Nature inspires the design of these Asian homes

center table ideas interior asiatico modern original design

Today we are going to show you the original ideas of the designers from Taiwan who find inspiration in nature and the extensive and interesting culture that surrounds them. They do wonders of fallen trees without harming nature. The two house style and design Asian They are designed with natural materials such as wood, stone, leather, furniture, walls and floors complement each other perfectly to create comfortable and modern open spaces in which there is no way of not feeling well.

Nature that inspires the designers of Taiwan

combination materials house ideas modern design

The materials given by mother nature, the design details and the open spaces with clean lines create a luxurious and comfortable air full of history and style. The design house Snuper Desing offers us these inspiring ideas of furniture, walls and luxurious floors.

Nature in the living room with original decorations

decoration salon ideas pots pictures asian style

The first project is called "Urban Palace" and is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It combines elements of a royal estate with metal and gold elements and many natural materials, especially wood. The team of designers has taken this initiative with the idea of ​​creating a real palace. That is seen because they look for the amplitude the ceilings are high and the spaces open.

Modern bathroom with marble walls and washbasins

fourth bathroom marble walls original modern design

In addition to the excessive use of wood, marble can catch our eyes. The intention of the designers is to make the most of natural light and they achieve this through windows and glass walls that separate the bedroom and the main areas of the home.

Bedroom with luxury bathroom

bedroom bathroom wall marble ideas design

The surfaces of the house from the floor to the polished dining table are smooth, this design is perfect for any house as it is timeless and does not clash with contemporary aesthetics.

Bedroom with open wardrobe and wall that separates it

bedroom wall separation closet open design ideas

Kitchen open to the dining room with wood finishes

masculine style modern design ideas salon

Asian home designed in neutral colors

ideas color neutral home asian design

Living room and dining room with wooden and leather furniture

ideas dining room open design furniture wood

Asian design ideas for the bedroom

ideas bedroom large male bed large design

Open spaces original ideas

original ideas furniture modern wood cabinets

Marble a luxurious idea for your home

ideas marble walls modern luxurious home picture

Very nice leather armchair and wooden tables

interior modern style asiatico ideas original design

The second house is similar to the first the designers do not escape peace and comfort but it has a more urban feel but the idea of ​​light colors is abandoned let the owner choose the decorative details for the house to his liking. The craftsmanship and beauty of the furniture is undeniable black leather sofas wood chairs and table asymmetrically.

Low white coffee table and black leather sofa

coffee table triangular shape interesting modern idea

nature creative ideas furniture living room design

nature closet separates ideas creation design wood

nature closets wood brown dark design ideas

nature bedroom asian house mirror ideas

nature shelves books modern precious idea home asian

nature home asiatico ideas isla original

indoor nature bathroom house asian ideas

nature wood ideas home bedroom asian

nature black wood tree chair modern design

nature wood doors wardrobe modern ideas design

nature marble leather wood ideas furniture design

nature furniture black leather comfortable modern

wall steel ideas original home design asiatico

wall stone ideas modern table home asiatico

exit balcony windows style original design

open living room modern design original ideas

living room bright ideas nature wood modern leather

open spacious living room design original ideas

living room modern design ideas original spacious asian style

salon ideas design tables cafe wood

chairs red color ideas modern living room asian design

large white leather sofa commode modern design

floor wood ideas natural home design asiatico

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