Original Christmas cards you can do at home

original christmas cards diy house trees christmas ideas

Today we have some very interesting ideas of original Christmas cards that you can make at home to surprise your friends and family. Here are some ideas that will encourage and inspire you to make some original Christmas cards, and many of the ideas you can copy can be executed in the company of the children .

Original Christmas cards you can make at home

diy christmas card green hearts ideas

From the most formal ideas, suitable for everyone, to the most original ones, reserved for the closest family members. card Lovely Christmas made by you is the best way to congratulate everyone and express your sincere wishes and feelings in the most magical time of the year.

Original Christmas cards to surprise your friends and family

Santa Claus beard cotton diy cards ideas

Why buy a card Christmas cheesy when instead of this we could make a personalized and share this project with the children? For that you only have to make the contours of the face of Santa Claus for what you can help the internet and to fill the image you can use cotton to make the beard. On the other hand, to paint the cap and cheeks you can use a red paint with glitter or you can add the glitter before the paint has dried. At the end you can make an inscription wishing happy holidays.

Christmas card DIY red with christmas tree

card tree christmas precious diy ideas

The Christmas lights that create a magical atmosphere at home so it feels even more inviting, a well-known Christmas song, and the fresh snow that is seen through the windows is the perfect landscape for an unforgettable evening that can inspire you to create some beautiful Christmas cards for your family and friends.

DIY Christmas cards with trees made of buttons

christmas cards original christmas tree buttons ideas

The shapes, the warm shades, and the bright colors of the decoration that surrounds them can be reflected in the designs of your cards so that everything is tinged with a Christmas emotion. In this way you can use the shapes of some Christmas trees that you can make of cardboard and you can paste them on the cards. In this way you will highlight your original Christmas cards. Also for the decoration of the pines you can use buttons of different colors.

DIY Christmas card with white and red fabric bow

original christmas cards creative design ideas

After Christmas dinner at the table illuminated by candles or around the Christmas tree is the perfect time to exchange nice Christmas greetings like the ones we show you today. To your Christmas cards you can add a personalized detail like a red bow with white decorative details. You can paste this loop on the card or you can also insert it into it by making some holes through which you can enter it.

Very original DIY Christmas card

original christmas cards diy interesting tree ideas

In addition the original Christmas cards are the best detail for a gift for someone special to make some wonderful personalized greeting cards to surprise your friends with an accent that is worth more than a store card. Dee this way the Christmas trees can also be done with some decorative details that you will have to place making the triangular shape of the pines.

The same design but this time with butterflies

original christmas cards diy tree christmas butterflies ideas

There are numerous ways to wish a Merry Christmas as well as the designs of the Christmas cards that you can create for your friends and family. From the most formal ideas to the most original ones, today we show you everything. To make this triangular shape you can also use some butterflies. However, in both cases you will have to make a pot or pine trunk and stick it on the bottom.

DIY Christmas card with very nice angel

original christmas cards diy house angel ideas

For these original Christmas cards that we show you today the materials you need are cardboard or paper of different colors, adhesive tape, fabric and any object that your imagination can turn into a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or snowman. Everything depends on your imagination.

Very original DIY Christmas cards with Christmas trees inside

original christmas cards diy house tree christmas ideas

When Christmas approaches, what we all want is to share our emotions and feelings with the people we love the most. These emotions can be expressed in a Christmas card that will also remain as a beautiful memory in the person who receives it.

Various very elegant DIY Christmas card designs

original christmas cards diy house white black ideas

Receiving gifts, of course, is always pleasant and affectionate gesture is very appreciated by the person receiving the gift but why not go further and surprise this person with a unique card made by you or your child. To make some original and elegant Christmas cards you have to bet on the colors and tones that when combined create this effect. For that you can use the color black, gold and white and you can add some interesting details by also entering another color.

Simple design DIY Christmas card with stars

original christmas cards diy white house simple ideas

Making a Christmas card for someone implies a certain relationship with the person and what better way to make a personalized card depending on what you like. If your friend loves Christmas trees here you can find several ideas of Christmas cards with prints and drawings of Christmas trees.

DIY Christmas card decorated with glitter

original christmas cards diy house bright ideas

If, on the other hand, Santa's reindeer are your weakness, we also have options for original Christmas cards with reindeer. All the things that we remember Christmas can be found in these images.

Ideas of poinsettia prints on the Christmas card

original christmas cards diy house flower christmas ideas

Christmas cards are really the right touch that will give a greater emphasis to the exchange of gifts. As we said the Christmas cards can be created according to the tastes of the person receiving the gift.

DIY Christmas card made of natural materials

original christmas cards-diy home interesting ideas

If it is an adult and you do not know what design will be better we advise you to opt for more formal Christmas cards, with very soft pastel colors and decorations and typical images. Also with some natural decorative details you can create some very interesting cards especially when you add a bouquet of a pine in the decoration of the card.

