Nordic style to decorate interiors - latest trends

nice design Nordic style living room

The Nordic style it delights us with its calm tones and its neat appearance. Known for its simplicity, function and connection to the outdoors, the appeal and the possibility of Scandinavian design has spread throughout the world. This winter will take wonderful deep colors mixed with elements of brass and copper. Shades of green ranging from emerald to sage and mint. The color on the walls is also back, as opposed to white. Today we want to show you fifty two models of Scandinavian style interiors that will make you dream, enjoy the journey.

Original interior designs in Nordic style

Nordic style fireplace and library

The Scandinavian style ombina functionality, comfort and a minimum number of accessories with delicacy and clarity of the shapes of the lines. Characteristics of this style are simple, functional shapes, light-colored wood, simplistic decoration, effective planning, warm colors and nuances that compensate for the lack of heat and light in severe northern weather. What is a cozy Scandinavian house without a fireplace and a good book to read? This library has the ideal complement for a cozy atmosphere.

Nice design of children's room in Nordic style

nice children's room, Nordic style

It is interesting how the different Scandinavian trends evolved in the rest of Europe, which generally favored opulent and ornate decoration inspired by the luxurious lifestyles of the aristocracy and royalty. The Nordics planned a different design course, preferring the practical to the most luxurious, choosing the function over the adornments. Do you think that children's rooms can not adopt the Nordic style? This capricious room shows the opposite.

Nice design of children's room in Nordic style

children's room nordic style

Because not all rooms of children have to be filled with neon colors and toys; Scandinavian style is also perfect for the little ones in the house.

Nice design of scandinavian style living room

nice room to be small

The white color is the perfect background for delicate nuances of color. Everyone who chooses the Scandinavian style for their interior will have a light and open design. It is perfect for rooms with high ceilings and large windows. The first requirement is to define the main color, around which the interior will be based. There are not many options in front of white or soft beige. Contrasting combinations for the main white color are red, blue and black while a contrasting color appropriate for beige is emerald green. The Nordic heritage comes alive in the city inside this bright loft, decorated in black and white.

Nice design of modern bathroom in Nordic style

nice design modern bathroom

The hexagonal tiles break with the traditional style of metro-style tiles that we often see in the Nordic baths.

Nice design of Scandinavian living room

nice design living room

Simplicity is really the mantra of modern Scandinavian design. The key principle is to prioritize the function without sacrificing aesthetics. The cases in question are pieces of furniture sold around the world with simple and clean lines that exude sophisticated elegance, but do not compromise comfort. This mainly white studio gets a touch of the north with accent pieces in earth tones, such as natural textiles and living plants.

Nice design of modern Nordic style kitchen

nice modern kitchen design

Natural light in the Nordic style is amplified by any means necessary. The windows are generously proportioned. Window treatments, if used at all, remain transparent or translucent. The mirrors are strategically placed to visually expand the space and reflect any available ambient light. The dominant color palette is generally neutral and reflects light. The plants add a necessary dose of green to this lovely gray and white space. The tiles in combination with the wooden floor create the most characteristic Nordic contrast.

Nice modern Scandinavian style room design

nice modern room design

Electrical appliances are also designed with simple lines and shapes, creating light without adding visual clutter. And the candles are widely used, granting softness to the decoration with their flickering flames. An unconventional bedroom finds its peace with neutral colors and intentional accessories. There is a very pleasant rhythm marked by the patterns of decoration.

Nice design of a modern room in a Nordic style

nice modern room design

The walls in the interior style Scandinavian design should not attract too much attention, as they only serve as a background for the environment. The doors and windows must also correspond to the main color. Large mirrors are a must, either with frames engraved in white or frameless at all. The furniture must be carefully selected. Furniture made of natural or plywood and metallic elements must be based on the principles of symmetry. The fireplace is an appropriate option for a central element of attention. Decoration items in purple or green can be placed as a contrast to the main light color. One of the key points of the Scandinavian style is lighting, the brighter the better. Every Nordic interior needs a good graphic poster on the wall, and even more so if its walls are completely white, like canvases.

