Painting for walls - modern colors this season

paint for walls color wall kitchen design ideas

Today we have for all of you some wall painting ideas that is trend this year according to the best companies. Last year there was a fall in the prices of paints through a reduction in the cost of raw materials which increased consumption.

Paint for parades a color of Behr

painting for walls behr collection painting interior ideas

The paint industry and coatings can be classified several we will treat today the painting for interior walls. This market continues to grow mainly due to the increase in construction as a result of the increase in urbanization.

Paint for walls a color combination of BEHR for 2016

paint for walls behr colors inspiracion 2016 ideas

Over the years, some of the best companies in the world such as AkzoNobel, Sherwin-Williams and SACAL have sought innovative methods in exterior architectural coatings using ecological products and products with functional benefits for their paints.

Very beautiful color on the living room walls, one more option of the BEHR range of colors

paint for walls behr color interior red ideas

With advances in technology and the emergence of new manufacturing technologies, we can find a large amount of paint for walls of different colors.

Colors for kitchen walls by Benjamin Moore

painting for walls benjamin moore color kitchen ideas

In general, Asia remains the largest consumer of paints and coatings, followed by Europe, North America and Latin America. Designers and sociologists work to make a forecast about what colors will be trends next year.

Another color that Benjamin Moore presents to us on the walls of the modern living room

paint for walls benjamin moor salon color ideas

The information is extracted from the catwalks, the automakers and the appliances that look modern in showrooms, fairs and design magazines.

Three options for the bedroom of three different colors that are modern this year

painting for walls modern colors painting house ideas

After the information is gathered to see what colors we will use to paint the walls and decorate the house in the next year. What is modern for the walls is a color between beige and light yellow as it is traditional and tranquilizes.

Ideas for painting the wall of the modern dining room

painting for walls colors painting interior ideas

But the outbursts of bright colors, such as crimson or lemon yellow, have not been forgotten either. Another color used for interior design is chocolate brown although the trend is changing and we can see more and more painted walls of lighter browns.

One of the best paint companies in the world AkzoNobel shows us its color for 2017

paint for walls akzonobel paint modern color 2017 ideas

Another very modern color this year is gray. We can another of a wide range of shades, ranging from soft gray to coal also metallic accents are increasingly sought after.

A modern dark white option on the walls of the rustic lounge

paint for walls color range white wall salon ideas

The green also continues to gain strength as we see it appear in everything from fabrics to accessories and countertops. Another thing that is observed lately is the increase in the popularity of color.

Combination of light gray and dark gray in the bedroom an option of the Crown company

painting for walls crown bedroom ideas

This comfortable and relaxing color is associated with perseverance and peace often combined with chocolate brown. The pink and red that are "the colors of causes" this year will be used more as accents. You'll see red as a bold accent in black and white designs.

A bold color from the Crown company that stands out

painting for walls crown options ideas

And the pink color in romantic bedrooms, the modern living room in the feminine style or the kitchen appliances. The color purple is like a little forgotten when we talk about interior design.

Two more colors of Crown ideas for the modern living room

painting for walls crown salon ideas

If it was a modern color for purple-black shirts, makeup and nail polish. In the interior design we will not see the purple to which we are accustomed but we will see variations that include violet, wine color and normal purple.

Very colorful painting for Dalux's wall

paint for walls dalux wall color ideas

A very interesting fact that we can observe this year is that the popularity of individual colors decreases, giving way to color combinations.

Light blue color in Dalux's kitchen

paint for walls dalux wall color kitchen ideas

For several years the favorite combination was the blue and brown we are talking about the lighter brown. But the most popular combination in recent years has been black and white at least in the European market, but Turner has noticed that he is making his way across the pond.

Painting for the interior of Dalux very beautiful

painting for walls dalux wall painting ideas

Many times in our articles we have shown you black and white room designs. If you want something more daring we recommend matching it with warm colors as an accent you can choose red or green.

Lovely wall an inspiration of Decofinish

wall painting decofinish design walls ideas

We will ask ourselves, but then, what colors are not fashionable? The answer I think will be the same as always. The very striking yellow orange is another color that is receiving little love, unless it is a deep orange.

