Original effects for your exterior and interior lighting

LED illuminated house exterior pool levels modern

With the right light you can create a better and very interesting environment for friends and family. Today we present the effects of illumination Indoors and outdoors to give you an idea. With these ideas of effects with lights in different vibrant colors you can use it to accentuate and highlight some element of the decoration of your house or some place that is more special for you.

Effects for the garden with LED lighting

LED lighting exterior spaces original ideas jacuzzi

Today we present the possibility of using light from spotlights on the ceiling, floor or wall. You can also put your lighting under the bed or kitchen island to give your exterior a futuristic image. If what you need is to create an interesting attraction or a place of focus in a room or outdoor space, consider the possibilities that we offer you today of lights embedded in the ceiling with direct lighting or lights hidden in the false ceiling and scatter the light in the sides.

Effects for indoor and outdoor with lighting in different colors


LED lamps and LED strips are an additional form of beautiful and modern lighting that can be installed in a very easy way at home. There are many different ideas for indirect LED ceiling lights, depending on the size and function of the space. You can illuminate dark corners in the kitchen, emphasize a work of art on the wall in the living room or create beautiful lighting effects behind the bed in the bedroom for a dramatic backdrop.

Bedroom with round bed very well lit

Fantastic bedroom round bed LED lighting ideas

Indirect lighting illuminates as a track along the ceiling and is inconspicuous when it does not turn on. LED lighting works great. She brings magical effects and a touch of creativity in modern interior design. False ceilings are a trend and a unique decorative element for any living space. When the LED strip is added, you very well improve the space with the glowing light. The lights remain invisible, which increases their magical and mysterious effect in modern interior design.

Luminodo white bedroom with shelves with LED lamps

bedroom lighting LED color white floor wood ideas

Large bathroom with two sinks with lots of light

effects lighting bathroom wide two sinks ideas

Another bathroom idea with bathtub with illuminated edges

effects lighting bathroom small bathtub modern

Large kitchen with white furniture and LED lamps on the ceiling

effects lighting kitchen style furniture white ideas

Another kitchen idea with LED lighting

lighting effects large kitchen large white furniture IDEAS

Modern living room with illuminated edges

effects lighting dining room modern ideas

Large bedroom with LED lighting under the bed

lighting effects bedroom bed wide color black white

lighting effects large interior spaces stone wall

lighting effects ideas modern spacious living room

effects lighting salon kitchen island ideas

lighting effects salon piano-sofa grande ideas

Lovely outdoor party night lighting LED ideas

lighting large bedroom prices modern ideas

LED lighting bathroom window natural light day ideas

lighting salon wall stone television ideas modern

green lighting modern living room ideas

small apartment desk ideas modern LED lighting

LED lighting broad bathroom red blue interesting modern

kitchen countertops marble black chairs bara lighting LED ideas

effects lighting bath jacuzzi shower purple ideas

kitchen furniture color black island illuminated down ideas

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