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Scandinavian-style interiors continue to top the list of trends. Have you been planning an interior makeover with a Nordic accent? This post will give you a great advantage since we have compiled a list of models of Nordic chairs for each room, and of course, for each budget. Here you will find collectible pieces of iconic names such as Arne Jacobsen, as well as general pieces to fit an IKEA budget. Not all these Nordic chairs are from northern designers; These pieces come from all over the world, but each one would fit into a Scandinavian decoration theme with ease.

Designs of Nordic chairs

set white black nordic chairs

Philippe Starck is a French designer who channeled the shapes of the three most iconic chairs in the world in an elegant way. The Masters chair combines the shapes of the Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen, the chair Eiffel de Eames and the series 7 by Arne Jacobsen. Each one is lightweight, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and they measure 33 inches tall. This original model is available in black, gray, yellow, red, sage green and classic white.

Original set of wooden dining chairs

wood dining chairs set

This is another style inspired by Wegner. This chair also known as CH20 came to life in 1956, but it looks as fresh and modern as ever. This robust reproduction has a comfortable leather seat, but the upholstery is black unlike the white one that appears in the photo, more suitable for a darker or more traditional interior.

Salt Chair by Tom Kelley

yellow gray chairs set

Designer Tom Kelley lived, studied and worked with companies around the world. It is not surprising that a little Scandinavian influence entered into his personal lexicon. The salt chair definitely alludes to classic Swedish styles but has the distinctive advantage of a compact and modern form. The most defining feature are its legs that do not extend outward, making it an ideal model for small spaces such as dining rooms or kitchens.

Wegner style chair CH33

original dining room set

This is another reproduction based on a highly sought Hans J. Wegner design, a subtle piece of high quality that makes its primary statement through the magnificent curves that please the eye from all angles. This set is available with an oak or chestnut finish, with beige fabric or black leather upholstery.

Round chair by Wegner

round chair Wegner

Wegner's round chair won his presidential appointment in a spectacular way. In the first televised debate between presidential candidates of the United States Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, both took their seats in this elegant 1949 design. If you often invite important clients to your office, this little piece of history could be a interesting conversation point.

Chair style Panton S

originates white chair

Perhaps one of the most dynamic furniture designers in Denmark, Verner Panton made his work in the world with a futuristic aesthetic that has grown since then in the contemporary lexicon. The famous Panton chair features sensual curves that add mid-century style to any modern interior. Like the original, these reproduction Panton chairs are stackable for easy storage.

Muuto Nerd Dining Chair

Muuto Nerd Dining Chair

Are you looking for something more contemporary? This is a 2012 design created by David Geckeler, a designer who studied in Berlin and Copenhagen and effectively combines the best of both worlds. The Nerd chair is constructed of pressed plywood with solid legs in walnut, oak or lacquered ash, but the most impressive feature is the lack of visible screws and other mounting hardware. This cleverly aerodynamic chair would look good at home in any minimalist interior.

Deck chair by Muuto

original set chairs colors

The designer Thomas Bentzen of Copenhagen created this chair for collectors with an eye for detail. It is a contemporary design made without metal parts at all, relying on the natural strength of wooden armrests and its exceptionally intelligent engineering. These chairs are a suitable complement for any modern kitchen, but above all for those with a focused architectural design. Each chair measures 30 inches tall with an 18-inch tall seat.

The Wegner Wishbone Style chair

original Nordic chair design

The Wishbone chair is one of the most recognizable designs by Hans J. Wegner, but you do not have to wait for a rare original to hit the market. This solid walnut reproduction is the perfect finishing touch for an interior design based on the natural side of Scandinavian design.

Chair by Arne Jacobsen Style 7 Series

original chairs white color

Arne Jacobsen was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and later returned as a teacher to teach a brilliant new generation of Scandinavian artists. The 7 Series chair was among its bestselling creations, and this exact reproduction makes this classic instantly recognizable and available to a much wider audience.

Nordic chairs by Hee Welling

Nordic chairs modern design

The prolific designer Hee Welling studied art and design in Helsinki and dominated in furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His fabulous Copenhagen studio produces Scandinavian merchandise like this increasingly iconic chair consisting of a smooth and simple shell with folded beech legs and oak veneer. It is a modern chair with a timeless appeal, ideal for adjustments at home or in the office

Nordic chairs by Philippe Starck Louis Ghost President Style

transparent plastic dining chairs

While the classic chair Louis is a historically significant work of classic French design, Philippe Starck Ghost Chair brought it into the world of modernism. This recreation is molded by injection, is stackable and is available in a wide variety of translucent colors to fit any interior. These transparent chairs are great for small or dark interiors where the preservation of natural sunlight is the most important.

Saarinen Style Tulip Side Chair

white chairs padded black

Eero Saarinen is the architect who gave life to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The Tulip chair combines the best of the funky atomic age style with mid-century sensibility, a carefully crafted piece of functional works of art for the home. This replica is formed with a vinyl seat and a sturdy aluminum base. The removable fabric cushions are available in all colors of the rainbow so you can update your dining set to your liking.

