Original wedding invitations - A nice detail for your guests

original wedding invitations design flowers details ideas

Today we have for all of you very attractive ideas of original wedding invitations so that your guests find out about their celebration in the best way. The invitations of wedding they are a very important thing since we all want to inform about the event so important to us in an interesting and original way.

Original wedding invitations with original stamp


The invitations They are the first impression that the guest will have about the wedding and with the invitations you will show the style or theme of the wedding. So when the time comes to think about invitations it is necessary to try to exercise maximum creativity.

Original wedding invitations with typography that will surprise your guests

wedding invitations original typography design ideas

No one wants their invitations to have an ordinary design, in which the names of the guests, the date and time of the event are simply written. The invitations must anticipate to the guests what will be the atmosphere of the wedding in the most attractive and original way possible.

Very original invitation that is divided into several parts

wedding invitations original typography design ideas 1

To make a good impression, in addition to the invitation, you can include information cards. What we want to say is that you can put in the envelope of the invitation also the plan of the seat, the card number of the table on which the guests should sit, thank you card etc ...

An invitation with very original vintage design

original wedding invitations attractive design interesting ideas

But you must be careful because all these elements included although they come as separate elements of the invitation should complement the same invitation and adjust to your style color and typography.

Beautiful invitation in blue with original writing

original wedding invitations dark blue design ideas

They must use the same design, theme and color combination. To achieve this, it is best to think in advance about all the components and materials from which your invitation will be made.

Wedding invitations in different colors depending on the sex of the guest

original wedding invitations design detail rings paper ideas

At the same time, we must not only focus on design and elegance, but also reduce costs and save time. So think carefully before deciding to include more components to your invitation.

A perfect white tie to add elegance to this invitation

original wedding invitations design detail white tie ideas

One thing you can do to save time and money and know who to send the invitations to is send emails to your guests with virtual cards «Save the date» is a card that serves as a warning to be sure that your guests They will have the opportunity to plan their other activities in advance knowing that they will attend a wedding.

A very romantic invitation in white and purple with a beautiful bow

original wedding invitations design detail purple tie ideas

The best you can do is send these virtual cards, as soon as you can. And if you do not have time to design your own virtual card or choose one the best alternative are the emails. Such invitations, you can send easily, with the guest list in your hands will not take you long.

Light yellow wedding invitation with relief and a detail key

original wedding invitations design detail key ideas

If you have the opportunity, send wedding invitations 1-2 months before the celebration. A question that all future bride will undoubtedly ask is what to write on the invitation?

A simple invitation with small diamond that is a beautiful detail

original wedding invitations diamond design luxurious detail ideas

If it is an intimate wedding you can write the text by hand but if you are going to invite many people the most popular option is the printed text. In addition to saving a lot of time, therefore, you have to choose a nice font, which is impressive.

A very elaborate invitation with many details to pleasantly surprise the guests

wedding invitations amazing design ideas

In the wedding invitations usually the date and time of celebration is indicated. The celebration usually consists of two or more parties.

A very colorful wedding invitation option once again with several details


We are talking about the ceremony in the church and the wedding banquet, which are held in different places. In the invitation, it is necessary to specify the exact time and exact location of each event.

A simple invitation with rustic style design

wedding invitations rustic design ideas

If you are planning a themed wedding and have preferences regarding the dress of the guests you should include it in the invitation. By the way, as we said the information you want to announce to the guests, it can be divided into several cards.

Wedding invitations a very original typography idea

original wedding invitations elegant modern design ideas

If you have not sent the virtual card along with the invitation card, you can submit an "answer card" that will induce the guest not to delay the answer of whether or not he / she will be able to attend the wedding.

Original wedding invitations with beautiful patterned roses

original wedding invitations design prints roses ideas

These are our tips on the preparation of invitations for your wedding we hope you have helped. Now we leave you with our photos of original wedding invitations to be inspired and choose the design that best suits the style of your wedding decoration.

An attractive invitation idea perfect for a wedding in the countryside

original wedding invitations design country style ideas

Another design of wedding invitations inspired by the rustic style

original wedding invitations rustic style design ideas

Wedding invitations inspired by the movies and stories of the wild west

original wedding invitations design style wild west ideas

A beautiful option with light green envelope

original wedding invitations design attractive options ideas

A perfect choice for a spring wedding

original wedding invitations design options elegant style ideas

An original design for roman style lovers and stories like Romeo and Juliet's parchment-shaped invitations

original wedding invitations papyrus design ideas

A very romantic and very feminine design with lace fabric and white bow

original wedding invitations romantic design feminine ideas

An invitation idea with a perfect shell shape for beach weddings

original wedding invitations attractive shape shell ideas

One more idea for weddings on the beach is the invitation that arrives as a message in the bottle

original wedding invitations message in bottle ideas

An elegant design with white lace and bows

original wedding invitations details white lace modern ideas

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