Orchids - tips for your care and decoration ideas

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For millions of years, the family of orchids it has thrived and expanded, challenging the evolution, nature, and exploitation of its greatest opponent; the man.

Orchids: advice on their care

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One hundred and twenty million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, a magnificent flowering plant was formed: the orchid. Evolution led to the disappearance of many plants and animals, but the orchid flourished, thriving on all continents except Antarctica.

The orchid is one of the most interesting flowering plants in the world

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The orchids have adapted to live in all kinds of environments: mountains, swamps, grasslands and tropical jungles. At least 35,000 species of orchids now populate the planet, and there is always the possibility that unknown species still await their discovery.

Pretty pink orchids

pink orchids

Orchids attract pollinators for reproduction by various ingenious methods: odor, mimicry and stealth. Orchids with sweet aromas tend to attract bees.

Ballerina orchid flower

orchid dancer

The orchid can also draw pollinators through visual mimicry, mimicking insects including bees and butterflies with patterns on their petals. A third technique is stealth.

Beautiful orchid flowers

pretty orchids

The slipper orchid attracts a pollinator in advance to the edge of its slippery bag, and the insect falls inside. When it finds the exit, it is already covered with pollen. Some orchids are pollinated by crawling insects, and therefore have long petals that brush the soil.

Beautiful colorful orchid flowers

orchid flowers

And insects alone do not pollinate orchids: small mammals, hummingbirds, bats and wind also contribute to the survival of the species. Let's see now some tips for your care.

Pretty white orchid flower

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First, avoid over watering the plant, this leads to the disappearance of many orchids by drowning. The constant humidity will cause the roots to rot, which leaves the plant without a means to absorb the food that then causes the leaves to fall.

Do not over water the orchid plant

do not water too much

The classic advice is to water the day before the plant dries. If you have to let the plant dry to find out what a dry plant weighs, it will not kill the plant and make it a better grower.

Pretty orchid flower with several buds without blooming

pink flower

Another measure is to use the pencil trick (the point of a sharp pencil, when inserted into the medium, will darken with moisture if the plant has enough water). And finally, the trick of putting your finger in the mix. If it feels wet, it is wet. If you are not sure if it is time to water, wait another day.

Orchid plant with pink flowers

pink flowers

Because most of the plants are grown in plastic containers a good diagnosis is the weight of the plant: if it is heavy, it does not need irrigation; if it is light, it requires water. With a little practice, one can easily calculate the amount of moisture left in the container.
Watering the plant early in the morning

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Water your orchid early in the morning. This ensures the complete evaporation of the water in the foliage as well as the corona at nightfall. If your home is very hot or has low humidity it is very likely that you have to water more often.
Tips for care of the orchid plant

care advice

The best place to water your plant is in the kitchen sink. Use warm water (do not use softened or distilled water with salt) and water your plant for about 15 seconds and be sure to completely wet the medium. Next, let the plant drain for about 15 minutes.
Water the plant under the sink for 15 seconds

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It may seem dry, but it has had enough water. After the plants are watered, they should be placed so that the pots are not put in the water. Some people like to place the pots in "trays of humidity" or in trays or plates of gravel or pebbles and water.
Place pebbles under the pot

place pebbles

The pot is placed on the pebbles above the water line. This helps ensure that the base of the pot is not submerged in water, increases the humidity of the plant and provides some air circulation under the pot.
It is good to use a fertilizer for orchid plants

fertilizer for plants

Orchids need to be fed regularly. Farmers suggest using a "balanced" fertilizer that includes all the necessary trace elements. Regardless of the formulation of the fertilizer you choose to use, it should contain little or no urea.

How to care for orchids

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If you are not sure which fertilizer to use, you can usually use any fertilizer you would use for your pot plants. Orchids would be much better with little fertilizer than with too much.

The fertilizer dissolved in water can be applied every time it is watered

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Many farmers recommend applying a diluted fertilizer each time they are watered, instead of applying a full dose once a month. Also, it is best not to fertilize a completely dry plant since the fertilizer can burn off the dried roots. Water with water first and then continue with the fertilizer solution.

Transplant the orchids if they grow too much or if the roots rot

plant with flower

Orchid plants need to be transplanted by several factors; that it has evidenced of dead roots, or that the plant has grown more than the container.

Beautiful orchid with pink flower

pink flower

In the first case, the plant may need division or it may be moved to a larger pot. Always use fresh media.

