Original home costumes for this Halloween

original ideas couples costumes

If you're looking for ideas for your Halloween costume this year but you're short on budget, then this post is definitely for you. We think that the real charm of dressing up is to use your imagination to create original and fun costumes, that's why today we're going to show you forty-two hallucinatory ideas of homemade costumes for Halloween, do not miss them.

Great ideas for homemade last minute Halloween costumes

original homemade costumes

It is expected that the unique Harley Quinn is the star of this Halloween, and best of all is that you can recreate their clothing in a very simple way. Next we are going to give you the steps to follow to make your homemade costume of Harley Quinn, and while you can see images of more interesting ideas for homemade costumes. To make the top of the villana you will need a red shirt and a black top. Wear two long-sleeved shirts to achieve the classic look of Harley Quinn. Place the shirts on the work surface. Use a ruler or ribbon to find the exact center of each one. Draw a line in the center using chalk or cloth pencil. Use the ruler to draw another line 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from the center line

Steps to design the costume of Harley Quinn

design disguise Harley Quinn

On the black shirt, draw the second line to the left of the center line. For the red shirt, point to the second line to the right of the center line. Divide the two in half. Use sharp sewing scissors to cut along the second lines of both shirts. Do not cut along the center lines. If you cut in the center lines, you will not have enough material to make a hem. It may be necessary to pin the front and back of the shirts together so that you can make a smooth cut at the front and back. Otherwise, you must redraw the center and the second line on the back of the shirts and cut the backs out separately.

Different versions of the Harley Quinn costume

original design disguise Harley

Save the additional fabric to create diamond appliqués for the sleeves. Sew the red half to the black half. Fix the two halves together along the center line so that the extra fabric of each half is hidden inside the suit, behind the fold. Using a sewing machine and red or black thread, sew a straight line along of the stitching to join the two shirts together. Pesptate the ends to secure them. If you sew the suit by hand, use a stitching to sew a straight line from the top to the bottom of the shirts. Suture both sides before turning the shirt the right side out again. Attach some diamonds to the sleeves.

Original Joker costume design

If you are looking for the classic look of Harley Quinn, you will have to attach three diamonds on the sleeves of the shirt. Draw and cut three diamonds from the extra black fabric and three from the extra red fabric. Diamonds should be 2 inches (5 cm) high and 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. Sew the three red diamonds in a partial diamond pattern on top of the black cuff. The diamonds should be out. Sew the three black diamonds on the bottom of the red cuff. These diamonds should be out. Wrap a corset around your waist. This option is more for those who are interested in the "Arkham Asylum" version of Harley Quinn instead of the classic look. If you do not have a corset you can take a black strapless shirt with a sweetheart neckline and put it on the shirt and tie on a belt.

Original designs of homemade costumes of last minute

original home costumes group

Descose the central seams of two jeggings or red and black skirts. The pants have a central seam that extends from the top of the waist, down between the legs and back to the waist again. Use a thread extractor to pull the entire thread of the two halves. If you only have to cut the jeggings, you probably do not have enough additional fabric to join the two halves together.

Great designs of homemade costumes for children

simple homemade children's costumes

It is also possible to use leggings, but the jeggings are made of a thicker material and are easier to work with for this project. If possible, use jeggings made by the same manufacturer so that the two halves fit together more easily. Save the color halves that are opposite to the colors used for your shirt. Since the right arm of the shirt must be black and the left arm must be red, the right leg of the pants must be red and the left leg of the pants must be black.

Original designs of homemade costumes of rockers couple

homemade costumes couple bad rockers

Save the excess material for the diamond appliqués. Cut the two halves together. In turn it joins the halves of the jeggings inside out and sets the halves of red and black together along the fabric without sewing hems. Sew a straight line from the waist, through the legs and back to the other side of the waist.

Original sailor boy costume

disguise child sailor hat

Use red or black thread. If a sewing machine is used, use a straight stitch and pesp the ends to hold them in place. If you sew by hand, use a stitching to create a sturdy seam. Before propping, you should try on the sewn pants to make sure there are no holes and that the seams allow you to sit, walk and bend over.

Simple and original Halloween costume ideas

disguise girl without head inside urn

Add diamond appliqués. You will need three black diamonds and three red diamonds. Diamonds should be approximately twice as large as diamonds used for the top. Sew the three black diamonds in a partial diamond pattern over the top of the red leg. Sew the three red diamonds in a partial diamond pattern on the bottom of the black leg.

