Open design of Concord House a modern and unique space

open design modern house special colors

On several occasions we have pulled the open design of many spaces. Today we want to share one that follows this same aesthetic line. This is Concord House, a contemporary four-bedroom home.

Open design of modern house with modern finishes

open design wood shelves zones colors

Located in Sydney, it was remodeled by Studio Benicio Designs, a contemporary design studio located in Newport. It is a specialized study in many areas of residential design. In addition to the documentation for new housing, remodeling and the design inside. In general, it is a study that provides a complete service.

Fresh open design for modern and bright housing solutions

open design windows windows pool

Each of the projects is carried from the beginning until the construction is completed. This open design is proof of this, which started from the customers' own needs. An idea that follows a precept of Studio Benicio Designs. Considering each individual and their circumstances as unique. The study is also led by Ian Bennett. An architect with more than ten years of experience in this sector.

Entry of natural light directly from the ceiling into the modern dining area

open design elegant concepts salons

Not only locally, also with jobs abroad. Especially collaborating with architectural companies of great renown. Concord House with all its open design was completed this year. As can be seen, the taste of its residents is reflected in the concrete and its texture. At the same time, more space for family activities is provided.

The folding doors are another of the great solutions that maintain ventilation

Open design sliding doors edges

The project for all this open design and the house in general was marked by several delays. Studio Benicio Designs at the request of the clients used a document based on an approval system to speed up the process. This meant that the building met strict standards. This type of process as in this open design is applied in the construction of new houses consisting of two floors.

Design of the kitchen with wood and that keeps the open plans of the whole house

kitchen styles walls furniture ideas

On the other hand to the renovations and the cases of extensions. Following the line of Concord House customers needed an open design house with a contemporary feel. That in addition allowed to make a better use of all the existing site unlike the previous one. One of the new details is how concrete can be appreciated in many areas.

To the wood is added the contrast of the black color on the ceiling and the kitchen furniture

wood floors green plants lights

The entire structure of the open design is topped by a flat roof also made of concrete. It also has a cut that allows the entry of natural light over the patio area. In general, the challenge was to capture that contemporary image and include all the elements. Distributed on two levels the house maintains the bedrooms on the top floor.

Concrete wall finishes that are undoubtedly a turn in the design of the interior

concrete walls steps floors different walls

The common spaces are organized at the back of the kitchen. An area that opens on each side with respect to the patio and the kitchen. All open design is due in the same way to the size of the site. So the architects devised the exterior and the interior in a fusion way.

The design of the doors is another guarantee of well communicated spaces with good taste

walls furniture mobiles shapes windows

Access to the bathroom with an impressive entrance of natural light and walls in white

lines divisions walls styles zones

View of the distribution of the house in a plane of the first level with all the zones

closeup view first level special parts

From the outside, some of the materials that make up the house are revealed

garage view street window materials

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