Original ideas for weddings and advice on style

wedding banquet style shabby chic ideas

Today we have for all of you some original ideas for weddings since we all very well know that the wedding It is an exceptional event and for many very important. This is one of the reasons why each couple wants to make this day the most beautiful, bright and happy not only for them but also for their guests.

Original ideas for weddings with shabby chic decoration

wedding table center decoration pink white ideas

After all, it is not surprising that in many cultures think that if the wedding is well and everyone is happy the couple will live in happiness and prosperity. We know that you, like everyone else, will pay special attention to the organization of the wedding.

Original ideas for weddings with vintage style decoration

wedding decoration options style design ideas

We are here to help you because on our page you can find many ideas and tips on wedding decoration for the banquet room bouquets Dresses and hairstyles of brides centerpieces and much more.

A wedding banquet in white with simple but very original decoration

simple wedding decoration options style ideas

Carrying out all the preparations for this important event is a very complex task. It is necessary to choose the subject of the wedding and to take into account its style even in the last detail, to enjoy after the perfect celebration.

A tall pompous centerpiece of white flowers that catches the eye

center table colorful original options style ideas

But do not be discouraged because the wedding at the end is a party that for many happens very fast and everything is like a dream. You are the only person who can decide which wedding style you prefer.

An entry option to the ceremony for an outdoor wedding

entrance ceremony style rustic options ideas

To begin think of a theme and style for the wedding. If you do not know what to do, the best option is to answer some questions. What we want to say is ask yourself what would you like most if your wedding is like a magnificent banquet, a gala party, a dinner or light meal, a super fun meeting with a lot of laughter or that looks more like a picnic.

Wooden wedding arch decorated with white flowers

original ideas for weddings arca wood plants modern

Who would you like to attend your wedding? Consider not only the number of guests, but also the close ones that are for you. Want a style that is guided by geographical or national characteristics.

Another design of simple but beautiful banquet room in white

original ideas for modern beautiful white weddings

You can choose a ceremony in the style of each of the countries that comes to mind Russian, Japanese, French, Hawaiian, American and any other. In addition, if future newlyweds have the same profession or common passion, a hobby that can be turned into a key theme of the wedding even better.

Original ideas for weddings boho chic style sweets table

original ideas for modern boho chic weddings

For example, the theme of the sailor wedding, for the couple who live nearby or want a wedding at sea. If instead you like to go to the mountains and are climbing enthusiasts then a wedding in the woods will be a good idea.

Natural table runner and plants hanging on the table of the wedding dinner

original ideas for weddings path natural modern table

After selecting the theme of the wedding, the fun begins. Now you have to develop a concept and carry it out, adding some interesting details.

High centerpiece of white flowers and hanging crystals for a more dramatic look

original ideas for weddings modern table center

The general style of the wedding should correspond to the selected theme. The best option, is that all the elements, from the invitations to the party to the last decorative branch are of the same color or have the same colors.

Luxurious center to decorate the table of the wedding dinner

original ideas for weddings center beautiful modern table

If the budget does not allow you to choose the decoration that combines perfectly, you can always make a reasonable compromise. The main thing is not to go too far beyond the chosen topic.

A perfect centerpiece option for vintage wedding


When choosing the style of a wedding should pay special attention to musical accompaniment. The music should be pleasant but discreet.

Original ideas for weddings centerpiece of beautiful succulents

original ideas for wedding center modern succulent plants

The themed decorations for the wedding should be chosen very well. Of course, if you really want to play with contrasts, it is possible. But in this case you will have to try to combine everything very well.

Very nice centerpiece at the wedding with boho chic decoration

original ideas for weddings modern boho chic decoration

You can opt for a romantic decoration and add an unexpected detail, but this requires a lot of experience and inspiration, so it's best to turn to professionals.

Key ideas with cards that take your guests to the tables

original ideas for weddings vintage decoration modern keys

A map on which are the cards with the names and tables of the guests

original ideas for weddings reception reception places modern guests

Wedding with very original vintage decoration

original ideas for weddings flowers plants modern

Ideas to decorate the wedding with trees with very beautiful lights

original ideas for weddings lights rustic style ideas

Ideas for the wedding candy table

original ideas for weddings table sweets ideas

An outdoor reception under the large canopy

original ideas for weddings tables chairs decoration reception modern

Stone ideas with the names of the guests that you can leave on the table so that everyone knows where to sit

original ideas for weddings stones names modern guests

Beautiful centerpiece of red roses and pink peonies

original ideas for weddings roses modern peonies

A room in which the only decoration are the very colorful high centerpieces

original ideas for weddings reception room modern design

A natural decoration of tree branches with green leaves for the chairs of the guests

original ideas for weddings beautiful chairs modern decoration

One more idea for decorating chairs with fresh flowers

original ideas for weddings chairs decorated originals modern

A very appropriate idea for the reception tables of a tropical wedding

original ideas for tropical weddings center modern table



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