Office of 14 square meters and tubular structure

offices photo fourteen square meters

Today we want to show you the design project of the firm R3Architetti for a office of just fourteen square meters located in San Salvario, Turin, Italy. The most innovative thing is perhaps the structure in the form of internal scaffolding of connected metal tubes that allow the efficient use of all the vertical space of the place.

Interior of the office with metal tubular structure

workshop interior dude hanging scaffolding

The first work area is dedicated to finished projects, so that a string curtain hanging from several bulbs that illuminate the wall plank on which are hung the sketches of the projects. The surfaces that fulfill the function of table are made of conglomerates of wood and they can retire to gain more space.

Work area with three chairs

view office table desk three chairs

The desk elongated consists of three seats and is dedicated to the realization of projects, this being the area that manages to accommodate more people together and therefore the ideal place to address common issues. Behind, a set of table and chairs for food and leisure made of transparent materials such as glass so as not to overshadow or subtract from the visual space, and next to them, the plank of the projects in progress.

View of the workshop with different compartments

photo view interior offices

Next we will have to ascend to the mezzanine space through the staircase if we want to discover what else is hidden by this peculiar workshop design. This upper floor is the area dedicated to the construction of the models and has a desk and the necessary materials for the work.

Structure made of ropes and tubes

structure ropes metal pipes united

It is an extremely functional and practical design in which the elements of the places of work and construction have been used. The whole place is inspired by the profession and the different phases of the work, so that each of the spaces allows an exclusive action and this allows the work to be developed more effectively.

Interior scaffolding of metal pipes

structure metal pipes joined scaffolding

Wrought iron scaffolding

office materials elements metal iron

Ropes for hanging projects

roof structure hanging ropes

Light bulbs hanging on ropes

Inside view lamp ropes

Decoration with functional and practical furniture

inside view transparent chair workshop

Entrance door to the workshop

view exterior door office

dude workshop door

flat design interior office workshop

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