Original amusement park seat costume

disguise seat park attractions

Having seen this, let's continue reviewing more great ideas for homemade Halloween costumes.

Original false baby costume with kangaroo

original baby costume photo

If you have a babysitter for babies and a doll with the shape of a baby, you will only need a photograph of your face in real size to create this original baby with adult head. You can print a photo with a printer.

How to make an original Justin Bieber costume

Justin Bieber's costume

Justin Bieber is still causing real furor, and his look does not seem really hard to imitate. You need a nice hairstyle with volume and, of course, a carpet red

Original lion lion costume design

great lion costume

You also have ideas for the kids in the house; improvise with the materials and fabrics that you have at home and design a great lion costume for your son.

Super retro style fortune man costume

strong man retro style

The muscular man of the circus in retro style is really simple; a striped tank top and shorts, the rest is a matter of makeup and accessories. Use a bar with two balloons on the extremities to imitate the weights.

Original homemade spider costume

original spider costume

The child spider seems super original, his costume consists of many limbs that have been achieved by sewing sleeves and legs additional to the common clothes. You will also need several pairs of gloves, at least three.

Original hipster lumberjack costume design

original hipster costume design

This original disguise as a woodcutter is quite current, a "hipster" look is simple to recreate, the only thing that seems more complicated is the beard, but surely you can contrive to design one that is great.

Original disguise of the devilish doll Chucky

The diabolical doll is a classic; You need a cowboy breastplate, a long sleeved shirt with red and blue stripes and very ruffled orange hair.

Original little granny costume

original grandma costume

This lovely granny is great, her costume is simple and has a matching hat and an apron. You will also need a wig and large glasses without graduation.

Original ideas for a mime costume

original design disguise mime

The mime costume is ideal for both children and adults, a last-minute pampering suit can be the perfect solution if it's too late to go shopping. A black and white horizontal striped shirt is ideal, but it also works well with a black white collar shirt and a hat. Do not forget the characteristic white makeup.

Original "selfie" costume on Instagram

originaldisplay selfie instagram

Today nobody leaves the house without their mobile phone. Social networks are part of our lives, why not use them as a theme for our Halloween costume? Look for a cardboard box that is big enough and make yourself a frame for super original selfies.

Ideas for a homemade gangster rapper costume

Home costume rapper gangster

A famous rapper covered in fame and glory, to achieve this look you only need a microphone and gold chains. Fake gold, of course. Use any complement of your taste to make your character look awesome.

Original popcorn dispenser costume for mom and baby

original disguise baby popcorn box

If your baby is still a newborn and you usually wear it in kangaroo, this is the ideal occasion to do something original and fun together for the first time.

Original Simpsons family home costumes

original simpsons family costumes

To dress up in the Simpsons family, you do not need too many materials, except yellow paint for the skin. If you plan to disguise yourself as Marge, we suggest you use some type of paper or cotton for the hair of blue color.

Ideas for making a homemade Addams Wednesday costume

original disguise Wednesday Addams

The characters of the Addams family are perfect for Halloween, and Wednesday Addams is perhaps the character that requires less effort when it comes to recreating it. A black dress with white collar, shoes and black stockings, and a simple hairstyle of two braids. The complexion must look very pale and for that you can use white paint and white powder. In addition to this form also creates a contrast with the color black and highlights the color of the skin.

Original ideas for homemade Halloween costumes

original ideas homemade costumes

There are really great and original options if you are looking for ideas for your costume, but if you have not yet convinced, keep browsing through the images in our gallery below, we come back very soon with more interesting articles, do not miss visiting our website.

Ideas for homemade Halloween costumes for women

homemade costumes girls women

Simple ideas to make funny costumes

simple ideas funny costumes

Simple and original costumes for this Halloween

Halloween costumes on Halloween

Original mobile phone costume

original mobile phone disguise

Great costume of a woman who lives with many cats

original costume woman cats

Great ideas for homemade Halloween costumes

ideas for homemade costumes

Original ideas for homemade Halloween costumes

original ideas homemade costumes

Simple last minute costumes for children

original ideas simple costumes

Original ideas to dress up on Halloween

original ideas disguise Halloween

Great ideas for Halloween costumes

original idea disguise box

Simple farmer costume design

simple design disguise farmer

Super gumball machine costume

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