Nordic kitchens - 25 examples of Scandinavian charm


Today we have for all of you some photos of Nordic kitchens to inspire you to create a nice blank space. The decoration of the interior Scandinavian fascinates many people. For this in our page you can find many articles on the subject. As you can see is this and in the other articles of design Scandinavian interior This is especially beautiful when combined with modern interior design.

Nordic kitchens with black and white monochrome design

modern apartment monochromatic design ideas

This is due to the simplicity of the style. Scandinavian interiors are enhanced by their brightness and minimalism. As we all know, the main color used in houses and apartments with Nordic design is white. As we said, it is a style appreciated by many, although there are also people who see it as a cold and sterile style.

Apartment with Nordic design combined with modern style

modern apartment design nordic original ideas

But these people will be advised to review our options of spaces with Nordic and Scandinavian design so you can see that the white is also a very bright color and can be used as a background for beautiful decorations and accessories.

Small kitchen with Nordic design

kitchen scandinavian white table wood ideas

It is not necessary to contact an interior designer to design a Nordic kitchen. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of a Nordic kitchen? Surely it will be simplicity. If you plan to design a Nordic kitchen you can always use one of these beautiful designs plus your own creativity and we assure you that it will work.

Very light gray furniture in Nordic kitchen

Nordic kitchens modern design white ideas

What you should know is that in a Nordic kitchen you will not find many things it is a basic but very attractive design. White is the most used color at least in most of these kitchens. One important thing that we should not forget is that before deciding the design for your kitchen you should also think what styles you have used for the decoration of the other rooms of the house.

A daring choice of dark gray furniture perfect for Nordic kitchens

Nordic kitchens furniture gray color ideas

Use the same theme that you used for the other rooms of the house in the design of the kitchen. In a house with Nordic design all the rooms will have the same theme. As we already mentioned, the Nordic style combines very well with a modern or minimalist interior, even with a contemporary one. So he has many opportunities.

Apartment in Helsinki Finland with kitchen with Nordic design

nordic kitchens apartment helsinki finland ideas

If you have a living room or bedroom with modern design. All you have to do is add some modern element or bright color in your Nordic kitchen. For example if the color brown, light green or any other soft tone has been used in the other rooms, it would also be used in the kitchen. As you know white combines well with everything.

Modern apartment Stockholm Sweden with kitchen with Nordic design

kitchens nordica apartment modern stockholm sweden ideas

But in a Scandinavian kitchen, the color scheme has to be very creative. The best advice we can give you is to use white as the base color. The other colors will be used to create a good contrast. We advise you the black and the gray. However, if the color green is your favorite color you can create shades of color with a darker shade or a very light shade of green.

Loft in Stockholm Sweden with kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens loft stockholm sweden ideas

In any Nordic kitchen design the feeling of free space is sought, even if designed in a small area. Instead of using closed cabinets, open shelves can be used to make the kitchen look spacious. A group of cabinets on a side wall instead of cabinets on the main wall would actually save space and is the best concept you can use if you want a Nordic kitchen.

Loft in Poland with nordic design of Loft Szczecin

kitchens nordica loft poland loft szczecin ideas

A very important thing in the kitchen with Nordic design is the floor. If you want a true Nordic style, the wooden floor is the best option. The Nordic interiors will have a floor that is the color of natural wood. If this seems boring you can choose carpets, of some subtle color that will change the image of the room.

More dark furniture ideas in the kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens spacious dining room small kitchen ideas

As you have already realized, looking at the pictures it is difficult not to fall in love with the beautiful and cozy Scandinavian cuisine at the same time. Nowadays, this type of cuisine are very popular and this is not surprising. Many housewives prefer to see their kitchen bright, tidy, without unnecessary ornaments, cozy, in general, nice to spend a lot of time in preparing tasty meals for the family.

Large kitchen with bar and island that combines details of different styles designed by Mia Lind Design

spacious northern kitchens mia lind design ideas

As we already know, the Scandinavian style was born in the Scandinavian countries and we are going to try to recreate the design of the kitchen in these regions. Regions cooked by the use of natural materials, natural light, strict forms and the fresh color palette when it comes to interior design. In the design of Scandinavian cuisine we must look for the balance between modernity and tradition.

Nordic and contemporary kitchens a spectacular combination of styles

contemporary nordic cuisines options ideas

One of the main concerns we have when designing a room, whatever it is, is the size, but as we said, the Scandinavian kitchen adapts even in a few square meters. The Scandinavian style in general is very versatile, a style that can be recreated in a very large room or in a small area.

Original options of Nordic kitchens with American-style islands

wide kitchen touches nordic style ideas

But we believe that the ideal choice for a Scandinavian design is still a small kitchen. In this case the Scandinavian style can be a good ally for you. And if we take into account that most of our apartments have kitchens, living rooms and small bedrooms, we suggest you check the other items with ideas of Scandinavian design.

Nordic kitchen with shelves up to the ceiling

kitchen wide Scandinavian modern design ideas

As a rule, we must remember that the dashboards in the Nordic kitchens should be white, although this is not necessary, it can be colorful. The most applied version is that of white brick or tiles. You can also use glass, mosaic panels, wood decoration.

An original option of very close kitchen with Nordic design


Navigating through the interior photographs with Scandinavian design, I think, you will immediately notice that they have something in common. It is about the presence of a lot of natural light. In the Scandinavian countries the lack of curtains and blinds is typical. This can make a lot of people feel uncomfortable simply because we are used to having curtains because this can hang something light, barely perceptible.

Combination of the Nordic style with the modern style in the design of this kitchen

combination contemporary style Scandinavian style ideas

For example, a transparent white curtain. In addition to the natural lighting in the Nordic kitchens, you will notice that there are a lot of different lamps, floor lamps, sconces, work area lighting. Even in a small kitchen in a Scandinavian style it is convenient to look for a small crystal chandelier, which reflects and scatters light.

Kitchen ideas with Nordic design with colorful wallpaper to draw attention

Nordic kitchens Scandinavian design paper wall ideas

Another thing that we already talked about is that it is impossible not to realize that the main color of the Scandinavian style is white. But we must not forget that we can use all its nuances that, although he does not believe it, are many. The white is used not only for the walls but also for the furniture. Thanks to this you will have a spacious and bright kitchen.

Another option to decorate the wall of the kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens Scandinavian design precious ideas

However, for many a white room may seem lifeless and cold. To solve this problem, use countertops of a darker color or natural wood or dark shades, which can be matched with the tone of the floor. Do not forget the bright details that offer you the best opportunity to spice up Scandinavian cuisine and make it more comfortable.

Touches of black color in the kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens simple Scandinavian design ideas

If you do not want the color white you can choose something in pastel colors or light blue, pale gray, all shades of beige, lavender, mint. Now we let you revisit our proposals for today's Scandinavian kitchens that combine form and functionality in the most attractive environments.

Wooden dining furniture stand out in the kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens furniture wood design ideas

Very light green furniture ideas in the kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens furniture color green clear ideas

Dark natural wood furniture in the kitchen with Nordic design

Nordic kitchens dark wood furniture ideas

Apartment in Stockholm Sweden with very small kitchen designed by Scandinavian Homes

kitchens nordic apartment stockholm sweden scandinavian homes ideas

Apartment in San Francisco designed by Geremia Design

kitchens nordica apartment san francisco design geremia design ideas

Black and white design


Options for very narrow spaces










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