Nordic style decoration - light, texture and nature

Nordic style decoration ideas

Characterized by white walls, light wood floors, a hand restrained in furniture and abundance of natural light, the Nordic style decoration It has lovers all over the world.

Nordic style decoration for interiors


This occurs naturally since the Nordic style is appropriate for any type of dwelling, and for occupants of all ages.

Original design of Nordic living room

nice modern living room

The textiles are very characteristic of this style. Carpets and cushions with bright patterns and colors are ideal accessories for adding bursts of color to an otherwise too-sober atmosphere.

Beautiful Nordic living room with pastel colors

nice Nordic living room

The textiles also provide a pleasant feeling of softness. We will find that in numerous designs of Nordic interiors the spongy fabrics flood the entire space.

Nice Nordic style living room design

nice Nordic style living room

In general, unnecessary ornaments do not take place in a Nordic style decoration. Rather we will see some works of art, and of course, plants.

Nice room decoration in Scandinavian style

nice decoration room

It is suitable for any Nordic interior that boasts several live plants. We do not talk about setting up a jungle in the living room, with one or two pots will suffice, but this depends on the possibilities that the owner has to take care of them properly.

Original Nordic style interior design with gray wall

interior style nordic gray wall

Furniture must be simple and functional. The order in Nordic style decoration is fundamental, and this makes us think of the storage options that a Scandinavian home should have.

Original Nordic style reading corner design

nordic style reading corner

The open shelves are great for Nordic interior designs. Often simpler shelf designs can be very colorful and interesting.

Original Nordic style office decoration

original decoration office work

The space intended for work or some other task in particular can be differentiated from the rest of the house by an original Nordic style design.

Original Nordic style office design

office Nordic style office

The great thing about this is that it is not necessary to invest in expensive parts or make major renovations.

Original simple Nordic style bedroom design

simple nordic style bedroom

The Scandinavian style bedrooms are our favorite part. No doubt this style brings us to a state of relaxation, and what better place to relax than our own bedroom.

Great little room with Nordic design

super small room design

The white and neutral tones here work very well, and the touch of blue on the wall and the sheets completes a very nice and fresh look.

Original Scandinavian design room

original nordic design room

This room instead has a combination of gray, beige and earth tones. A hanging bulb on the bed with an extendable cable attracts all the attention.

Original design and decoration of simple room

original simple room decoration

The color black is very well received in Scandinavian style interiors. A strong contrast is often necessary to add character to the design of the room.

Original design of living room with wooden furniture

living room white furniture wood

The space of dinning room You can adopt the Nordic style with a simple modification in the furniture.

Nice Nordic design dining room

nordic design dining room

The chairs that we see in this image are called Eames and they are really popular in this style of decoration.

Original design of living room with wooden furniture

living room furniture wood

Here we can see a set of dining furniture that combine different types of wood finishes.

Original modern interior design with yellow wall

original modern interior design

This cozy house still uses a white background for its Nordic look, but the white background acts as a "blank canvas" more than anything else. In the hallway you will find a dark brown sofa with turquoise blue polka cushions and a gigantic dark yellow wall behind that shows a beautiful work of art. The rest of the house follows a similar pattern and while white still dominates, you feel that the interiors are multicolored and have a very lively look about them. The use of blues, greens, reds and browns is particularly uplifting, while the decor has been cleverly chosen in dark and solid tones to stand out from the white around it.

Original design of Nordic style living room

living room nordic style

The arrangement of the furniture in this pleasant small living room makes the space receive several focal points.

Original Nordic style decoration ideas

ideas decoration nordic style

The ornaments can be complemented if a tone that unifies them is chosen, and again the black in these cases achieves the best results.

Beautiful Nordic style decoration with striped alformbra

decoration nordic style alformbra stripes

This is a striking project of AT. Design & Viz. The use of a monochromatic palette is dominant in this typically Nordic space and the winter motifs in style and lighting take the obvious inspiration from an original Nordic landscape.

Super modern Nordic style living room design

modern nordic style living room

Original decoration of Nordic living room in white and gray

living room nordica white gray

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