Painted nails - Choose a design with modern geometric style


The truth is that the manicure with elements of geometry was never very popular, but has its own connoisseurs and is always fashionable. The geometric drawings became fashionable the previous year and still do not lose their relevance. Nail techniques painted with manicure geometry are quite difficult for teachers of nail beginners, but there are some secrets that can help them master. At work, you can use a series of auxiliary tools to apply smooth lines.

Fashion nail manicure painted with typical elements of geometry in different styles


Today what we show you are photos with the latest fashion trends in the art of geometric design nails, to create an elegant manicure. Geometric manicure is far from news in the art of nails. We have prepared a wide variety of options, so you will find an interesting and elegant manicure.

Manicure for long and short nails that will not leave any girl indifferent


Manicure ideas appropriate for the office, an important meeting or just for every day. Tired of painted nails with complex and gaudy patterns, glamor and excessive decoration in the design choose the elegance of the geometric pattern.

The beautiful graphic patterns are a type of modern solution


The art of modern manicure allows you to make geometric designs, ingeniously combined with the advanced trends of the art of nails


Already in the very name of "geometric manicure" the definition of the nail design technique was established. It can be a variety of geometric shapes: triangles, squares, circles, trapezoids, diamonds, ovals, semicircles, prisms, pyramids, spheres, ellipsoids, parallelepipeds, cylinders and many others.


By creating unusual geometric shapes on the nail plate, special tools are used for manicuring, but experienced nail art masters use light brush strokes to cope with any geometric shape.

Nails painted with unusual and different designs


Beginning manicure masters should try, at least to begin with, simple geometric shapes: straight lines and segments, and then mastering more complex techniques of geometric manicure. The easiest way to make geometric lines is to use a thin manicure brush. Why precisely thin?

Nails painted with beautiful and fresh pattern


Yes, because the thickness of the brush depends on the precision and uniformity of the lines in the geometric manicure. You can use the available tools, such as a toothpick. In general, there are a number of manicure accessories that facilitate the creation of a geometric design: metal strips, stamping, ribbon and much more.

Simple geometric or minimalist prints can decorate your nails


Once you have learned to work with a brush making the stripes, you can create complete geometric masterpieces. By reviewing our photos you can see, how effectively you can see the geometric manicure with stripes. Parallel or smoothly crossing stripes allow you to create masterpieces of nail art.


Simple geometric manicure

The simplicity of a geometric manicure lies in its minimalism. A simple flat strip on a nail already puts such nail design in the category of geometric. Simple lines, circles, semi-ovals are easily made.


But there is still some kind of originality in geometric minimalism. It is easy and simple to create a more complex geometric pattern using templates, and therefore, a manicure of this type can also be considered simple.


It is not difficult to put a template on the nail and paint over the entire nail plate. The final result will surpass all expectations and the time dedicated to the execution of geometric shapes. Let's see the photo of how is a simple geometric manicure.


Types of geometric manicure with a matte and glossy lacquer


The geometric design of the art is very complicated, but following the descriptions and advice, you can easily master it and admire the beautiful geometric art. In geometric manicure, color solutions are generally not accepted.


The choice of the tone of a geometric manicure depends directly on the preferences of the women, but the figures themselves are often executed in black. It looks elegant and spectacular.


The nails painted with geometric elements are beautiful because they fit in the designs for any of the seasons


The triangle in geometric manicure is a common element. The image of a triangle is not complicated, but not in the case of combinations of a triangle with intersecting lines and other diverse forms that require certain skills. At this moment you will see the best options for a delicate geometric manicure with triangular elements in the photos that we show you today.






Nail patterns are impressive for spring


The geometric manicure with flat and voluminous figures is a trend that you can use during 2019 you should definitely try. Many geometric shapes are accented with shiny elements of jewelry, for example, the rhinestones in a circle on the nail create a three-dimensional effect.


The effectiveness and beauty of the geometric art of the nails depends on the creative approach of the master of the manicure. Also, in this type of manicure there are no clearly established rules.


You can choose the most unusual geometric patterns and combine them with other fashion patterns that are relevant in 2019. We offer to see photos of interesting variants of geometric manicure with flat and three-dimensional shapes.


Both in geometry and in geometric manicure, shapes of various sizes are represented, only that in the theme these shapes do not depend on color, and in the art of nails the opposite is true. Much depends on the color contrast: how it will look in today's designs, the tones are selected harmoniously, if combined with the style. By choosing a geometric nail design, you can reproduce something unique, beautiful and extraordinary.


But even all these characteristics make the geometric manicure look individual and universal. The complex geometric shapes look amazing on a woman's nails. Experience and skill will allow you to draw very beautiful geometric patterns.

some-beautiful-colors-simple-modern style



painted nails-design-geometric-white-black-match


painted nails-design-geometric-pastel-colors

painted nails-design-geometric-combine-colors


painted nails design-geometric-easy


painted nails-design-geometric-make-house

painted nails-design-geometric-sheets

painted nails-design-geometric-minimalist





















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