The Thonet style Chair

dining chairs color set black

Although the name of Thonet comes from a German master company, this distinctive style of the chair has become famous throughout the world. Its elegant curves seem made for a delicate house of elegant countryside and with the Scandinavian instinct. While the Thonet family's original works are hard to find today, these solid elm chairs imitate the quality and smoothness of the original model.

Chair Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix President

black dining chairs

The chair of the 1957 Grand Prix was an ambitious design that resulted in an unconventional but striking shape adapted to the human body. This classic is available in a rainbow of bright colors, carefully stained to retain the intricate grain of its veneer. The tubular steel legs place them firmly within the realm of sensitive mid-century modern design.

Chair J104 President

dining chairs wood white table

Jørgen Bækmark is one of the many influential designers who come from the famous FDB Mobler of Denmark and this chair is undoubtedly a work representative of the clean and natural style of the design house. Even within a minimalist or modern interior without other Scandinavian influences, the providence of this piece will continue to shine brightly. The finishing options are black, red, white and gray lacquered together with the traditional beech wood for endless decoration options.

Dining chairs Eames

eames style dining chairs

Although Charles and Ray Eames were born and educated in the United States, both admired and were influenced by the work of the Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. These chairs are inspired by the famous 1951 side chair developed by this duo and include the recognizable wooden base of the peg in beech wood. Fortunately, Eames' tendency to use molded shapes ensured that today's decorators can enjoy affordable and accurate reproductions like this one.

The Shell-style Chair by Wegner

Original design chair padded backrest

Now is the time to contemplate some lounge chairs or living room, bedroom or library. The iconic Shell Chair by Wegner captivated the world with its distinctive shape that looks good from all angles, ideal for a chair that interacts with the environment instead of being placed against a wall. This is a high quality reproduction made with walnut veneer and Italian leather.

The Cuba Lounge chair

original chair Cuba Lounge

Danish designer Morten Göttler created this piece in 1997, but it still looks as fresh as ever and will probably serve as an enviable collector's item for generations to come. The construction of each of them is characterized by incredible attention to detail: the cotton ribbons are hand-woven, the oak frame carefully decorated or lacquered, the structure is forged from sturdy brass. But perhaps the best thing about this lounge chair is its folding design, making it easy to store when additional space is required.

Eames chair Style Rocking

rocking chair eames wood

Here is another great chair inspired by the style of Eames. This swing armchair is available in black, blue, red, green and versatile white.

Chair by Arne Jacobsen Drop model

modern scandinavian style chairs

Arne Jacobsen's Drop Chair is as sculptural as it is comfortable. It was impossible to obtain an authorized version of this chair for more than 50 years, but recently it has left its hiatus for fans of Scandinavian design to enjoy it. This series is currently available in shades of grayscale including a subtle blue tint. Consider picking up a set of these chairs to complete your dining room or to offset the straight lines in a geometric interior.

Chair Eames style molded with wooden plywood

modern style wooden chairs

These reproducing Eames chairs are manufactured strictly in accordance with the original specifications, resulting in an investment piece for the fans of the designers. But they are also practical and surprisingly comfortable, suitable for domestic or commercial applications alike.

Chair Kai Kristiansen Model 42 President

brown chairs dining table

These chairs have a perfect style for anyone who craves a Scandinavian accent, but wants something darker and with more refined upholstery. Of all the sculptural chairs that Kai Kristiansen never designed, these sculptural masterpieces adapt to modern tastes with greater perfection than any other: crisp angles and soft lines can be seen in houses with minimalist ambiences as well as in traditional houses. These recreations are made of solid walnut with comfortable gray fabric seats.

Eames chair with molded plywood style Chair

Nordic chairs modern style

The renowned name of Eames has really raised the status of plywood in the design world. This recreation includes a rubber shock mount that moves with the position to ensure lasting comfort. Like many armchairs of mid-century, this asuento is very low, with a height of only 14 inches. It is available in various colors and finishes, including a bright red fire.

Original Nordic chairs with fabric strips

Nordic chairs elastic strips fabric

Original Scandinavian design chairs

original furniture Scandinavian design

Original gray padded armchair

gray color padded armchair

Scandinavian armchair design

original interior modern Nordic armchair

White upholstered armchair

original white padded armchair

Armchair with beige upholstery

original beige upholstered armchair

Armchair with yellow upholstery

scandinavian armchair yellow color

Set of Nordic chairs for dining room

original design nordicas chairs dining room

Scandinavian style armchair with matching stool

gray armchair with stool

Rocking armchair with orange upholstery

upholstered rocking chair narqanja

Nice black leather armchair

leather armchair black color

Original designs of Nordic chairs and armchairs

modern style leather armchair

Great brown upholstered armchair

upholstered leather armchair brown color

Original designs of armchairs and Nordic chairs

super design padded armchair

Armchairs and Nordic chairs with modern design

original black modern armchair

Original Scandinavian style armchair design with leather upholstery

black chair chair design

Original upholstered armchair Design Tree Home

black leather upholstered armchair

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