black background and gray, white and brown markings. It is especially beautiful when used for decoration or to create contrast. This material can be scratched with the passage of time, but the patina makes it even more beautiful. And a little olive oil will give back the shine.

Lovely marble wall in the modern bathroom

natural stone bathroom wall marble ideas

The onyx is a very beautiful stone to decorate the bathroom. If what you are looking for is something beautiful, rare and unique, onyx could be the right option for you. But you should know that onyx is the perfect example of a stone that requires special care. The onyx is also soft this can be a problem. But thanks to its beauty the designers often use it to decorate surfaces or walls to add radiance to the space. It is important to know that this stone is delicate and needs to be sealed.

Another type of marble for the modern small bathroom wall

natural stone bath small marble ideas

The slate stone. This stone is generally used for rustic interiors, but it can work in any space. Slate is the perfect choice for bathroom floors, as it is naturally slip resistant. To clean the slate, simply use a mild cleaner that is not abrasive.

Soil and walls of sandstone in the minimalist bathroom

natural stone bath stone sandstone

The sandstone As its name implies sandstone is formed by masses of sand created by water in motion or by wind. The color of this particular stone. Like all natural stones, too, this type of stone needs to be sealed to avoid, or at least minimize, wear.

Ideas of sandstone slabs in the luminous bathroom

natural stone bath sandstone bright ideas

Limestone slab on bathroom floor and walls

stone natural stone limestone ideas

Washbasin with soapstone stone countertop

stone natural bath stone soapstone ideas

Gray slate stone slabs on bathroom wall

stone natural bath stone slate gray ideas

Bathroom with marble wall and very interesting design

natural stone bath retro marble ideas

Blue Belgian stone slabs on the floor of the modern bathroom

stone natural floor stone blue belgian ideas

Travertine slabs on floor and bathroom walls

natural stone bathroom floor slabs travertine ideas

Ideas of travertine slabs to illuminate the bathroom

natural stone bathroom floor travertine wall

Marble sink in the bathroom designed by Rar Studio

natural stone bathroom rar studio marble ideas



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