Outdoor showers - live close to nature.

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Revitalizing, energetic, pleasant and many other adjectives are those that serve to describe a good bath. After a stressful workday or study is an indisputable necessity. Several minutes under the shower help to relax the muscles and create a sense of well-being necessary for daily activities. The showers have gained a lot in terms of quality and design in recent years. They add character to our bathroom although they have already moved away from the interior of our homes.

Outdoor showers, solar variant

outdoor showers garden solar sofa

We can adapt them to the exterior of the house and there are already some designed for this purpose, such as the solar ones. A shower outside is another plus that we can add to our garden or patio and that will differentiate it. Whenever we have the space to show off one is vital. For the more daring, the terrace can also be an ideal place. The showers for exterior they must be incorporated into the general design of the garden. They should flow as one more component and not be seen as an appendix of the patio.

Outdoor showers, bamboo deck

outdoor showers bambu cover wall

If they are installed close to the house we can connect them to energy systems. Also try to ensure that the residual water with soap or shampoo after cleaning does not come in contact with the plants. Within the wide range of outdoor showers, laptops are very popular. Its use is very elementary and the folding models are very practical at all times. A courtyard with modern air should not do without a solar shower. It is another of those models that we can find with modern and striking designs.

Rustic channel shower

Outdoor showers canal rustic terrace

There are very elegant variants of solar showers made of aluminum that have different finishes. One of them is the imitation of wood. There are more traditional models that we can see in pools, especially with the traditional structure to which we are adapted. But the technology is basically the same. An accumulator of water that is heated by solar energy and then mixed with cold water. According to the model, the functions will be superior. As it can be a mixer for the control of the temperature of the water.

Closing with curtains

outdoor showers side house curtains

An important detail is to build them if you wish, in one of the exterior walls of the house. This would give the possibility to connect it to the hydraulic network of your home. This variant may be less economic because it will surely require some investment. Because we do not talk about a connection with a hose as in other cases. They also require a greater space need. If you have a pool at home, outdoor showers that are mobile like tripod showers are a great advantage. They can move to different areas since their connection is through a hose.

Shower with flat rocks path

outdoor showers flower pot plants road

They are easy to transport because they are made of lightweight materials. Even up to wood with a very simple base. The variants by which we can choose if we want to achieve a bit of privacy are several. The most common and elegant is to close a sector of the outdoor shower area with wood. Several lists placed horizontally or several wooden panels will make this space more comfortable and intimate. If the wood is not treated against moisture, one or several layers of paint will also make it more durable.

Total closure in wood

outdoor showers wood closed plant

It is advisable to leave a few centimeters of separation at the bottom. This will avoid permanent contact with the surface wet from the earth. In this way, its useful life will be extended and we will enjoy it for a long time. Style and air of spa for our garden is what we bring outdoor showers. One more way we can select to enjoy nature. An environment for fun and rejuvenating taste that always remains after a shower.

Shower with interior garden

outdoor showers wood garden wall

Close with wooden lists

showers for outdoor wood ready common

Vertical garden separator

showers for outdoor metalic plants wall green

Closing with bamboo and curtain

outdoor showers bambu patio curtains

Work shower

outdoor showers wall rocks patio

Tropical style shower

showers for outdoor palm trees lights cococtero

Closed work shower

outdoor showers back yard work

With wooden base and partial closure

showers for outdoor pool rocks wood

Warm outdoor bathroom

showers for outdoor plants garden warm

Tropical shower

outdoor showers rocks tropical ferns

Rustic shower

Outdoor showers rustic wall towels

Inclusion on terrace

Outdoor showers terrace balcony patio

Outdoor shower wood

outdoor showers tropical style flowers

Elegant metal with partial closure

steel shower patio metal grass

Bamboo rolls outdoor shower panels

house design patio shower garden path

closed wooden lists flowers treated

open sky exterior wood mural

columns covered plants covered wall

shower closed wood exterior house pergola

outdoor shower dock house platform

shower wood trunk patio ferns


outdoor mirror shower plants wood

exterior shower bathroom covered cottage

exterior shower bathroom roofing luxury sofa

exterior shower luxury modern house

flowers open shower garden wall

lamp roof shower outdoor rocks

decorative wood shower flowers garden

exterior wood shower closed towel

wood exterior shower garden slabs

mural rocks wall shower ele

concrete wall palm tree soaps outdoor shower

wall wood deck rocks house

stones wall plants shower work

decoration wood rocks patio plants

gravel wood platform bamboo tropical

outdoor patio shower wall stairs

rocks stones shower patio forest

terrace shower bathroom towels wood

spacious shower door roofed towels

shower patio rich exterior plants

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