Kitchen design with Nordic style dining

modern white kitchen modern dining room

This modern space gives a nod to the iconic color palette and interior design furniture in Scandinavian style.

Original nordic style bathroom design

fourth bathroom nordic style

Silent, silent neutral tones dominate Scandinavian design. These tranquil colors make the rooms look bright and spacious even on a dark day. The white walls, the finish, the cabinets and the counters seem to recede visually, making the rooms feel much larger than they really are. The gray lines keep the look of this bathroom too sterile or modern, while the cut flowers break with all the inorganic lines.

Modern gray kitchen design with slate splashback

modern kitchen gray furniture

This kitchen, although at first glance minimalist, has elements of Nordic style that make it really special. The wall of the dashboard shows us one of the trends of this season: slate painting.

Great Nordic style modern kitchen

modern nordic style kitchen

Original modern kitchen design with laminate wood cabinets

modern kitchen wood cabinets

On the other hand are the dashboards with fish scale tiles, very sought after by all lovers of Nordic design. What do you think?

Original Scandinavian dining room design with blue wardrobe

original dining room blue wardrobe

However, the preference for sober colors does not mean that Scandinavian design lacks vitality and vitality. Accent elements such as ceramics, carpets, cushions and brightly colored art inject life and character into spaces. In fact, they stand out more dramatically in a space designed in this way. Blue is a common non-neutral color widely used in Nordic culture. Do not be afraid to add bursts of color to your Scandinavian interior, but do so with care and moderation.

Original modern interior design in Nordic style

modern interior design nordic

This spa-like bathroom has a remarkable Swedish-style accent while embracing the design ideas of Feng Shui.

Super modern Nordic kitchen design

modern kitchen design nordica

The color black looks great in the Nordic style of interior. The black countertop completes a modern look along with the wooden cabinets.

Nice Scandinavian kitchen design with vintage fireplace

original design kitchen fireplace

This house contrasts the old with the new by means of Nordic design ideas in a space with an existing character. In a white space, the black accents mark the contrast in key areas, while the fireplace on the right and the wooden table create the true atmosphere of the place.

Great design of Nordic living room

design living room nordica

The set of rattan chairs and a hanging wicker light infuse a little of the tropics in this Scandinavian-style interior.

Original Nordic style living room design

design dining room nordico

Let the light shine! Contemporary crystal chandeliers, chandeliers and lighting systems that provide sparkling light are suitable for creating a lighting background, which will cause the white to shine and the silver decorations to shine smoothly. The Scandinavian style combines minimalism and simplicity, helping to avoid coldness in the cold outdoor environment and creates a comfortable image of interior and comfort. This kitchen with dining room has a simple general balance without giving up the attention to detail.

Design of a modern Nordic style bedroom

modern Nordic style bedroom

This room does not present many bursts of color, and yet exudes richness and depth. Again the blue color makes its appearance, and combined with earthy tones it forms a modern and refreshing look.

Original modern minimalist style bedroom design

Modern minimalist bedroom

A look at this penthouse shows how easy it is for Scandinavians to decorate with simplicity and style. The few elements of modern design really fill the room.

Original Scandinavian style bathroom design

modern bathroom white bedroom

The textures of these pieces of tiles and the metallic accents in this bathroom make the space look elegant and timeless.

Nice Nordic living room

great Nordic living room

This well-accented lounge looks like the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Natural wood envelops us with its warmth, and in this case an ethnic-style rug provides warm tones to the environment.

Original Scandinavian style dining room design

modern table pendant lamp

With an antler lamp, thematic works of art and natural accents, this open kitchen with dining room looks positively Nordic. In this case, a bluish gray and reddish wood design has been chosen to complement each other on a bright white background.

Set of Nordic dining room furniture and Eames chairs

nordic dining furniture eames chairs

Burning lovers of the outdoors, Scandinavians believe in the celebration of nature, even when inside their homes. That is why natural wood is a predominant feature in a Scandinavian interior. Wood is the preferred choice for floors. Above we can contemplate a dining space that embodies the Nordic style by showing the views from the outside. After all, the Scandinavians attach great importance to the natural landscape, making it part of their interior designs.

