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cement tiles gray color outdoor floors

From brick to cedar wood platforms and concrete pavements, the options for outdoor floors They can be multiple, but when you consider the pros and cons of each, it is simple to choose a type of floor and the style that best suits your space and your budget.

Ideas for original outdoor floors

impressive design wood floor

Let's start by talking about wood and its pros and cons: a wood siding is one of the simplest DIY projects. It reduces the cost substantially, but the wood requires cleaning and sealing every one to two years.

Great design of wooden terrace floor

super design floor terrace

The cost is around 8 or 10 Eur per square foot for the wood treated less expensive; 18 or 20 Eur per square foot for high-end wood; 20 or 25 Eur per square foot for cheap treated wood, with supports and railings.

Design of wooden terrace platform

platform floor terrace wood

A platform could cost around 35 Eur per square foot. The ideal location for this type of floor is the terraces or the pool covers.

Original design of modern style patio floor

nice modern patio floor

Design ideas: The use of local hardwood in the construction of the roof can be less expensive, since the wood does not have to be transported from another place. If your terrain is inclined, consider building the deck on the levels to follow the slope.

Beautiful design of stone paving stones

nice design floor paving stones

Let's see some characteristics of the natural stone . Among its pros and cons we find that the transportation of the stone can be expensive and the installation requires labor. The local stone of your region costs less and is more ecological. Once installed, the natural stone is extremely durable and almost maintenance-free.

Nice design of garden floor with tiles

modern garden floor tiles

Its cost varies according to the type of stone and region, but it is usually around 25 or 35 Eur per square foot. It is ideal for patios, terraces with swimming pools, front porches, walkways or even accents of the road.

Nice classic style garden tiles

beautiful classic style tiles

We suggest you use stones with an irregular shape to create a winding mosaic path. For a more uniform appearance, select cut modular stones.

Design of garden floor model Tarbes, by Realonda

modern outdoor floor designs

Natural stones have beautiful variations of color from gray to red or blue, which can form part of the pattern and overall design of your outdoor space.

Original stone mosaic floor design

original floor mosaic stones

Design of terrace with cement floor and wooden platform

floor terrace wood cement floor

Our next proposal is concrete. A basic concrete slab is cheap, low maintenance and a good long-term option, although cracking is difficult to repair. Concrete pavements are very easy to repair; simply lift the damaged section and replace it. It usually costs from 4 to 6 Eur per square foot for basic concrete; from 7 to 8 Eur per square foot for paving stones; 12 Eur per square foot for stamped concrete or acid etching.

Original design of concrete garden floor

original decoration floor patio garden

Its ideal location is in the patios, entrances, pool area, garden paths or front porches Design Ideas: The color and pattern options make the concrete resemble stone, bricks or other high-end materials. Concrete pavements are durable, low maintenance, and come in a wide variety of brick-to-slab designs.

Original terrace floor covering with ceramic tiles

floor design style balddosas

Ceramic tiles installed outdoors must be highly anti-slip and withstand freeze-thaw cycles. Look for a type of tile that has been specifically formulated for the exterior, that is dense with low levels of absorption. Tiles usually require a sealer to protect the grout from cracks.

Original garden mosaic design by Realonda

original design garden mosaic

Its cost is usually around 20 Eur per square foot and is ideal for front porches, patios, garden steps and pool decks. Use accent tiles to create a border; put contrasting tiles in a diamond pattern; Create a path inside a large patio by putting a contrasting color on a walkway formation. Use the smaller tiles in a mosaic model as a focal point.

Great design ideas for the garden floor

ideas design floor garden

Original design of modern terrace floor

original design floor terrace

Beautiful cream-colored ceramic tiles

original ceramic tile color cream

Nice design of garden and terrace floor

pretty garden floor design

Original designs of wooden outdoor floors

designs wood floors exterior

Design of terrace floor with modern tiles

nice floor terrace tiles

Modern design outdoor floors

decorate garden terrace floor

Original design of modern style rectangular tiles

rectangular floor tiles modern floor

Cladding options for outdoor floors

options decoration exterior floors

Ceramic tile model Hellin, from Realonda

brown garden floor tiles

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