Outdoor lighting impactful ideas with lanterns

outdoor lighting ideas trees hanging effects

Although the monitor has been left behind we can still spend pleasant moments outside our home. Especially during the nights we have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing and beautiful landscape. Mainly when we have the right lighting.

Exterior lighting Mediterranean style ideas

exterior lighting ideas mediterranean wood

Today that is precisely the theme that we want to deal with in a general way. When it comes to outdoor lighting design ideas and other lanterns are a popular choice. They are an element that conveniently located will allow us to create relaxing environments. Both the terraces and the gardens can be converted into quiet places for our enjoyment. In addition to its aesthetic effect the exterior lighting ideas with lanterns or other source of light will always be necessary.

Exterior lighting ideas for rustic designs in the gardens

exterior lighting ideas lanterns trails

If it is about celebrations it will always be necessary to have some option at hand. Only with the lighting of the lanterns can we accentuate the spirit of our decoration. As a trend we can say that they came to stay in everything related to exterior lighting ideas and others. In places like porch They can accentuate the appeal of the entire space. As in the terraces or the patios with swimming pools.

The perfect detail that fills with elegance this elongated swimming pool with cover

outdoor lighting ideas hanging plants

Best of all, they are sources of lighting that do not affect the existing style of our decoration. According to the models many will even help us to add a certain Mediterranean touch to the environments. There are models of greater complexity and texture in the designs that can be combined with greater doses of color. These designs are a direct reference to the Moroccan accents in the decoration. Many accessories for lighting with this style are very popular in many countries.

Paper lanterns combined in different shades of classic models

exterior lighting ideas lanterns paper color

For outdoor lighting ideas and environments are perfect to create an interesting mixing effect of cultures. Therefore if what we want is to create in our patio a lighting and a relaxing style are a great solution. These lanterns are the perfect choice to create a cozy and aesthetic refuge. To contemporary courtyards in the same way we can add them to give them a Mediterranean accent of more subtlety. In a general way, exterior lighting ideas and different concepts are effective.

Another beautiful design idea when it comes to lighting outdoor rustic dining rooms

exterior lighting ideas fragments rustic tables

A patio or porch can be turned around and transformed into an exotic environment. We will simply have to select some exotic subject such as tropical and then add some seats and beautiful lanterns. In the case of outdoor chimneys they are the perfect complement. The paper lanterns we can say that they are another classic in terms of outdoor lighting ideas and design. Each of the models has a visual appeal that is unique. With its origin in China today we can find them anywhere in the world.

Several models give this terrace by the sea a greater dynamism and freshness

exterior lighting ideas beaches concepts branches

Designs designed to be outdoors can be another color option. Its visual impact according to size must be taken into account. Even more so when it comes to open spaces and large spaces or celebrations. The options for hanging outdoors can also be the perfect complement for elements such as pergolas. However, many models located on the ground will continue to look perfect. This is a perfect trend to combine the environments with swimming pools. The results as we see in many images is impressive.

A simple idea to light a small patio with two paper models

exterior lighting ideas paper giant games

Decorating with lanterns around the pools is almost like a norm. The location should only be careful and detailed to create attractive configurations. In terms of exterior lighting, design ideas and other lanterns are a versatile option that is very fashionable. If you prefer to hang them outdoors, the result will be just as effective. We can always find the exact model that harmonizes with the style of the space we want to decorate.

White creates an unmatched contrast with the surrounding vegetation of the garden

exterior lighting ideas living room armchairs

It does not matter if it's eclectic, rustic or modern environments. You can mix each one without great effort with a harmonic result. Another area of ​​the porches are the outdoor dining rooms. With a good selection the space will look more cheerful and with festive details. Not to mention that being a dining room needs good lighting. The options to configure any of these spaces can opt for two trends. The first is a combination of several hanging lamps or placing a larger one. The possible combinations and contrasts can be seen in today's images.

They can be the perfect solution to complement the pergolas in terms of aesthetics

exterior lighting ideas warm textures

Next to the chimneys the atmosphere of the patio becomes more cozy and homelike

cozy fireplace effect combined circles

Models suspended with chains, the best option to illuminate the porch or corridors

pendants lanterns lighting porch effects

A different variant for the case of the pergolas, beautiful silver accent very elegant

colorful outdoor environments fountains details

A contemporary patio full of details and effects with adequate lighting

contemporary landscape style planter walls

When it comes to elegance in the pool environment this is a good example

elegant classic fence pool chairs

Tropical environment with a pool bounded by several metal lanterns with candles

elegant metalic tropical design ideas

Another good example of its use to decorate in private and elegant rustic spaces

elegant private space rustic combinations

Large models that fill this entrance in style in a Mediterranean space

mediterranean entrance style plants

A beautiful combination of metallic Moroccan models for a small dining room

lanterns moroccan lanterns tables parasol

Perfect paper models for celebrations outside our home

festive images color celebrations chimneys

The perfect solution when it comes to entering color, Go Green Construction

lanterns varied colors roofed shelves

The forge always looks great when it comes to lighting a rustic porch

rustic porch armchairs color effects

Lanterns and lamps are the right complement to give new dimensions to the design

supplementing environment colore style effects

Combined with the candles, its elegance is superior as in this interesting terrace

traditional patio candles combinations stand

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