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It is possible that you have not yet begun to seriously think about the idea of ​​a new style for your space at Exterior . But we can not say the same of the Tribú designers who have already released two new hot hot outdoor collections spring Summer 2015. We thought that they can not be lost because they are truly original.

New style in the design of sun loungers

Exquisite design white deck chair curves minimalist wonderful

We are not going to present any new style since the inspiration comes from the very well known by all vintage style is not missing the beauty of the Scandinavian style that has also served as inspiration. The vintage collection was designed in 2007 by the designer Bram Bollen Now what they do is give it a fantastic new image. We will see chairs for the outdoors deck chairs with exquisite curves and beautiful bar chairs.

New style that combines the classic with the Scandinavian style

Classic Scandinavian style table white modern chairs

These furniture are also perfect for lovers of minimalist style as they have no ornaments and decorative details follow a simple design with clean lines. We also find furniture inspired by the intrepid 70s but the cube-shaped stools remain intact the changes come from the lack of teak wood that was previously used for legs that are now made of steel.

Design chairs in black

idea color black space exterior modern design

The Scandinavian design as we said is not a new style but has been given renovating touches with sculpted wood and aluminum. The queen of the collection is the deckchair that combines vintage and minimalist style and is super easy to clean and resistant so you can leave it by the pool all year without worrying. The collection also features tables of different sizes very original perfect for spacious sitior or small patios or balconies. In the images you will see the perfect way to add a new style to your patio or garden.

The same idea for white lovers

image close chairs table design style new collection

Spend a great time in your design furniture

outdoor furniture comfortable original ideas white design

Design furniture made by wood and metal

new style collection original design wood metal ideas

Exquisite lounge chair with minimalist design

new style detail perfect modern pool

Very modern white wooden table and chairs

new style exterior furniture eat idea vista ocean

White furniture will always look good on your terrace

new style place precious time ideas outside

The latest trends for outdoor furniture

new modern style exterior space eating ideas

new style magic space modern air free

new style perfect interior exterior white ideas

new style comfortable chairs vibrant colors ideas

new style modern vintage chairs comfortable ideas

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new vintage style white chairs ideas outside

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