Open design rooms, practical and creative decorations.

open design rooms wood decoration led

The living room has evolved over time. At present the designs are innumerable. All based on the personal taste and the architectural characteristics of each home. Today we will share some ideas about open design salons. They are extremely attractive but with spaces that are still extremely practical.

Living rooms creative and fresh design

salons open design colorful decoration variant

As you will notice, the main thing is to develop an area that makes dialogue possible. A living room should also be cozy, pleasant and functional. A room of this type is not subject to predetermined rules of decoration. You can decorate it as you consider it the most suitable for you. Even an accent industrial It is welcome in this living room.

Lounges contemporary and cozy design

open design living rooms contemporary decoration lamps

It can be decorated with concrete elements. If it is the case also other elements of metal combined with furniture of wood, in addition to a sofa. Always take advantage of the area of ​​the windows. If they are large, then better. They will allow you to use sunlight more effectively. You will even notice how economical it can be in terms of energy to have large windows.

Living room with modern fireplace

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Also, do not hesitate to move your conversation area for this site. A while ago we mentioned a fundamental element in every room, the sofa. For all open design rooms, a very good selection of furniture must be made. Especially furniture that goes in harmony with this room. Therefore you should look very well what designs combine with your decorative style.

Atmosphere with glass walls

salons open design decoration ideas crystals

Chimneys are another option that can be used in these types of rooms. They always convey a cozy and warm visual sensation. Especially during the winter months are essential. If you want to better define this type of space there are several options. You can do it with the same furniture trying to define areas such as the dining room and the living room.

Furniture at ground level

lounges open design decoration variant fireplace

Otherwise just enough to place a shelf that is a few centimeters higher than the sofa. We leave you some ideas to decorate this type of rooms in a creative and effective way. Simply select what you like best and you can merge it into a unique design. Those who visit you for sure will notice the difference.

Large windows crystal

salons open design white decoration crystals

Accents in wood and gold

salons open design modern decoration led

Cozy design with oranges

open design rooms decoration orange led

Modern design separating dining room

open design living room decoration ceiling sofa

Rugs and plants, modern room

salons design decorated design led success

carpet decorated design red yellow

colorful style living room fan

exterior design modern lawn table

cool design home leather checked

living room resting wood led

living room resting wood glasses chairs

living room resting wood gray cushions

living room resting wood gray gardens

living room resting wood brown patio

living room resting modern wood flowers

living room resting wood birds chimney

living room resting wood green patio

living room resting wood sections modern

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