Original Nordic style dining room design

original design dining room nordic style

Potted plants are also commonly used in decorating Scandinavian interiors to mimic nature within the home. The classic chair Eames has a place in all Nordic style houses, whether in dining rooms, living rooms, offices or offices.

Original modern kitchen design with white furniture

original modern kitchen white furniture

A large window overlooking the garden centers this space in a minimalist style and fills it with natural light.

Beautiful decoration in Scandinavian style

original Scandinavian style decoration

This Scandinavian style space mixes the objects with the decoration, reusing a staircase as a shelf for magazines, and a caged industrial-style lamp to provide light to the desk.

Decoration with natural wood elements

original decoration elements wood

This curated place conducts the Scandinavian interior style with natural wood surfaces and surfaces and white walls.

Original Nordic style dining room design

original design nordic dining

The Eames chair again appears in this Scandinavian style interior. Sometimes you do not need anything else besides them to add Nordic character to an interior.

Original kitchen design with dining room

original design kitchen dining room

This modern Scandinavian kitchen gets a dose of color with a set of unconventional dining room chairs.

Original modern office design

original office design office

An impressive dark indigo-toned wall complements the natural light shower inside this small home office space.

Original Nordic style office design

original design Nordic office

This simple office presents a playful and somewhat childish style. The cold pastel tones mark the theme of the decoration while the soft wood surround the environment.

Original Scandinavian modern bathroom design

modern scandinavian kitchen design

Original Nordic style kitchen design

original Nordic style kitchen

This minimalist kitchen finds creative ways to make us look out, especially with its porthole window.

Original combination of dining furniture

original design dining room furniture

A dramatic set of photo prints occupies the backdrop in this bright, slightly uneven dining room.

Original studio design

original design living room

This study maintains a simple look by using a curtain to hide a shelf that is full. Add dimension to space without making it heavy.

Original blue library design

original blue library interior design

This extravagant library with parquet floors shows us the most youthful and eccentric side of the Nordic style, without being overloaded.

Original Nordic style modern kitchen design

original design kitchen modern design

This unconventional kitchen boasts a unique architecture. It stays simple, but also adds some mint green bursts.

Original Scandinavian style studio design

original design hall study

An unused corner can become a sweet but simple desk space. Light, untreated wood has been popular for centuries and has now returned to the Scandinavian style.

Great Scandinavian style living room design

Scandinavian style living room

The mixture of patterns and textures in a living room space allows monochromatic styles to succeed.

Original Nordic style living room decoration

living room balls puffs wool

The style of this interior can be described as Scandinavian, although it is combined with modern and rustic elements to add interest. Large plants help the space look more alive.

Original nordic style loft apartment interior design

living room kitchen dining room design

This house oozes comfort, dressed in a palette of colors that fade from the kitchen to the living room.

Scandinavian interior decoration design in black and white

living room carpet black skin

This house has almost 50 shades of gray, chaining styles and textures. Perhaps it is because of the strong contrast of black and white, or because of the design of some elements, but this interior looks very retro.

Original design of living room in white and gray

gray white living room

This living room, wrapped in different shades of gray, captures the Scandinavian monochrome style at its best.

Original design of living room with dark gray wall

living room wall color gray

Did he think that the Scandinavian style meant only having white walls? This living room with gray walls demonstrates the opposite.

Design of small living room in Nordic style

living room small nordica

A few plants, a soft blanket and abundant natural light, this is the basics for Nordic style interiors.

Super design of Nordic style living room with leather sofa

living room sofa skin

A good leather sofa can be the perfect focal point for a Scandinavian living room. This living room with a dining room also shows how a sofa can easily become the element of greatest interest.

Large Scandinavian style living room design with gray sofa

living room sofa gray

Here, the gray shades take on a warm aesthetic thanks to layers of textile material and natural light coming from the large French windows.

Living room design in Nordic style, from Scandinavian Homes

classic nordic style living room

A warm gray changes the tone of this city studio to turn it into an earthy and very cozy home.

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