Outdoor lighting - the garden you did not know.

exterior lighting warm terrace lights

I think we can be categorical, there is nothing that gives more dramatism and style to the landscape than the exterior lighting. Ideal to highlight different plants and spaces of our garden or pool. It is a resource with much to explore. We are going to approach today a little to that infinite world of light and color that we can also have in our patio. Many times we have interesting details in our garden but they are only visible during daylight hours.

Outdoor lighting, lights in water source

exterior lighting steps wall garden

Once the night comes, they vanish and lose all interest. This is the moment when the exterior lighting is decisive. With a little light well placed in places of interest, the beauty of the landscape is prolonged. Usually reserved for plants of large size as in the examples we bring today, although it is not an inflexible rule. We must mention that if you do not have a backyard there are also solutions.

Outdoor lighting, for large trees

Outdoor lighting led tree platform

The exterior lighting is applicable to terraced rooms regardless of their location. Ponds, pools or any water source are also ideal sites. When they are illuminated they become much more elegant. The landscape near these water sources should also illuminate it. The effect is always relaxing and peaceful. The swimming pools especially they can be illuminated from the bottom. It is a resource that when combined with outdoor lighting in the floors creates an exclusive whole.

Vegetation near pool

exterior lighting palm trees garden swimming pool

If you have a selection of tropical plants they are the ones that you should light up. They have long, shiny leaves that reflect light very well and create perfect silhouettes. Usually the decision of which plants to illuminate is complex. Prioritize the largest or number. Above all, we highlight those that stand out from the rest. Other elements such as the fences that we will see in the images, also come alive with light. Enjoy these galleries with practical and creative solutions.

Illuminated green wall

outdoor lighting patio pool furniture

Focus on wall, for Lewis Aquatech

outdoor lighting pool umbrella chairs

Light on rock wall

exterior lighting rocks lajas wall tree

Highlighting tall tree

exterior lighting armchairs fire tree

From pool base

outdoor lighting lounger patio pool

Lights on wall

Focal lights bench dim pots

colors table patio led furniture lighting

pond patio rocks chairs fountain garden

Figures luminaires exterior house lawn

fountain patio lights decoration effect design

ideas diy lights garden lights focal

large flower pots patio flowers

table lamp design lantern metal decoration

patio cushions plants furniture ratan

patio palm trees decoration tropical wall

pool lights plant planter focal

pool patio sunshade rocks steps

path paving stones lamp path

footpath lamparas floor door lajas arco

sun beds lights stairs garden flowers

garden fire decorating bench well

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