A very creative design of Christmas card DIY

original christmas cards diy house snow doll

In the event that the Christmas cards that you are going to create yourself are sent to friends or very happy friends with whom you share laughs, then it will be better to opt for bright colors and fun and little elaborate images for your friends to rejoice upon receiving your cards.

A Christmas landscape recreated in a very original way

original christmas cards diy house snowy landscape ideas

Creating your Christmas card is a very simple task and will not take much time. First of all, we must obtain the color card for which we have opted for our cards, preferably white, red, blue green or gold are the colors of Christmas.

Three different designs to recreate at home

original christmas cards diy house various designs ideas

Then we can cut out a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas balls, the reindeer Rudolph a snowman and so many other images that can also be drawn on Christmas greeting cards.

One more idea with buttons to decorate your Christmas card

original christmas cards diy decoration buttons ideas

It all depends on your creativity and the ease with which you draw or handle the scissors. Also of how he will form, modify and elaborate his thoughts while making the beautiful Christmas cards. You can also make these cards at home with some buttons attached. In this way with the buttons you can make the images of hanging Christmas balls.

A very nice blue Christmas tree

original christmas cards diy painted ideas

These fabric and paper Christmas trees that you can see in our photos will make it very easy for your Christmas cards to stand out this year.

Gloves with snowflakes decorating the Christmas card

original christmas cards colorful gloves ideas

With some basic techniques, you can create a wide range of styles in different shapes, colors and decorative details. This garland is made with different green glue buttons and a small red fabric bow. A card that you can make in a few minutes.

Christmas wreath made of green buttons very easy to make

christmas cards original christmas wreath ideas

With cardboard or drawing on the card you can make snowflakes or a snowman and decorate it with brightness. For a more original snowman see the following photo. In addition to the garlands that you can make in the original cards with buttons, these can also be used for apra ahcer uans Christmas wreaths. To complete the decoration of the buttons you can add a red bow on top of the crown.

A snowman made of white buttons

original christmas cards muneco snow buttons ideas

It is also not difficult to create the Christmas card as you can see in the next photo, all you need is skill with the sewing machine. Besides the buttons you can also use them to make the figure of a snowman. For that you have to select some white buttons keeping in mind that the bigger button will have to be under the others that will be smaller.

Very nice green fabric Christmas tree

original christmas cards red white tree ideas

On this Christmas card you can see a 3-D tree from folded paper rectangles that come out this project can be ruined if you mail it, so it's best to save it for friends who will come home and give it to you then.

Two ideas of Christmas trees made of green paper

cards christmas tree christmas original design ideas

The next idea is of a Christmas tree and a dove made with paper cutouts (from a book, newspaper or magazine). This option is very original and of course economic, ecological and can be done with your children because who does not like to cut and have fun.

Christmas cards made with newspaper and cardboard

cards christmas tree christmas pigeon newspaper diy ideas

Instead of newspapers or free you can use fabric as with paper cuttings this project can be completed in more or less half an hour is very simple to do.

A Christmas tree that looks very beautiful on the Christmas card

cards christmas tree christmas fabric ideas

The following card design will take you less than half an hour what you should do is take the skein of the color that you like, cut a piece of 10 cm or more depending on the size of the ball and roll it into a ball the cardboard in the we spread glue.

Christmas card with Christmas balls of wool of different colors

cards christmas ball wool different colors ideas

Do you like these Christmas cards? Then you do not have any other option than to get down to work and create some original cards made by you to surprise all your friends and family this year with the most elaborate detail and Unique

Cardboard christmas card with christmas tree and decorative buttons

cards christmas carton tree christmas diy ideas

A very elegant Christmas card option

cards christmas elegant leaf christmas surprise ideas

Various designs with typical Christmas elements

christmas cards christmas prints precious ideas

Christmas paper decorations to decorate the Christmas card

cards christmas shape balls christmas tree colors udeas

A garland of fabrics in red and blue on the Christmas card

cards christmas garland fabric pretty ideas

Christmas card made of cardboard decorated with fabrics of different colors

interesting christmas cards vibrant colors ideas

Christmas balls of different colors very beautiful

cards christmas ornaments balls tree colorful ideas

A very beautiful snowy Christmas landscape on the Christmas card

cards christmas paidaje christmas card diy ideas

A very nice little bird on the christmas card

cards christmas bird original bouquet ideas

Ideas with typical Christmas character prints

cards christmas santa claus snow reindeer ideas

Very nice card to give to family

simple christmas cards family photo ideas

Christmas tree made of bottle caps painted with glitter

christmas cards cute caps original prints ideas

Three christmas trees on a card

cards christmas three trees christmas green white ideas

Very interesting and unexpected fabric cards

Christmas cards several designs different ideas

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