Modern living room with very beautiful wall color by Decofinish

painting for walls decofinish wall beauty ideas

But even then, these are only used as accents. Here we show photos of the colors offered by the most popular companies worldwide but in addition to this we will comment on the forecasts on the trends of the color of the paint worthy of its walls for this year and next year.

Ideas of gray color in different tones of Dulux

paint for walls dulux color painting salon ideas

As you can see in our photos there is something for everyone, including several options for white lovers. Experts from Benjamin Moore's company claimed in early 2016 that white can be a color trend.

Another combination of Dulux of three different colors

painting for walls dulux painting interior ideas

The company's researchers found the versatile tone for traditional and modern spaces. The range of targets offered by this company includes many shades of white from which you can choose.

Vibrant red color by Dunn Edwards

paint for walls dunn edwards color wall ideas

Valspar, on the other hand, presented a perfect palette of gray in a living room. Instead of a single color, Valspar presented four palettes in which we can see the perfect match with white.

A modern lounge with sober design and color on the walls of Dunn Edwards

painting for walls dunn edwards painting colors ideas

In our articles on interior design we have shown you many options of rooms in full gray. There is no doubt that gray is a modern color during the last years.

Dining room with yellow paint by Dunn Edwards on the walls

painting for walls dunn edwards salon painting ideas

PPG instead presented us with a beautiful green that fits perfectly to the elements of wood, metal and leather. The color green is a very modern calm color on the catwalks this year.

A living room with walls and furniture in neutral colors

paint for walls room neutral color ideas

Sherwin-Williams showed a shade of white between warm and cool that offers a visual tranquility for a clear appearance. The alabaster white color is neither rigid nor excessively warm, rather it is a discreet and seductive tone of white.

Elegant combination of black and gray in the modern lounge

black wall paint plaster design ideas

When it comes to modern style, everything becomes softer. Look for subtle color combinations and natural materials for a serene and tranquil design.

A bold color from the Japanese company Nippon

paint for walls nippon color interior options ideas

Versatility is the secret to the success of interior design. We are sure that the color you choose will be beautiful and can work perfectly together with other vibrant colors or accent colors.

Another beautiful color for lovers of the dark colors of Nippon

paint for walls nippon painting design ideas

We all have different tastes for colors so the only thing we can say is that you choose the most versatile color. That allows him to work well with so many complementary and contrasting colors.

One last paint option for Nippon wall

painting for walls nippon painting scheme color salon ideas

If your main color can work with many colors, the design will be easy and will allow you to change the overall appearance of a room by simply repainting an accent wall in a different shade.

Gray unpolished walls

painting for walls non-polished walls color gray ideas

And it will be even easier to introduce a new "touch" of color by adding accent pieces such as pillows or blankets. We live in a time when we are more connected than at any other time in history. This allows us to see the impressive colors that are used by other nations and cultures.

Ideas for lovers of daring colors

painting for walls painting interior design ideas

Now we leave you with our wall painting images offered by the best companies worldwide. We hope that our article will help you when choosing the best painting option for interior walls.

A painting presented by PPG Industries for 2016

paint for walls ppg color 2016 kitchen ideas

Color options for walls and furniture

paint for walls salon gris pequeno ideas

Modern living room with walls and furniture in neutral colors

paint for walls salon walls color neutral ideas

Three options of paintings for the walls of the kitchen the living room and the children's room of Sherwin Williams

Wall painting sherwin williams ideas

One more image with paintings for the wall of the American company Sherwin Williams

paint for walls sherwin williams colors painting ideas

One last option of wall paintings from the Sherwin Williams collection for West Elm

paint for walls sherwin williams west elm options ideas

A lovely dark green for furniture and walls

painting for walls dark green furniture walls ideas

A very nice option for the modern Struttura lounge

painting for walls struttura wall salon ideas

Painting for very daring walls of Valaspar

painting for walls valaspar 2016 ideas

Paint for dark blue walls from Valspar

paint for walls valaspar color design ideas

Combination of two paintings for the wall of Valspar

paint for walls valaspar colors ideas

Painting of the German company Brillux perfect for the minimalist bedroom

painting brillux interior design minimalist ideas



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