New style in the old apartment designed by Archiplan ESTUDIO

new style-old-apartment-design

Today we show you how the new style enters this old apartment in Mantua Italy to inspire you to add a new style to an apartment with original retro architecture. This space was designed by Cisi Diego and Stefano Gorni Silvestrini Arquitectos de Archiplan ESTUDIO¹ the year 2016.

A very original apartment in Mantua Italy

new style-design-original

The building in which this apartment is has several floors and was built in the year 1500 and as we said is in the city of Mantua. The apartment as part of this building has the same original architecture typical of the period in which the building was built.

new style-old-apartment-kitchen

The project is inspired by the theme of luxury and with the design is trying to turn this apartment into a luxury home through the search of a spirituality of the space that is expressed in the study of the details and the sensuality of the materials used.

new style-old-apartment-combination

In the pictures we can see that on the ceiling and on the walls of this apartment there are some decorative details dating back to the year 500 and the first half of the 800, the project keeps these signs intact highlighting its ambiguity.

new style-old-apartment-desk-wood

The organization of the distribution of the spaces is maintained in its original state, while the subdivision of the internal spaces is made through the introduction of furniture and elements that reconfigure the pieces of coating.

new style-old-apartment-shelves-wood

In the apartment we see layers of overlapping elements that do not cancel each other out. In the spaces the new style is linked with the old architecture in a balance in which the beauty of the one does not prevail over the beauty of the other.

new style-old-apartment-wood-wall

The relationship between opposites is understood as a process of searching for a beauty that maintains the ambiguity of things and their complexity. The photos are taken by Davide Galli

new style-old-apartment-bedroom

new style-old-apartment-furniture-modern

new style-old-apartment-bathroom-accessories-modern

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