The orchid needs fast draining containers

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A fresh, fast-draining, but water retainer is essential for the system of healthy roots necessary for good growth. Whether in a bark-based mixture (which drains well, but breaks down fairly quickly),

Types of soil and compounds that are good for the orchid

types of land

a mixture based on peat (which retains moisture well but requires more careful watering and frequent repopulation) or some inorganic, basically hydroponic methods, orchids have been successfully cultivated in a variety of media.

Tips for the correct location of the plant

location of the plant

The windows facing south and east work best for orchids. The western windows may be too hot in the afternoon and the northern windows are usually too dark. A sheer curtain will create a light shade.

The plant needs an adequate climate and a good amount of sunlight to bloom

light for the plant

Too much direct light causes the leaves to burn, so it may be necessary to reposition the plants as the seasons change. Move the plants away or towards the window to manipulate the amount of light. Make sure the sheets are not touching the glass. In winter in a cold climate, the leaves that touch the window can freeze.

The color of the leaves indicates whether the plant receives sufficient sunlight

beautiful flower

The color of the sheet indicates whether the amount of light is adequate. The lush, rich, dark green of most houseplants is not desirable in orchid leaves. A green grass color (light green or medium yellowish tones) means that the plant is getting enough light to bloom.

Ideas for growing in gardens or in pots

cultivation in gardens

Where winters are cold, orchids can be grown in the patio or under trees in the hottest months when frost does not threaten. This is often a wonderful solution for orchid growers in colder climates, and allows plants to grow much better than they would if they were left indoors throughout the year.

They can be grown under some trees in the garden

plant pots

Growers in frost-free areas with cooler summer nights can grow cymbidiums, one of the best of all garden orchids.

Pretty flower of the cymbidiums orchid

orchid cymbidiums

Where summer nights are warmer, many varieties of vandas and types of cattleya are appropriate

Types and classes of orchid plants

white orchid

One of the most widely available orchids in the mass market is also the best for the home; the phalaenopsis or moth orchid that will grow easily in the same conditions enjoyed by African violets.

Stunning dark colored flowers

beautiful flower

Another good option, are the paphiopedilums or orchids slippers, which have a relatively attractive foliage and will return to flower in the conditions of the home giving weeks of floral display.

There are species that bloom in indoor conditions

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Many consumers today are in the position of having to make purchasing-oriented decisions for a totally new class of plants : the orchids. What should they be looking for? How can the best quality be obtained for the retail consumer?
How to recognize a plant in good condition before buying

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The plant must be in proportion to the container, have roots in the media, be clean and free of spots, turgid and medium green, free of visible pests. The flowers should be lustrous and kept well above the foliage in a strong and well supported beak, be free of stains and free of fungi,
It is advisable to check that the plant is free of spots and pests

visible spots

have some buds still open (never accept a plant with flowers open to the tip of the spike, since it will be impossible to judge the life of the flower after all the flowers have been opened), and should have a generally attractive appearance that Lace with your decoration.
It is good that the plant has some buds without flowering when you buy

pretty pink flower

The selection of an orchid plant is not really different from any other purchase of flowering plants, including the satisfaction that comes with the right decision.

The evolution of the plant must be followed to know its state of health

look at the plant

Wrinkled leaves indicate lack of water. The next step is to determine why the plant is not receiving enough water. First, look at the roots. If they are white or green and are wide, they may be watering too much, especially if the roots are white and the pot is very light. If, on the other hand, the roots are in poor condition, they can rot. If the plant has no roots, it can not drink water, no matter how much it is given.

Check the roots of the plant

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In this case, the cause may be saturation or deterioration of the medium, or that the newly removed plant is poorly established. The immediate solution is to raise the humidity to reduce stress at any root, and then simply wait until the plant is established.

Control the moisture levels of the plant

White flowers

After seeing these useful tips for the care of the orchid, we will contemplate some great ideas to decorate the home with these beautiful flowers.

Original ideas to decorate with orchid flowers

decorate with flowers

A healthy and beautiful orchid plant by itself already decorates a room, but the image can be further enhanced if you choose a beautiful container.

Choose a container that is beautiful

pot with moss

Choose a large pot that can also serve as a centerpiece, so your plant can complete its decoration in different areas of the house.

Decorative plants for interior

modern living room

A single orchid in the room manages to give it that special and exotic charm that everyone loves. This plant must occupy an important place in the room so that it can be contemplated.

Create a centerpiece with an orchid plant

center orchid table

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