Nordic decoration tips for cozy and natural interiors

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The Nordic decoration has arrived as we know to stay. He has entered many spaces with great energy and has been transforming. In general, the Nordic decoration has been a constant trend.

Nordic decoration for cozy and warm spaces

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Born as a decorative style at the beginning of the last century in the countries of northern Europe, it has its own details of the climatic conditions of this area. Remember that these are places where winters are usually long. What determines that there is not much natural light. That is why Nordic decoration is based on the same way to maximize the use of light.

Nordic decoration retaking the gray color in the spaces of the house

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This detail has determined that it is precisely the light colors that have the highest predominance. So the luminosity is precisely essential in every room based on a Nordic decoration. All this makes the use of white trend in its purest state reaching the floors and of course the furniture. All the above mentioned does not mean that the use of colour stay in the background.

A different way of thinking about the design of bedrooms and beds in particular

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There are several ways to add color notes using different accessories. As a general rule, the use of cushions as well as blankets and different decorative accessories are very popular. The furniture case is another great example of the use of neutral colors. Finishes in wood such as beech or birch have been imposed in the same way as a trend.

Elegant setting that also shares the gray color in several of the details

special decoration nordica gilded rose

In essence as a style the Nordic decoration by this use of colors and materials creates a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. It is very relaxing so it is perfect for any space. When it comes to comfort and functionality with this style they balance to perfection. The first point to create a Nordic decoration is precisely the use of natural materials.

Beautiful living room with harmonious and fresh design that has some practical white furniture

decoration nordica gray wood colors

As mentioned, the use of wooden furniture in softer colors can be combined with natural fibers. The cotton or linen textiles and if you have patterns inspired by nature is much better. It is precisely the evocation of nature that makes it attractive and relaxing. Each of these fabrics as well as the natural details may contain stripes or pictures.

Interesting combination of leather, wood and other materials in the living space

decoration Nordic leather leather furs

Light colors as well as white should have a greater role. For small environments they are a great tool to visually increase space. The soft tones are the ones that must accompany the elements that we mentioned previously like cushions and rugs. The cakes have a wide range that is very useful.

Another special environment that takes advantage of the use of wood in a large part of the furniture

decoration nordica wood furniture pictures

Nor can you lose sight of the attractive contrasts that are formed with black and white. They are colors that accompanied by geometric patterns make the most dynamic design shine. In the same way in addition to the natural everything that is handmade is perfect for Nordic decoration. It can be applied to the recovery of furniture , the crochet or the use of tree trunks.

The dimensions of space are not a problem to create a charming site

decoration nordic pieces textiles plants

These are elements that create comfort and make the environment more warm and personal. If you are interested, this style plays the same way with the mixture of textures. All the materials that we mentioned can be contrasted in the same space. The game with the industrial style is possible through pieces of metal. If the walls are brick exposed they are perfect for Nordic settings.

The white floor is an excellent way to take advantage of natural light at home

decoration nordica floors white wall

They are powerful elements that can be better balanced if decorated with natural effects. Due especially to the softness of all the textiles and natural fibers of our choice. Above all Nordic decoration you should look for simplicity in design. Straight lines should predominate over smooth curves. To keep the space cool it is best not to overload it.

Striped patterns in black and white contrasts take over the entire design of this room

carpet cushions stripes combined styles

We can not fail to mention lighting. The best thing is that there is a good natural light input. If it does not exist, the best thing is to favor your income inside the house. So avoid the use of curtains that are too double or in dark tones. As advice we can say that it is best to combine several points of light and based on different styles.

A purple carpet is a great color detail that adds texture and defines this area

purple carpet accent texture warm color

Idea that uses the yellow color in several accents where black and white predominate

chevron details yellow wood lamps

Diffuse Virtual poses a space that also uses yellow and black furniture

diffuse virtual style black yellow pictures

Large matching sofa with a carpet of ideal triangular patterns

large sofa triangles carpet different leather

Low bookshelf with horizontal design that extends throughout the wall with books and paintings

bookcase horizontal special style lateral

Open living that shares the Nordic design for the dining area and the living room

wood dining room open lines

Accent wall for a room full of artistic accents and decoration with sculptural ideas

wall accent artistic sculptures rain

Modern decor with high shelves used as bookcases and zone separator

Modern bookseller art decorating walls

Some leather covers to cover the chairs and create a warm atmosphere

skins chairs covers spice plants

Pix 3d Studio and this beautiful proposal of gray and black color in contrasting pieces

pix 3d studio black white black

Floor with geometric effects that create a great visual attraction for the environment

floor geometric special effects posters

Combination of paintings in harmony on the wall near the sofa A Plus Studio

wood floors white styles chimneys

Loft with exposed brick walls and detailed accents in black accessories

urban loft living room bricks lamparas en techo

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